Audioengine AW1 Wireless Audio Adapter

We demo setup and use of a transmitter/receiver enabling audio from a PC, iPod, or portable DVD player to be wirelessly sent to powered speakers or a stereo receiver elsewhere in your home. Audioengine AW1 Audioengine A5 Bookshelf Speakers All Audioengine Products

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XDM6350 - AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA Receiver

General • 200 Watts peak (50x4) • 1.0 DIN chassis • Import ISO/DIN mountable • Electronic detachable face • Electronic volume, bass, treble, balance, fader • Source audio memory • Rotary encoder control • Programmable turn-on volume • Illumination dimmer with 3 levels • Selectable scrolling option • Source level adjustment with +/- 6db range • 3-Pair of preamp outputs (F/R/S) • USB front panel input • Steering wheel control input (PAC SWI-PS required) • Black/white dot matrix type liquid crystal display • 10 character display • Wireless infrared remote • Selectable confirmation beep • 5 Selectable EQ curves - pop, jazz, classic, beat, rock • Clock • Mute • Loudness CD/MP3/WMA • CD-R/CD-RW compatible • MP3/WMA encoded CD-R/RW playback • Random/repeat/intro • High-speed audible track search • 1 Bit D/A converter • Displays MP3 ID3v1 tags • Displays WMA tags USB • Front panel USB connection • Full speed USB (12Mbps) • Play MP3/WMA files from most mass storage devices • Provides 5 volts DC, 500mA Tuner • US/European frequency spacing • 30 Station presets (18 FM / 12 AM) • Auto station store • Preset scan • One-touch memory • Auto stereo/mono

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Clear Your Remote Clutter - Use a Universal Remote

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One of the most useful accessories for a home theater is found in the universal remote. If you are unfamiliar with its purpose, functions, and available features, this article will provide you with an overview to the device.

What Will It Do For Me?

A universal remote for your home theater integrates a number of devices in your setup. For instance, if you have a television, receiver, speaker system, satellite system, and a digital video recorder (DVR; such as Tivo), you would probably want to investigate reducing the remotes you have to one central remote.

This is where the usefulness of these remotes is seen. Most universal remotes include basic functions to control such devices. The remote will allow you to choose which device you would like to control, where basic functions can be utilized, such as power, channel, and volume selections.

Lower-end universal remotes involve a set number of codes that you will be required to enter in order to get the device(s) to work. Compatibility ranges with the quality of the remote. Not surprisingly, setup can be frustrating with lower-end remotes. In some cases certain devices may not be compatible with universal remotes (especially those that are lower-end remotes).

What to Look For

If you are interested in more control and convenience in a universal remote, you may want to look at a higher-end universal remote control. Typically, you can enter this realm with a great deal of control and convenience for $100 to $200, and beyond for more advanced models.

In these models, control is quite advanced. You will have control of more devices than in lower-end models, commonly 15-20 devices instead of perhaps 5 on a lower-end model. Repeaters can extend the range of such remotes, Bluetooth compatibility is seen, and RF-compatible signals are able to be realized in this higher-end market. Macro programming is a strong feature, where you can setup a number of devices to perform a function with the press of a button.

These models also offer many convenience functions. Backlit remotes, increase status information, and visual representations are seen on some higher-end models. In general, higher-end universal remotes offer basic comfort advantages, such as the shape of the remote and comfortable and soft buttons.

What to Consider

If you are considering a universal remote control, either of these options may be appropriate for you. First, consider what your budget will allow. For some a couple hundred dollars is not that significant for the money of a home theater. Others may find the convenience and control not as useful for their needs and budget.

However, many find this type of remote incredibly useful for their needs. With one touch of the button in many advanced models, your television, audio, and video signals can turn on, and you can also program other elements in the room (such as your video game system, stereo, and even remote-controlled lighting) to come on in coordination, or in a separate macro. The universal remote control may be just what you need in order to see increased control and comfort for your home theater.

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Boomrang - Mika Mae

Boomrang (Super 8 project using effects generated in FCP6) This video is comprised entirely of found digitized Super 8 film footage, layered with effects in Final Cut Pro 6. The audio is original and samples an audio clip from an experimental video from 1974 titled Boomerang*, by Richard Serra and Nancy Holt which I viewed during one of the screenings I held this quarter. The video inspired me to think of the ways we interpret noise and our surroundings, and how those noises affect us emotionally and disrupt our thinking patterns. For this video, I wanted to create a dream-like atmosphere in which the viewer could become hypnotized by the repetitive, sunset-colored visuals combined with the electronic synth audio. I paid an homage to another visual artist, Dan Sandin**, and his use of visual synthesizers. During the bridge of the song, the repetitive sunset loop breaks and there is a shot of a foot, then of a woman walking, both utilizing digital (unfortunately not analog) visual synthesizer filters. *Boomerang - Richard Serra with Nancy Holt (1974) Holts face centered on the frame in front of a blue background. She is wearing headphones, describing the sound of her own voice which she hears, which is echoing as she speaks. She describes the sound of the echoes and the effects of it on her perception of the sound she is making. A TV logo stamps over her face for a few seconds. Audio segments of some other dialogue cut in and out of her own dialogue, which she hears and ...

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Pioneer SX 1080 Monster Stereo Receiver

Pioneer SX 1080 Monster Stereo Receiver

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HD Capture for Apple Mac - Elgato eyetv HD DVR Buyers Guide

Start recording videos from your MAC: Pre-Order the Elgato HD DVR: United States: The all NEW Elgato eyetv HD DVR for Macintosh Computers. FEATURES: • Captures premium television content in full HD from cable and satellite receivers. • Record from your Video Game Console (Xbox, PS3, Wii), DVR, Camcorder, HD Camera, VCR, and just about any other device you can think of... • Records in pristine H.264 format for a crystal clear digital picture. • Features a unique dual-format capture mode for fast playback on an iPhone and iPad • Includes an infrared remote and channel changer cable (IR blaster) for automatic control of the set top box. • Comes with EyeTV 3 software for Mac; cables for component, composite (RCA), S-Video and stereo audio; a one-year subscription to TV Guide worth $19.95 USD; an infrared remote and channel changer cable (IR blaster); Toast Basic disc-burning software. FURTHER DETAILS: EyeTV HD is a full-featured DVR that captures television from your cable or satellite receiver and delivers it live to your Mac in full HD If you have a premium package of cable channels, or have satellite TV, then you must use the receiver provided by your cable or satellite company to be able to view all your channels. EyeTV HD is the only solution that gives you full access to all that premium content by connecting your Mac directly to your cable or satellite receiver. It includes an infrared remote and channel changer cable (IR blaster) for automatic control ...

