vintage Fisher stereo

1968!!! fisher 500 tune o matic it is rated at 240W 320VA Max at 8ohm i have since found an identical one on ebay. here is the info the seller says: THE FISHER 500-TX STEREO RECEIVER WITH PHONO STAGE (MM/MC)Audiophile Receiver The original retail price was $510.00 in 1970, or approximately $3000.00 in todays money the seller also mentioned this Superb Audio Reproduction !!! Pulls in distant FM stations clearly and with ease, better than my $2000 receiver. i have found it to be a very powerful tuner!

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First Layout Ride Along Behind Lionel RS-11

I was doing some laps with my track cleaner car and thought, what better time for the very First Layout Ride Along ??? My trusty RS-11 leads the consist followed by the tracker cleaner, camera car and some assorted mixed freight. The video is a little rough, but consider, this is the K-Line RF video car, running on my garage layout. Not too bad of a color picture, but alas, no audio( that's why I used a YouTube canned muzak)... Only real down side of the car... It is die cast and very heavy, so are the pickup & helicopter, which is nice. Second consideration is, I'm on the other side of my house in my train/computer room with the RF receiver hooked up to my PC for the video capture and running the train with my MTH DCS. That just amazes me, don't know about you... Well, I hope you all enjoyed the ride and I'll work on some more of these... PLEASE Rate, Comment & Subscribe !!! Thanks for Watching... And a Special Thanks to all my Train Buds, Especially Rob & Heath for their support. Hope Everyone's Well...

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Audio Test: Sennheiser G3 EW100 wireless mic receiver & Canon 5D MkII

Demonstration of captured file for ouput level adjustment of a Sennheisser G3 EW100 wireless receiver, plugged into the mike input socket of a Canon 5D MkII. Most folks have the set-up the wrong way round. You need to set the transmitter level first. To do that, check the VU meter on the transmitter and adjust the sensitivity to get good audio. Once done, the receiver output can then be adjusted using one of the levels as shown in this video. The original file listened to using high quality cans revealed very significant AGC noise on the Canon 5D at:- -30db and noticeable noise at -24db. My recommendation for normal speech in a modest room is -18db. -12db also works well, but may be a little 'hot'. Microphone used in this demo was the Sennheiser ME-4 Omni-directional (takes sound from everywhere) lavalier, mounted two buttons down from top of collar.

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A Look at Memphis Car Audio

Image :

With the ever growing field of technology, car audio are now coming in many different shapes and sizes to meet the specific demands of the consumer. One company that is really keeping up to the task is Memphis car audio. The name serves to remind its clientele and staff that car music is their core business.

They therefore have quality goods that are genuine and up to standard. This company has signed up with authorized audio dealers to ensure that you only buy goods that are not counterfeit, goods that bear their name. The best way to make your order is to visit these dealers the reason being that Memphis does not give provision for customer to make an order online. However you can access information about their products from their web site and then you will be linked up with information regarding where their dealers are located.

Other useful products that are available in Memphis audio online stores are auto speakers, amplifiers, woofers, marine, sub woofers and all relevant accessories that work hand in hand with the car audio systems.once you have decided what it is that you want to buy, arm yourself with enough money and head to the dealers and choose the item then bargain for the best price and you will be home and dry. Don't forget that in the line of production Memphis car audio are coming up with many more new innovations that you might just need later. Isn't this something to rejoice about?

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Fault Finding Guide - iPod Adapter/Car Kits

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The information below will eliminate 97% of iPod adapter/car kit errors or "non functioning product" issues for the Dension Ice Link Plus Car Kit, Connects2 iPod Car Kit and iPod-incar Car Kit.

The first step is to ensure your iPod is running the latest operating software. Apple release regular updates to ensure the iPod is compatible with all iPod add-on products such as the ice>Link Plus. 97% of operating issues will be resolved by downloading a simple update, Here's how . . .

Updating Your iPod Software:
To update the software on your iPod you will need to download the latest version of the Apple iPod updater from Apple's website. Please, note that this is a totally different application from iTunes. Tunes will not update your iPod operating software.

Copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Step 1:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your details along with the operating system your computer uses. Then click the Download iPod Software Update button.

