visible cash system flames Nakagawa Group

Nakagawa laboratory is studying in visible light, a phenomenon that surrounds us daily. Nakagawa Laboratory is a world pioneer in the communication of visible light. Nakagawa and Haruyama Professor be the honorary chairman and chairman of the consortium communication of visible light. With many companies, the Consortium is working to standardize the communication of visible light. Keio Techno-Mall in December 2009, there were demonstrations of the communication of visible light, andrecent research results were presented. P. Regarding the details of our investigation, the idea is to use the light can be seen in LED lighting, traffic signs and signals to send information. If this becomes possible, because LED lighting is used in many places, people would be able to use a ubiquitous network. In one of the demos Keio Techno-Mall, a robot is controlled by the communication of visible light. The position data is sent using visible light to control the robot, whichan image sensor and a light sensor. The robot can determine its own position, based on data on the position of the source of light. P. In this demo, the scenario is that these sensors are connected to a wheelchair, and the position data received from the LED lighting in a hospital, to guide the patient to a doctor. Nakagawa Laboratory In another example communication system of visible light is a demonstration of wireless local area network that uses visible light to reach speeds of 100 Mbps If these systems can be...

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