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Car Audio Stores Review

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For many people, a car is not complete without a car audio that has the latest accessories of good quality. How then can you as a car owner ensure that you get the best audio? Well, why not try the car audio stores?

Although this may be a little cumbersome having to move from one store to another, I guess it is worth the while because then you can be able to get instant feedback and you can bargain your way into a deal that gives you value for your money.However, if you are not in a position to, you could as well make us of the Internet and still be able to find relevant information about the audio. You can visit the web sites of these car audio stores and see what they have to offer.

If then you choose to buy online and not from the stores, first do some research and look at some reviews to see what people have got to say about the products and what their experiences have been like with them. Find out which is their favorite car audio store and why. You could just find out that there is where you can get the best bargain.

If you go to buy from the car audio store, look around for the best systems with the help of a sales assistant who will be able to make clarifications for you where necessary and they can help you try out a system in your car before you buy. Once this is done, make the best bargain possible and there you are.

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A New Cartridge for the Sony PS-LX520

I put a new cartridge in the Sony PS-LX520 after not coming up with any place to get a new TM14 stylus from Ortofon. For now I have set the Ortofon cartridge aside in case I should find a replacement stylus to go with it. The replacement is an Audio-Technica AT90C found on eBay for $20. (Audio-Technica will sell the same thing for $60, so it pays to shop around.) The difference in quality is profound. I guess the Ortofon stylus was a lot more worn out than I thought it was! My camera does not support a direct line in connection for the audio, or I would have set it up that way. There's a little bonus at the end--a good, long examination of how this turntable plays. (As this is presented for historical interest and educational purposes to demonstrate a mechanically and electrically restored stereo turntable, this is believed to be fair use. Should you be interested in a copy of the songs played in this video, please do the right thing and obtain them legally.) Also discussed in this video are two methods of cleaning records that seem to be highly recommended. I had good results with both. In the case of the distilled water method, it has the added advantage of being very cheap. Equipment used in this video includes the Insignia NS-R2000 stereo receiver, Sony PS-LX520 linear tracking turntable, two record albums, and two Sony SS-B1000 speakers.

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Entertaining Your Kids in the Car

Image :

Entertaining children in the car used to be a tiring and endless task. On long journeys, games of 'eye spy' and 'hangman' tired the parents out, rather than the children. But today entertaining your children has never been so easy - and even leaves you free to unwind on that tiresome journey.

Not only is an in-car DVD player a great way to distract the kids, but a car CD/Mp3 audio system is too. You can either play their favourite music, whether it be from the likes of Lilly Allen or Take That, from your Mp3 player or a CD, or alternatively an audio book, which can be now downloaded on to I-pods or Mp3 players.

Listening to books in the car are an ideal way to continue your children's learning on the road, whilst entertaining them. They are particularly useful on late night journeys to aid the little ones sleep, whilst your partner gets some kip too. These books can be played through either formats - CD, or Mp3. Mp3 formats of audio books are now readily available online, and can either be downloaded online or converted from WMA to Mp3 by using a free online audio book convertor.

There are many audio books available, including Harry Potter and the eerie fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson - all of which will entertain your kids in the car until they fall peacefully asleep. With an easy to access in-car Mp3 stereo, you can then quickly switch to your entertainment instantaneously.

A Car Mp3 stereo entertains all the family and can be used to listen to music, as well as audio books. So whether, it's 'children's time' or 'adult's time', an Mp3 audio system will supply all of your in-car entertainment needs.

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Upgrading Your Car Audio System

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Upgrading the audio system of your car is a great way to try to get the most out of your vehicle. Comfort and luxury while riding in your vehicle is one of the most important traits about your car, and having a good sound system is definitely an important aspect of that. Upgrading your audio does not necessarily have to be a pricey endeavor — it all depends on whether or not you want to just add some car audio amplifiers or a massive surround sound unit.

A great thing about upgrading is that you will have your own top quality mobile audio system. Wherever you go, you can take this portable system with you, always ready to blow you away with top quality sound.

Here is some advice for the next time you find yourself buying a car audio system:

Take note of the size of your ride. It might be great to buy a super-sized car audio subwoofer, but if would be a big problem if you could not fit it into the interior of your car. When adding speakers, look at your car and determine where you want to put them. If possible, you may want to get some professional advice as well.

Factor in your budget. How much money you have to spend will determine both the performance specs of your audio as well as the brand. Preferably, you should try to find a reputable brand that you can trust for your car audio speaker system, and any car audio woofer or amplifier you may have.

Find a good store. If you are looking to purchase your audio upgrade online, make sure you find a good website to buy from. You may want to look at different forums for customer reviews before making your purchase.

Unpack your new system carefully. Be sure you check all the parts to be sure that nothing is damaged or missing. If you find any device that is missing or not functioning properly, contact the seller and return the part as soon as possible.

Have the installation done right. Now you may want to try to install your new audio system yourself, but I would highly recommend that you invest in some professional help. Unless you are a very electronic savvy person with experience in audio upgrading, you will probably end up with a mess of wires and multiple holes in your car. It is almost always smarter to just find a car audio shop and have them do it for you.

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JL Audio Subwoofer

Image :

The JL Audio Subwoofer range is really liked by all music buffs. After all, people really care to hear their music with that extra bass effect. With the use of latest technology and an in depth research work, the quality subwoofers from JL Audio are supposed to be a force to reckon with when it comes to assessing the quality of a system. When we talk of JL Audio Subwoofers, the reliability factor always reigns supreme.