Step 2:

Follow the onscreen instructions to install the updater application on your computer.

Step 3:

Run the iPod updater application and select update . Once your iPod has been updated. I recommend restoring the factory settings to your iPod by clicking the restore button.

Your iPod is now updated. Connect it to your Ice>Link Plus and test for correct operation.

Further Checks . . .

If you are still experiencing problems, perform a cold reset on the Ice>Link by disconnecting it for 20 minutes then reconnecting. Next, you will need to reset the Ice>Link Plus software if the problem persists.

If everything fails, consult a car audio expert.

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Wireless Rear Speakers - A Closer Look

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Why should a homeowner install rear speakers? Rear speakers are makes a surround system complete. If you don't have these devices installed, you won't be able to enjoy a full sound. If you frequent cinemas and movie houses a lot, you know what surround really is. And this effect is something that you can duplicate at home. You just need a set of good surround sound speakers to do it.

When setting up surround speakers, you can either go for the wireless systems or the conventional wired type. The two are actually the same in a lot of ways. Their functions and quality are almost the same. But then, when it comes to rear speakers, they best ones are the wireless ones because they can work out-of-the-box.

The wireless rear speakers require the most work to install as far as a surround system is concerned. To produce a surround sound, you would have to put up two front speakers, one at the center, one at top, and two at the back. Imagine what you have to go through if you have a wired system.

This means you would need to run cables all over your living room or entertainment center. However, this won't happen with a wireless system at all. You only have to worry about the power cord. Cables will be the least of your concern.

If you really love music and a good home entertainment system is what you want, you surely have a nice set of speakers in your den. If it's up and running at this point, good for you. If not, you must have a wired speaker - something that needs wiring around to work well.

You really need time and effort to install wired systems. As for the wireless ones, you only need a fraction of your time. In fact, you can use it right after you have found the perfect spot for it. No complicated cabling system to analyze or study.

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All About LCD Televisions

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LCD televisions are generally known as Liquid Crystal Display televisions which generally use the LCD TFT technology, offering the users crystal clear display of the images. In general, the advantages of the LCD televisions are high when compared with other type of televisions. The users are assured to enjoy really good experience in watching their favourite programmes through LCD television. Other main features the users have to look in these types of televisions are its size and price and more importantly the technical features.

The other important factor that has to be taken care technically is the response time and colour. Also the latest model television sets are integrated with the best features making the users feel at ease in watching the programmes they like with better display. When compared with the normal CRT television models, the sizes of these televisions are the most highlighting factor, which attracts the users the most. Also many renowned features are available in this model, for the users to enjoy handling these television models.

RGB spectrum is used in these television sets which helps to display the images incorporated with all the colours. But still the research is on in adding more colours to this spectrum. The display range of this model television sets are better, when comparing the screen display and resolution of the plasma televisions. The LCD televisions are portable and highly flexible to use. It is a complete home entertainment television set, where the users can enjoy watching whatever they like in complete theatre effect both in the picture and sound quality.

Apart from the image and screen resolution, other features the users have to take care is the memory slots, USB, DVD, camcorder and video games connectors are the few to mention. There are thousands of brands are available in the market and the manufacturers are really facing a tough competition. So, in order to increase the sales, the LCD televisions integrated with the latest technology are offered at a comparatively lower rate in the market.

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Make any apostle wireless with abundant JBL sound!

Have you wanted to have high performance sound somewhere in your house but couldn't get speaker wires to that location? With the JBL WEM-1 wireless expansion module, great sound can be had nearly anywhere you want it without lengthy speaker wire runs back to your audio system. Come look at just how easy this high performance solution is to integrate into your audio system. • Transmit music throughout your home • Connect to virtually any system and speakers • Add surround speakers to your home theater system without the trouble and expense of running speaker wires across the room • Connect to your computer and enjoy your music library anywhere in your home • Enjoy the music on your iPod or other portable music player • Transmitter and receiver/amplifier may be mounted horizontally, vertically or on the wall • Wire-management vertical stand included for receiver/amplifier • Wall brackets included for transmitter and receiver module

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An AC high current arc modulated by an audio signal, similar to how AM radio works but without requiring a radio receiver to hear the sound! More info at

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Tivoli Radio Demo - FM Band Scan

Scanning the entire FM band, with a Tivoli Model One receiver table. This video shows the number of stations that can be received only with integrated antenna.