When we talk of the color combinations, then the colors at JL Audio are rich and vibrant and they appear vivid as well as diverse in nature. They are simply perfect for leaving a positive impact on all who have had a chance to catch their glimpse. In simple words, the subwoofers from JL Audio are, in a true sense, a treat for the eyes.

Care is taken to ensure that they are in sync with the latest designs and styles. So over here, the JL Audio Subwoofers have all that one needs to make a lasting fashion statement. The outer covering is rich and has all the qualities to make a desired product-you needn't worry about the product as it is always fine tuned to suit the latest market trends.

Likewise, if you decide to assess the quality, then you needn't worry, for at JL Audio Subwoofers, you are bound to get a top of the range product. If you are searching for a subwoofer, be sure to check this 'top of the line product', before taking a final decision. After all, it's best to see if there is any water before jumping into a well.

Feel free to explore a whole new world, where there are plenty of subwoofers to choose from but very few places to clinch an ideal deal. In this scenario you need to judge your own actions, as the money you spend is entirely yours while your time is equally valuable.

The JL Audio Subwoofer range is available in a lots of color combinations. At the same time, the end user has an option of making a choice from a wide variety of options. With subwoofers having discarded the ancient image of being associated with either a home theater or car audio, the choice has now become wide and lies completely in your hands.

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How to Install a Car Audio Amplifier

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Car audio amplifier is a tool that plays music inside a car. This amplifier is not a built in tool. That means you will not get it while buying a car. You have to buy it separately and have to install it in your car. Installing this has some specific procedures. Here you will some basic instructions about how to install a car audio amplifier.

First, you have to disconnect the terminals. This is not mandatory but this is just for safety reason. Now, you have to run the power cable to the amplifier from the battery. You have to find a ground point. It has to be closer to the amplifier. Make sure that the point is attached to the frame of the vehicle. The connection also has to be solid.

Run your power cable to the amplifier just as you have done with the power cable. If your ground point has any color, then remove it. Use a sandpaper to do this job. You can use it also to remove any rust. The connection will not be solid if the metal is not shiny. If you want to attach a ring terminal with the ground point, then this is the right time to do that. After this you have to wrap up the ground point with something that is non conducting. Then use some spray paint or any kind of finish that will protect the ground point from rust.

Do not forget to turn on the remote and to run the RCA cables. You have to pull out the head unit out of the mounting location. Fasten the remote turn on wire with the wiring harness of the head unit. Now, decide which amplifier will contain which RCA cable. Keep the RCA cables away from any type of power cables. Keep them away especially from the amps power cable.

Now, let all the wires of the speakers run. Fasten the wires with the amplifier. After this turn the remote on and add the power to the ground. Attach the fuse holder. Always attach it near the battery. If your battery terminals are very sophisticated, then do not forget to give proper protection and connect them in the right way. Attach the other cables with the battery. It will be better if you can get your battery terminals a brand new cover.

Before turning on the amplifier, check it properly. Turn the gain of the amplifier down. After that turn your system on and listen carefully. Check whether everything is working properly or not. Listen to the sound carefully. Think whether you can hear any noise or not, and verify how much noise you can hear. Verify whether there is any distortion exists that is audible. If everything is completely all right, then move on to the next step.

Your next step is to think how you will give power to the amp, where your amp will stay, etc. With that your amplifier will be fixed perfectly. If you follow all these steps then you will be able to install your amplifier safely and properly.

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Subwoofers For Your Car Audio

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Subwoofers are an essential part of car audio system equipment. It enhances the quality of the songs and plays the otherwise inaudible low sound frequencies. A subwoofer is similar to a regular loudspeaker, but generally amplifies sound frequencies, which range between 60 to 150 Hz.

Cars usually come attached with small speakers, which do not produce low frequencies. So it is often beneficial to use a separate speaker for listening to low frequency sounds. Subwoofers come in different sizes and thus they can perform optimally according to the surroundings.

Buying a subwoofer

When buying subwoofers, one should have a detailed knowledge about subwoofers and sound systems. It is not advisable to have a blasting effect of sound in your car. Car audio system must have amplifiers, woofers and subwoofers to get the right kind of sound effects inside the car. As subwoofers are available in different sizes, one should also know what the right size is for his car. Common sizes available are 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch. The larger the subwoofer, the lower the frequency it will produce. The right size will produce the right effect. One should also decide how many subwoofers to buy. Generally people buy one or two subwoofers for their car stereo system. One is adequate for those who listen to classical, rock, or country, while two are more suited for those who like listening to rap, pop or techno.

Different features of a subwoofer

Subwoofers have the same basic parts as all other speakers. These parts include:

- Basket: It is the metal frame that holds all the components of a subwoofer together. The basket's firmness and resistance to resonance help determine the subwoofer's sound quality.

- Box Volume: Box volume listed with each component of subwoofer indicates the recommended interior volume in cubic feet that an enclosure should have to get the best output from the subwoofer.

- Damping Factor: It is the ability of an amplifier to control the electrical current of a subwoofer.

- Dual Voice Coil: While typical speaker drivers have one voice coil, dual voice coil subwoofers have dual voice coil. Parallel wiring or dual coil is provided for maximum amplifier output.

- Frequency Range: Frequency range is the range of sounds from lowest to highest that the subwoofer is capable of reproducing. The actual range can vary depending upon the type of box, crossover point, and the vehicle the subwoofer is installed in.

- Polarity: In order to get the polarity right, the positive speaker terminal must be wired to the positive amplifier terminal, and the negative speaker terminal should be wired to the negative amplifier terminal.

- Peak Power: It is the amount of power the subwoofer can handle as a brief burst during a musical peak.

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Playstation 3 Slim Anynet HDMI-CEC an Samsung UE 6000 LED TV

Die gerade angekündigte Slim-Fassung der Playstation 3 (PS3) soll wiederum in der Lage sein, die HD-Audioformate DTS-HD und Dolby True HD als Bitstreams via HDMI an einen Audio/Video-Receiver mit entsprechenden Decodern weiterzugeben. Die aktuelle PS3 ist trotz HDMI-1.3-Ausgang dazu nicht in der Lage; Sony hatte im April 2008 daher ein Firmware-Update veröffentlicht, durch das die Konsole DTS-HD-Soundtracks intern in mehrkanalige PCM-Datenströme wandeln und in dieser Form dann ausgeben konnte. Zuvor war bereits bekannt geworden, dass Sony bei der PS3 Slim die HDMI-Funktionen nachgebessert hat. So reagiert das neue Modell auf das HDMI-Fernbedienungsprotokoll HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) und lässt sich daher über die Fernbedienung eines HDMI-CEC-fähigen Fernsehers mitsteuern. Auch wenn Sony in seiner Pressemitteilung seinen HDMI-CEC-Markennamen "Bravia Sync" verwendet, reagiert die PS3 Slim auf die CEC-Signale aller Fernseher mit der entsprechenden Funktion. Da Hersteller bei HDMI-CEC neben den Grundfunktionen auch erweiterte Steuerbefehle definieren können, bleibt jedoch abzuwarten, ob Besitzer eines Sony-Fernsehers eventuell eine weitergehende Kontrolle über eine angeschlossene PS3 Slim haben werden als Anwender mit TV-Geräten von "Fremdherstellern". Besitzer der aktuellen Playstation 3 können wohl nicht darauf hoffen, dass die Bitstream-Ausgabe von HD-Audioformaten oder die HDMI-CEC-Funktion per Firmware-Update nachgeliefert wird, da diese Features mit der ...

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How to Pick Speakers For Your Car Stereo

Image :

When setting up a car audio system, picking the right set of speakers is critical. To get the kind of sound you want, you have to get the right speakers. If you make the wrong decision, you will end up regretting it for a long time. Here is a proven method for finding the right set of speakers the first time around.

The first thing you need to do is to research what size speakers will fit your car. Different cars will take different size speakers. To quickly and effortlessly do this research, check out some websites with this information, such as Crutchfield or Onlinecarstereo.

Once you figure out what size you need, the next step is to choose a brand. You should make a trip to the local car audio store and listen to several brands of speakers. Make sure you play the music you like, and have the settings adjusted the way you will have them. Talk about your different options with the people working at the store, and ask about what is popular and why. Of course, check out forums on the internet to gain information and ask questions.

After picking a brand, you should choose between full range speakers and component speakers. A full-range speaker is a speaker that contains the tweeter and the woofer and possibly some additional components. On the other hand, component speakers break up these different elements. Again, you should research your options at the store and online to narrow down your decisions.

When you are ready to purchase your speakers, you should spend some time looking for a bargain. There are many websites online where you can find good deals, such as TigerDirect, Newegg, and eBay. Once you get a good price quote, take that to all the competitors, including your local shop, and try to get them to undercut it. When no one is willing to go lower than your latest offer, then you know you have a good deal.

Finally, you should choose whether or not you want to include a subwoofer with your system. Depending on the kind of music you listen to, you may or may not want a subwoofer. Also, while the size of the subwoofer is important, you should also focus on its power threshold and other features. Size is not always indicative of quality or power. A good mid-size mid-range sub is the safest bet and will sound the best over time.

Now that you know each and every step to buying a great set of speakers, get out there and start shopping!

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I need to do more research into the info that was caught on these tapes. However, what I have gather so far is these audio recordings appeared on my video camera when I downloaded it to my computer, or they were downloaded to my computer from the perps. It was like 5 of these files all titled CAPTCHA which relates to many things like a challenge response test, images, optical, scanner, etc. There are several voices and something like test tones being used. There are coded messages as well. For example, a list of numbers are being read to a receiver who is helping my perps with their feeds, ect. Numbers can be linked to or research to find out what special access project is handling my case. 5306840848 and 53096840294848 and 7487 078year now year 0485 these are what I picked up on some of these tapes

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The Role of a Capacitor in a Car Audio System

Image :

You've got a slammin' new sound system in your vehicle, right? But have you ever noticed a strange effect that happens whenever the bass line punches up to maximum? The car lights dim; the high end drops in brightness and clarity, and the sound may even get a little..."fuzzy."

Congratulations! You've just entered the clipping zone. All these effects (and more) are all caused when the power needs of your sound system amplifier are greater than a mere car battery can provide. After all, your battery isn't worrying about providing the maximum power to the amplifier that is pushing the subwoofers speakers that give your system its best bass response. No, it's concerned with trivial issues like keeping the engine running.

So what to do? Like Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise, you "need more power!" And that's where capacitors come in. Unlike a battery, where power is stored up and released in a slow, steady stream of juice, capacitors store up electrical energy and release it in powerful jolts. Mounted right next to your amplifiers, capacitors (also known as "stiffening capacitors" because they stiffen the strength of a sagging bass response) provide the extra electrical boost required to drive the subwoofers speakers when the power they need is being sucked off by other systems (like the headlights or the neon undercarriage trim).

So how do capacitors perform this miracle of power punching? It's all a question of resistance. Resistance is kind of like an energy floodgate; it determines how fast or slow power can enter or leave an electrical storage system. Batteries store electrical power slowly and release it slowly because they have a high level of resistance; the narrow floodgate means that it takes a while to pump a battery full of juice, but it also means that it takes a while to drain the juice out of it. Capacitors have a very low resistance. They can be filled with energy very rapidly, but the width of their "flood gate" means that this energy also releases in a rush as well.

Why don't we use capacitors to power everything? Simple; if we did, you'd turn your system on, it would power up with brilliant sound, thumpin' bass and smooth midrange for about twenty seconds-then all the power would be exhausted and your music system would die in the first two bars of the latest Coldplay cut. Batteries give you smooth, long-term power that will get you through the whole album and into the next couple of hours of musical enjoyment. The catch is when a sudden push is needed to drive your subwoofers speakers harder than the trickle of power a battery can provide. A stiffening capacitor detects this drop in power and releases a compensating jolt to fill the gap, keeping power levels uniformly high and preventing that sagging bass and clipping of tone that wipes out the perfect music experience. Stiffening capacitors are to your sound system what spinach is to Popeye-that secret energy source that keeps your music "strong to the finish!"