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Air Bud: Golden Receiver Part 7

2nd movie that does not have audio or video. Some belong to the artist

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Basics of car audio subwoofer

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Typical car audio speakers are small systems with limited ability to reproduce low frequency sounds. Audio car subwoofers can add more depth to an audio reproducing frequencies below 150 Hz can add a subwoofer bass powerful and strong for car audio.

Car Audio subwoofers most are installed in the trunk, due to limitations of space in the cab of the vehicle. Subwoofers are usually 10 inches or 12 inches in diameter, althoughcan be as large as 34 inches and as small as 4 inches.

Great subwoofers allow more efficient air travel that is essential for low frequencies.

The audio amplifier for subwoofers car can be built into the cabinet or installed as a separate unit. The amplifier must have an electronic filter high frequency filter before the signal is transmitted to the subwoofer.

Although car audio subwoofers are usually round, recentlymanufactures have been the introduction of new forms of subwoofers. subwoofers Plaza have been released by Stillwater Designs and other companies have introduced subwoofers triangular and hexagonal. These innovative designs may be easier to install in vehicles with limited space, but there is no advantage to nonround acoustic forms.

The type of enclosure for car audio subwoofers affects the type of product.

There are five basic types of subwoofer boxes-

* Insulated,

* Adapted

* Bandwidth

* Passive Radiator

* The transmission system line.

For car use, most practical of the box is sealed box, because it requires minimal space and meet the audio needs of a typical car interior.

There are many prefabricated enclosures for subwoofers car audio market. Alternatively, you can have a measure or build one yourself. When you buy a subwoofer,usually receive a fact sheet that provides guidelines for enclosure requirements. Also check the datasheets energy needs and the linear response - a true flat response is heard.

Many people are tempted to turn his car when they installed audio subwoofers. Although it sounds good, be careful - prolonged exposure to loud noise can permanently affect your hearing.

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Stereo Receivers

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Since stereo receivers are sold online and there are considerations to make before settling for a model of home theater or stereo. If a good surround sound, and the film is what you want, then the home theater is the model for you. If space is missing, the stereo receiver is the model that you should go, especially if you need it for music.

One of the most important things to consider in all others, if the type of power you'll need a stereo receiver. Notwant to fly freely, before it was purchased. The authority must also be compatible with the speakers. All this depends on the sensitivity of the speaker. The decrease in sensitivity and the power you need. The devices come with all these specifications and will have full access to be stronger than ever that these specifications are concerned.

Given that needs a more detailed and dynamic, a more powerful receiver will exactly that. DRA-37 is the latest modelseries of home theater that will give you everything you are looking for in terms of performance and delivery. Its functions are easy to configure and gives us many options to select from.It has a considerable price which is affordable for you.

What makes this excellent stereo receiver's high-tech features such as channels 2 x 50 watts, 4 ohms stable IR port serial switch remote check, XM Radio ready to select and play separate antenna and a port for iPod ASD -1R D-dockwhich is optional. Want to try the stereo receiver, right?

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Some important considerations for a car

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Today, the car stereo system has become a necessity in the car, especially for those who love music. It is a device that can not be ignored by many people. People enjoy listening to music while traveling and driving. However, remember that if your stereo speakers do not have the car as well and good, then all of his emotions all in vain. What they really need are very beautiful and good quality speakers that can reproduce the sound of all frequencies with great efficiency.

In addition, stakeholders areapproach, first, that people feel both watch any car. It is mainly held by many people to express what is happening with the help of these speakers. Therefore, if you want people to love their car and take the right decision to make the whole selection of your receiver.

car stereo systems are available in different colors, sizes and shapes. You can take any subject according to your preferences and needs. On the other hand, you can also select colorsaccording to the interior of your car. Remember to always try to buy the new item. Never purchase a used item. Used items are not guaranteed. They may also have flaws and imperfections. Be careful when you make a purchase.