So the next time your subwoofers speakers are sagging, reach for your sound systems' own personal spinach-stiffening capacitors-and get the blastin' bass that even Bluto Blutarski would envy. You'll be glad you did.

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Online Car Music System Stores

Image :

In the age of 21st century, it has really become a practiced concept to do the window-shopping and then to decide the branding of the product. The increasing use of Internet has made the process more customer friendly, more time saving and at the same time much more productive and vivid. People can choose any brand without even visiting a shop or a mall. This holds true for car music system also.

On the other side of the coin use of car is no more a luxury or has remained limited to the use for only the professionals. Young-stars are now using this particular product a lot nowadays. That is why the accessories of car have gone through a sea change and all the designs have been modulated according to the demand of the age. Car audio system has now, following this trend, become an integral part of the vehicle and it is now coming with different features, new attractions, and at different price ranges. And at the same time the popularity of e-commerce has opened a new venue for shopping that is online shopping.

Keeping these facts and developments in view some of the leading stores have already opened their online shopping profile where all the categories with their respective price range and specification are posted and added with the hyperlink of the respective company background. Even some of the manufacturing companies do post their trouble shooting facts on line to prove the customer friendliness of the product as well as the liberal policy of the said company.

Customers can get the main link with the help of the search engines and can do the window shopping while being in the remote privacy of their room. People with different budgets can easily find their option without consulting a sales person. In the good stores all kind of accessories related to car system is attached with hyperlink and provided with all details and general FAQs related to that particular product and company.

Some of the popular car audio system products with a large demand are Pioneer car stereo, JVC, Panasonic Car audio, MB Quart, Q-Logic, Sony. There are many more categories to keep the customers bewildered about choosing a particular brand. Once they have selected a brand they can click at the contact button of the said sores, being displayed in the web site and accordingly through a mail can contact the sales department of the company. In some of the stores you get the benefit of purchasing an item online and to pay off by credit card or e-transaction. That saves time and manual involvement but this process has not become much popular till now, as some people still feel skeptical to disclose the credit card or debit card number on the Internet.

Some popular categories of online audio stores are as follows:

Car stereo

Car subwoofer

Car navigator

Satellite radio

i-pod Car accessories

Car DVD players

Car amplifiers

Radar detectors

Car alarms.

Nowadays the concept of online car audio system stores has become more and more popular. This fact is corroborated by the latest survey, which found that such web sites are attracting more traffic per day as compared to the status two to three years before. The only criterion for the online store sites to be popular and useful is the accessibility factor coupled with the language that should be easy and less technical.

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Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

Sorry about the static, the air was on. that's my car If a background matters to you go for the AVH-P4100DVD it's customizable. But keep in mind this dvd receiver is dated now. The 4100 has Customizable background/Motorized Open and Close/CD Text/Podcast Compatible/Shuffle All Compatible/iPod Adapter Ready (You have to buy the cord anyways)/Aux is now in the rear. But you lose Source Level Adjuster and an intelligent dimmer. AVH-P4000DVD Price (Usual) - $300. AVH-P4100DVD Price (Usual) - $420. Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD FEATURES : ScreenSize/Aspect Ratio: 6.1 inch/16:9 Pixels: QVGA (480x234x3) Touch Panel AG Anti-Glare Screen Coating Basic Grade Graphical User Interface: Background Picture: 3 BGP Customize Display Illumination: (Blue/Red/Amber/Green/Violet) Customize Key Panel Illumination: 112 Colors Dimmer Control: Intelligent Picture Adjustment: Brightness, Contrast, Dimmer Settings 5 Selectable Viewing Modes DVD/CD Player DVD Video Playback: DVD, DVD-R/RW CD PlaybackCD, CD-R/RW Compressed Audio: Null ID3 Tag / WMA Text MP3 Playback with ID3 Tag: DVD or CD WMA (Windows Media Audio) Playback: DVD or CD iTunes AAC Playback: DVD or CD DivX Video Playback: DVD or CD CD Text Auto Scroll MP3/WMA Track List Sampling Frequency: 16/22.05/24/ 44.1/48/ 88.2/ 96/176.4/192kHz Quantization Bits: 16/20/24-bit:Linear Frequency Response: 5-44000Hz at 192khz Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 97dB (1kHz) Dynamic Range: 95dB (1kHz) Distortion: 0.008% (1kHz) 2 Channels iPod Control ...

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Equalizers - What You Need To Know

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Equalizers are signal processors that help you in finalizing your audio setup. Equalizers are used to fine tune a sytem's sound not to fix major setup mistakes. It is something you should set once to help you overcome acoustic problems in your car. Avoid the funny habit of adjusting the equalizer after each tune.

But that's another issue. Let's get an understanding of equalizers so you will be in a position to make more informed choices. After all, there won't be any equalizer to tweak endlessly if you don't have one.

There are graphic equalizers and parametric equalizers. A graphic equalizer has fixed frequencies that you can fine tune. But a parametric equalizer has adjustable frequencies. You dial in on the frequency you want to fine tune and then start fine-tuning.

If you're not experienced in audio processing, you're better off with a graphic equalizer. This is because it already has pre-Fixed frequencies (and this frequencies are usually the most important given the number of bands it has). This makes it a lot easier for you to start the fine-tuning process.

The parametric EQ gives a lot more control but is also a lot nore complicated.

There are also mono and stereo equalizers...

A stereo equalizer has two inputs and two outputs while a mono equalizer has just one input and one output.

This means that a stereo equalizer can be used for both channels of your audio setup. But this point has to be stressed...

You cannot set different controls for each of the channels if you're using a stereo equalizer. You can do that, though, with mono equalizers. However, you'll need two.

A mono equalizer (If you use two in your setup) also gives you a lot of room to compensate for a few things like delays and certain problems caused by poor speaker placement.

It is quite more expensive buying two mono EQs. So this is not an option for the fiscally challenged. The setup process is also more involving. If you're less technically inclined, you may as well go for the less complicated stereo equalizer. At least, you know what you shouldn't expect.

Lastly, there is the issue of whether you should go for a high level or low level output equalizer. I'm not going into how these work here. What I'll say, however, is that low level output equalizers are far better but are also a lot more expensive.

So if price is a big issue, go for what you can afford? Not really! Most audio specialists will recommend you do WITHOUT an equalizer in your setup if you are not ready to get a good low level equalizer.

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Why Best Surround Sound Systems Almost Replace the Value of the Cinemas

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The attainment of best sound quality is one of the major concerns of the sound enthusiasts in almost all region of the globe. Modern technology necessitates the need to be able to provide best audio transmission and production. This was made possible by the continued electronics experimentation. This resulted in the popularity of devices belonging to the class that is able to include the so called best surround sound system. This technology was formerly monopolized by cinemas. To provide greater comfort, cinematic sounds and images are brought before the consumer's door reducing the hassle of leaving houses and homes in order to gain entertainment.

Performances such as concerts, stand-up comedy acts, and theatre performances are now available for home viewing. Some of the advantages of these home theater systems had been considered as an offshoot of the growing demand for consumer satisfaction and comfort. The so-called home theater is composed of latest model of players. This may include simple CD and DVD player or the most sophisticated gadgets such as players with outstanding audio and video capabilities. Such players had been engineered to bring out the best sound production function. It has also been upgraded to stand out against its predecessors such as the cassette tape players and the earlier laser disc players.

To further enhance the production of sounds, leading electronic companies such as Yamaha complimented their assembly-line with compact, powerful, and user friendly speaker system. An example of Yamaha's modern speaker system is the YSP-4000. This model is built to act as a handy assembly with manageable method of installations. Another excellent audio device is the Denon AVR-4308CI. This was an AV network receiver with a built-in equalizer and boasts it's Cinema EQ sound effects. This model from Denon had been one of the earliest carriers of best surround sound system components. It has outpaced its competitors and received an outstanding array of comments from sound enthusiasts.

Since the 1940s, which was the start of the emergence of the surround sound, the audio and video industry was able to bring the level of sound quality to its highest level. Compared to the previous years, sound quality and accessibility was never this impressive. Audio and video gadget nowadays was able to mimic the things that are formerly experienced in movie houses and cinemas. Emphasis on technology upgrades generated a lot of positive outcomes and ultimately outlived its downfalls and criticisms.

This recent scenario in audio and video gadgetry marks a significant improvement in the lives of humans. It also means that the human intelligence was able to reach one of its highest levels. The use of devices transmitting monotonous sounds was abandoned and the consumers had prioritized the more complicated and digital ones. The value for sounds was also treated with utmost importance. This was characterized by the scientific efforts employed in sound production as evidenced by the wide support for the best surround sound system. This particular condition proves to be less static. Innovations and further enhancements are expected to appear anytime.

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Torn Eb German WW2 radio noise

German ww2 Radio tuning into AM band radio. Radio is a functioning WW2 German radio model Torn Eb. This is just a receiver that still tunes in with a little work. Imagine trying to listen to far away broadcasts with an old AM radio. The reception is bad and the quality of the audio is poor. That's the way it was. My video here is just an experiment to see if I could get the microphone on the camera to pick up the sounds coming in through an extra pair of headphones that are on the camera.

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"Jerry Jones" calls The Bob and Tom Show

In the early part of the 2006 NFL season, problematic Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens suffered a broken finger which required surgery. The audio portion of this video is a clip from The Bob and Tom Show, a syndicated radio program based in Indianapolis, IN which features parody celebrity voices in many of its bits.

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Home Theater And Home Audio Sound System Secret Tips

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Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are good Home Theater and Audio Systems. Hopefully this article will save you time, money and aggravation.

This is how I put together my Home Theater and Audio Sound System and you might want to use this as a general guide in terms of what I learned through trial and error. The first part of this article is general buying tips. The remainder of the article is arranged in alphabetical order by topics beginning with Audio/Video Receivers and ending with Tweaks. Thus you can scroll down in order to find DVD players come after CD players, etc. As previously mentioned, this article is intended as a general guide written in layman's terms not technical terms trying to summarize Home Theater and Home Audio basics. Onwards and upwards.

Buying Used or Refurbished Items

My rule of thumb with buying something used online is: 1.Make sure it comes with the original manual and remote control, which will make reselling it, should you chose to do so, easier. 2. Make sure it is described as in very good or better condition from a seller in the US (or the country you reside in). 3. Pass on any item which the seller has described previous problems with., 4. Do not buy anything listed "As Is" or "No Returns" as it basically says your stuck with this once you pay for it even if its DOA. 5. Only buy from someone with a lot of feedback whose positive percentage is 95% or better. As a rule I won't buy from anyone with feedback of 10 or less, if you're putting up $200 or more, I'd increase that to 20. Even if you do pass up some legitimate people in the process with that rule, the chances are good that the item will show up again within the next 2 months or so from a seller with feedback of 20 or better. What I'm saying is, don't rush things when you don't have to. Also pay by paypal only. This way if there is a problem, paypal will help resolve it and/or get your money back.

What Not to Buy Used or Refurbished:

Do not buy a used or refurbished TV under any circumstances. You are asking for trouble if you do.

Do not buy a used or refurbished DVD player, Universal player or DVD recorder under Any circumstances. These are made with a limited life in mind.

How to decide what to Buy

If you've heard or seen any system personally that you liked, I would go by that first to decide what to buy. What I wouldn't do is go to a store & make your decision based on what you hear or see there. In many cases for instance, the HDTV's are not actually showing HD shows in the store because they're not receiving HD signals or the sound system is giving lousy sound because of bad acoustics, bad ambience and improperly set controls which the salesman is pretending to not notice. Should you ignore all that, let the buyer beware, at least bring a CD and/or DVD of your choice to sample their system, not the stores generic ones.

I would go to Forum sites and see which components or system, are constantly being praised and then read Online Reviews and information from the Manufacturer and base your decision on that. Likewise use the forums to ask about a specific product.