Another thing to mention is that the systems speakers and car stereos are available in different price ranges. Price range generally depends on the qualities and characteristics of a product offering. The various elements offer different uses and benefits. It is therefore abetter to look for a bit and do extensive research before buying any item. Check all speakers are offered by different companies, because some may be more functional and relatively better. Indeed, it sometimes happens that some stakeholders have not taken the very low frequency sounds. Therefore, be wise before going to any time.

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Television - What You Need to Do Before 2009

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Changes are coming in the world of television. Traditional over-the-air television broadcasts will cease on February 18, 2009 and all stations will broadcast digitally. Although the majority of consumers already have the equipment and services necessary to continue to receive their television programming, there will still be an estimated 20 million who will need to take action if they want to continue viewing programming.

The digital switch over will occur in order to free up those portions of the broadcast spectrum, which traditional analog broadcasts currently occupy, for use by wireless and broadband services. Improved communications for public and safety services and more affordable high speed internet are just two of the potential benefits of the switch.

For most consumers who utilize cable or satellite TV services no action prior to the change over should be necessary as the set-top boxes or receivers they use will allow them to receive the digital signals. However, for those households who receive their television programming exclusively through over-the-air analog broadcasts, additional equipment will be needed in most instances.

Consumers who have purchased a television set in the past year or two may already have a set with a digital tuner which will allow them to pick up the new signals. However, because not every television manufactured prior to March 1, 2007 was required to have a digital tuner having a newer television may not exempt consumers from needing to seek out additional equipment.

For those households with a television that does not currently have a digital tuner and which receive programming over-the-air, one of three options are available.

o Purchase a digital ready television

o Subscribe to a cable or satellite TV service

o Obtain a set top box to allow an existing television to receive digital television signals

Purchasing a new television of course carries a price tag. Depending upon the size and display type, a new television could run from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars. Subscribing to a cable or satellite TV service would provide additional programming options and would eliminate the need to purchase additional equipment but would involve adding another monthly bill onto the household budget for homes that don't currently subscribe to such services. The final option, which is probably the least expensive, is to purchase a set-top converter box; the cost of which is anticipated to be around $50 by the 2009 change over.

To assist consumers who receive over-the-air television programming without cable or satellite TV services, the US Department of Commerce will be providing a coupon program beginning in 2008. The program will reportedly provide up to two $40 vouchers per household to help offset the cost of this change for such households.

Certainly the change over to digital television should provide a needed boost for emergency services communications and wireless capabilities while improving television signal efficiency and quality for home viewers. Like most change however, it will not be completely without pain, as millions of home viewers on a budget may find they need to take action if they wish to keep their current television service.

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Yamaha RX-V365BL 500 Watt 5-Channel Home Theater Receiver by Yamaha

Image :

If you are looking for the best amplifier system which can give your wireless home theatre sound system a new life and more power than I must tell you that Yamaha RX-V365BL 500 Watt 5-Channel would be best choice for you. This offers impressive tons of features and advanced technology to enhance the audio/video experience, including HDMI switching with 1080p video pass-through, iPod and Bluetooth audio etc.

What is Yamaha RX-V365BL 500 Watt 5-Channel?

Yamaha RX-V365BL 500 Watt 5-Channel is an amplifier system which enhances the audio/video quality. It is a full featured box which provides everything we need to have to increase our entertainment experience. This is a, you can say as, heart of your wireless home theatre system which controls the input and output of the of your audio/video equipment.


* 5-channel 500W powerful surround sound (100W x 5)

* 1080p-Compatible HDMI 1.3

* Bluetooth music streaming using Yamaha YBA-10 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

* Connect an iPod using Yamaha YDS-10SL Universal iPod Dock Four SCENE buttons

* Compressed Music Enhancer

* DTS 5.1 channel sound format

* HDMI, Component, Composite and Coaxial ports

Cinema DSP

The combination of matrix and steering technology and Conventional multi-channel audio reproduction systems the sound quality becomes extremely tremendous and it creates super surround sound effects. Yamaha CINEMA DSP is much more advanced, actually creating richly realized independent sound fields that envelop you in an unmatched surround sound experience.

The other facility in this category is of SILENT CINEMA DSP. If you want to watch movie in private and don't want to disturb other one you can use this facility. In this you can turn on to headphones and can hear large-scale surround sound. There is no effect on sound quality. The sound quality would be as good as it provides.