Audio/Video (A/V) Receiver

Most of the basic features on 7.1 or 5.1 A/V receivers are similar, no matter how old the receiver is. Before I go on, you can get 5.1 sound (5 speakers and a sub)on a 7.1 receiver and most of the receivers in the last 5 years or so are 7.1. You can get very good used receivers online for, 40 to 70% off the listed retail price when that receiver was new, complete with a remote and manual. Again, research any receiver, from a friend's opinion, a forum, manufacturer information & online reviews. I myself got a Denon A/V 3801 Receiver which I love for around $380 including shipping that came with the Remote and Manual. As I had a Universal Remote and knew I was going to keep this receiver, I sold the remote for around $35 online, so all I spent was $345. This receiver cost over $1100 when it was new. On a lot of these receivers, you are just paying for extra bells and whistles, which if you don't need, can save you on money. For instance, many of the newer receivers come with built in EQ/DB systems, that will automatically set up the receivers & these cost a lot more then systems which you have to do this manually. Note, I listen to CDs on the Denon's All Natural 5.1 Stereo Sound which plays CDs from all 5 speakers and my subwoofer without reprocessing the sound. To me this gives my sound much more depth. Other people do not like to listen to CDs that way.


You will need good cables to get a good sound and picture: These cables include: Fiber Optic Cables to get 5.1 sound from your HD Receiver/DVR and DVD players. You will also need Analog RCA Cables to get good sound from your CD or Universal Player. You will need 2 sets of Component Cable to connect your DVD player to your TV and HD Receiver/DVR to your TV. Finally you will need a subwoofer cable and speaker wire.

If you get your HD service from a Cable or Satellite Company, usually they give you free component cables. Do not use these as they're not all that great on the average and buy better component cables. Cables are not built the same and will produce different results, contrary to general opinion. I use standard Monster component cables, Monster Standard THX Subwoofer cable, glass optic cable which gives a more upfront revealing sound in my opinion for my DVR/Receiver & standard optic cable for my DVD player, speaker wire, and believe it or not, 2 cheap pairs of Acoustic research analog cables which I find the most neutral and least likely to reveal a recordings weaknesses!

CD Player

This is the component I have upgraded and changed the most as believe it or not, the sound differs greatly between players. As mentioned above, unless CD sound is not that important to you, do not use a DVD player to plays CDs.

I've personally found that many vintage CD players which you can find online generally give fantastic sound and are relatively cheap. I had a Pioneer Elite 59 CD player for many years that one could get between $150-$250, that produced great rock sound.

I've found buying a CD player is a total trial and error proposition. Depending on the audio equipment on hand, the person and the music they like, one man's Heaven is another man's hell. Many people, myself included, have bought CD players based on great forum comments and/or reviews only to be disappointed when they actually listened to them and then resold them the next day or week online at a loss.

My current CD player is a Jolida JD-100A Tube CD player, which I love. I got it used for about $350 less then I would pay retail for. Tube CD player's sounds change greatly depending on which tubes one uses. Again, this is a trial and error Preference. I currently am using 2 ECC83 12Xa7 Tubes.

DVD Player

I have a Harmon Kardon 31 DVD player which I bought online for about $50 less then the retail price, when it first came out. I chose this model because of the reviews I found online which raved about its great sound & excellent picture.

I do not use my DVD player to play CDs because in my personal opinion and those of many other people, CD players produce better audio sound. So if the sound of a CD is important to you, buy a CD player separately and ignore the company BS line that there is little sound difference between playing CDs on DVD players instead of CD players.

DVD Recorders

There are 3 types of DVD recorders: Internal computer DVD recorders, external computer DVD Recorders and Stand Alone DVD Recorders that you can record TV Shows on. The main difference between the stand alone DVD recorders and the computer Internal and external recorders are that the stand alone DVD Recorders can not as far as I know record 5.1 sound while internal and external computer DVD recorders can. While stand alone and external computer DVD recorders are relatively cheap, they usually don't last more than a couple of years before their lasers break down. The good news is, they're relatively cheap to just buy a new one. My internal computer DVD Recorders have never broken down. You do need software to record DVD's on your computer and a lot of these players come with it. I use Nero which I love and which is also good for burning CDs as well. One important thing to know is that most commercial DVDs are encrypted as to prevent DVD copying using standard commercial software.


My HD DVR is provided for a rental of about $10 a month from my HD service. I am very happy with my set but I really am not qualified to make any recommendations on these.


I have 2 widescreen HDTV's which I love, a Panasonic 34" set and a Mitsubishi 48" set, both of which I bought new. I would not recommend buying an HDTV set used. I also would take an extended warranty for the maximum length so you don't have to worry if something breaks down. I made my purchase decision on these sets based on what I read online in forums and reviews as well as manufacturer information. You usually can get great discounted prices both from retail discount electronic chains as well as online discount electronic companies including extended warranties.

5.1 Headphones

I didn't realize in my wildest dreams these actually existed and worked until I did a Google search and wound up at a forum where people all raved about the relatively expensive, Pioneer SE-DIR800C HDPH Dolby Digital 5.1 Wireless Headphones, which I got new for $300 online $100 less the retail price. These headphones are my Holy Grail, I don't know how Pioneer does it, but they produce incredible 5.1 sound and I'm not aware I'm listening through headphones! These are furthermore, wireless and work terrific, I've never experienced any Static noise or interference. To me these headphones are in a class by themselves with no peer. I use them for TV and DVD by Connecting my receivers optic digital out to the Pioneer's Wireless Station's Optic Input. My best electronics purchase ever.

MP3/IPOD Headphones

For some reason, most of the free headphones supplied with Ipods/MP3 players, suck. Meaning, they are uncomfortable or lack something in sound or both. For myself, I found I could not tolerate earbuds, headphones which like hearing devices get attached to the inside of your ear. I wound up buying at a great online price, a new set of over your head, Koss Porta Pro headphones which were super light and comfortable, stayed over my ears and had good though not great sound, for about $15 less then I would have to pay, retail. Again, I bought these based on forums, reviews and company information.

MP3 Players

Sorry I'm not going to be much help here, as I only use my MP3 player for jogging and working out and as such I use a Creative Zen Nano 512 Plus as its super small and light and has great sound.


I use my 5.1 speaker system for DVD, TV and listening to CDs. I feel my system, which is an Orb Audio Mod 1 5.1 speaker set-up (5 speakers & a subwoofer) bought new, has great sound for all of these. Other people prefer to use 5.1 speakers only for DVD & TV and listen to CDs on different speakers. I discovered Orb based on finding an incredible amount of positive reviews on them in forums and based my buying decision solely on that.

Tweaks and Accessories

This is another hit or miss proposition. I bought online a new Musical Fidelity X-10 V3 Tube Buffer for $250 and it improved my CD player sound when connected to both my current, Jolida JD-100A (Tube) CD player and my previous Pioneer Elite PD-59 Solid State CD player. I purchased the X-10 V3, Tube buffer again from forums and reviews as well as company information.

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DVD Audio Outputs SPDIF Optical Theater Help Surround 5.1

This is a short clip from A series of full length Hi-Resolution Videos are found in a Mini-Course offered called "7 Secrets of Home Theater". The course is Free.

Thanks To - STR-DG820

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Audio Technica AD700 Review

Video review of the Audio Technica ATH-AD700 headphone. If you'd like to read the full written review, click the link below:

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Pioneer VSX-AX4ASi-S Nuovo sintoamplificatore audio multicanale con prese HDMI e iLink, con 7.1 canali da 180 watt

Recommend - Sony STR-DN1000 AV Receiver

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Communicating - The Essence of Organizational Success

Image :

Failure to communicate

Failure in communication is the biggest problem of management. When this occurs, it affects everything. Overall performance of people decreases, goals are not clear, people build incorrect assumptions, and relationships at work suffer. Especially during challenging times, it's critical to be more effective when communicating. Employees want to know what is going on during times of change. This is when the breakdown usually occurs. Many managers fail to understand how important to communicate with integrity, openness, and on regular basis.

What is communication anyway?

Communication is the exchange of messages between people. And, to make the communication effective is the most critical skill for managers. Good communication leads to personal power, motivation, resolving conflict, solid delegation, and smooth facilitation and collaboration among people. Sadly, when there is abrasive, insensitive, and poor communication, it leads to a breakdown in relationships. The organization becomes full of distrust and uncaring interpersonal relationships. This occurs in organizations where employees get new information about changes without knowing all the reasons why.

The traditional model of business communication has flaws

The traditional mode of business communication has always focused on accuracy and efficiency. It is sort of like a conduit model containing of three parts: a transmitter, receiver, and noise. It has been my observation that most interpersonal problems at work occurs due to problems in communication. Communication after all is a complex process. For example, let's take Terry and her boss Ron. Terry calls Ron and tells him, "I won't be able to work again tomorrow. This pregnancy keeps me nauseous and my doctor said that I should probably be reduced to part-time." Ron tells her, "Terry, this is the third time you have missed work and your appointments keep backing up all of us. We have to cover for you and this is messing up all of us."

This was an example of poor communication from both sides. In a good communication must be a clear message encoded for a delivery.

Terri wanted to have more empathy from her boss Ron. But she encoded this message to make it more official to add an excuse for missing work. Ron is not really happy with Terry anyway and decoded this message as just another excuse from Terri. He was not clear either about his further plans about her.

You can see that the margin for error is quite high at each step of the communication process. Some social psychologists estimate that there is a usual loss of 40-60% of the meaning in a message from sender to receiver!

Barriers to effective communication

There are many barriers for effective communication at work. The way we use the language because of our cultural and educational differences can lead to misunderstanding. Our perception of one another depends on many factors, what generation you belong, what gender, where you grew up, what your beliefs are, and so on. Often, we don't know how to read body language, how to listen, how to react in a conflict situation in a professional way. Overall, lack of knowledge affects our communication at work.

It can be helpful to understand non-verbal cues.

Some research suggests that we communicate non-verbally 70% of the time! It can be helpful to learn to read visual cues, how different people use their hands when speaking, and their tone of voice. Learn to make an eye contact depending on another person's culture. In North America eye contact preferably should be soft. For middle Eastern, the "eyes are the windows of the soul". In Japan there is very little eye contact made. In North America our physical space is a big deal. For example, 2-4 feet is reserved for close friends and family, 4-12 feet is the best space for social communications, and 12 feet when giving presentations.

It all starts with good listening skills

The best manager is a great listener. The best manager listens openly and with empathy. The best manager judges content but not a person. The good listener uses many methods to listen and fights off distractions when listening. The best manager knows the art of asking good questions to gather data. The best manager responds with interest when communicating.

How to give a feedback

Many managers are reluctant to provide feedback but quick to evaluate. Many managers are afraid how their feedback might be received. They may have personal biases which affect their feedback. In giving feedback, the best manager should be descriptive to make sure the receiver gets a description and not an evaluation. Strong managers focus on the behavior and not on the person. It is better to say, "I don't like the way the project which you were on turned out." rather than to say, "I don't like your project". Even worse to say, "I don't like you!"

While we usually don't tell others at work that we don't like them it tends to come out in other ways.

High Richness vs. Low Richness communications

While email has made our communication more productive, it has also made it worse in many ways. How much time is wasted while a person on another end is either hiding behind an e-mail or did not even receive your email because it ended up in the spam folder. At least, when you have a possibility to contact someone eye to eye, it is fairly clear how your message is received. When in doubt, communicate in person. In buildings where offices and cubicles are next to each other, strong managers encourage people to get up and walk around to communicate. It has been my observation that the healthiest organizations are loud and active. You will see people standing on their chairs shouting over cubicle walls. The organizations in trouble are the ones when you can hear a pin drop when you walk in the halls. All that is heard is the sound of typing, people sending messages back and forth between their next door cubicles. Management problems are many times is a failure to communicate. And as we have learned communication is more than just sending the message!

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Audio Interview: David Nichol

Newest Wildcat assistant coach talks wide receivers

Thanks To - STR-DH800 Onkyo TX-8255 AV Receiver

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