SCENE function

Four SCENE button is a great feature of this product. RX-V365BL provides you the facility of opening multiple operations that initiate play of the source by pressing a single button. When you press a FOUR SCENE button the default settings for DVD Viewing, Disc Listening, TV Viewing and Radio Listening will open and you can choose directly from this one.

High Dynamic Power Capability

Yamaha RX-V365 is capable of having huge power resource which enables for no fluctuation voltage in sound system. The sound quality is rather smooth than all time as well as it helps to run at a same motion.

Next-Gen Connectivity and Flexibility

If you want to make your own tunes then what you had to do is just attach the YBA-10 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver, which is optional equipment with this product, and then connect it to Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, portable devices and even your personal computer. it is very simple to use.

From the above features we learnt about the positive side of the product but now I must tell you its few drawbacks:-

1). Setup problem.

2). NO HD audio decoding

3). No audio over HDMI

These drawbacks are just prove to be nil in front of the features of the device. This machine proves to be the best in terms of performance. It provides you the perfect balance between the performance and money you invested.


Editor's rating 8 out of 10

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Why people choose high definition television?

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Some people may wonder what is the fuzz with HDTVs. Firstly, HDTVs offer picture quality otherwise unachievable with standard definition TVs. The images that captivate the eyes of those who have the opportunity to stand before one of these gadgets, even for a short period of time. It is quite easy to be fascinated by the level of detail offered by these devices, becoming addicted to brightthe colors and the softness of high definition television sets project in minutes. Its aspect ratio wide screen offers a vast panorama that mimics the widescreen format that is typical of the cinema, so do not miss any action or any party. But the wonders of HDTV HDTV does not stop there, has a capacity of 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, which enhances the experience to provide superior HDTV realistic three-dimensional sound impossible to create a simulated stereo surround sound settings regular or even. Of course, every time a Dolby Digital 5.1 Speaker Set used and configured correctly on the home theater environment.

One factor that consumers interested in the early years of HD is the extremely high price of these TVs, the story is different today. Thank you to the technological evolution, high definition televisions are much more affordable than they were in the past.What was once a luxury, something that was only in the scope of those who had to spend thousands on a TV is now within reach of millions of people. From now on HDTV sets can vary in price from several hundred thousand dollars according to the model, screen size, the proposed resolutions and display type. There are thousands of models out there, one for every budget and one for each household.

If you are a fan of cinema, a player just someone who loves HDTV is sosomething to consider.

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KSL 5 Salt Lake City, Utah - closedown Weekly

KSL is a local affiliate of NBC here in Salt Lake City. They are also one of the few stations in the country even closedown, but only do it once a week. This video was recorded on January 31, 2010 at 3:30 am Mountain time. This is the end of Kickstart TV, commercials, station information, and model testing. Normally, there is the logo of KSL 5 versus bars, at the end, but do not overlap at the beginning of the voice. They were there about 10 minutes later, if(But I did not bore you with 10 + minute test tone):) For your information, audio cuts 3:27-3:32. It was in the show itself, so I have no idea what happened. Also, do not know what happens to the audio test tone. All ... strange. I may have to capture audio with a higher rate? Information Geek Geek: The receiver is a Samsung SIR-TS360 with air antenna (not connected to a satellite at all, I have DirecTV service), caught my laptop thatHP DV6000 series system (Turion 64 1.60GHz, 4GB RAM) with Windows 7 x64 Pro. The program used to capture is called Debut Video Capture, then used a program called WinFF to cut (just off the end and bottom) and expand the video (which has been captured in 4:3 , although the source was 16:9). I can put a tutorial on that later. No copyright infringement intended. This video is video is for geeks who love this kind of thing. :)

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The iPod Car Stereo Adapter Spice Up Your Life

Image :

If you want to listen to your iPod in the car, we must invest in an iPod adapter unit. The reality of the situation is that iPods are very small devices, and why you bought one is for you to listen to music anywhere, your car should not have exception.You must be able to better listen to your music their car wherever he goes. You need to know to buy an adapter for your car is not as easy as you might think.This may be due to the factor that there are many different types, models and features to choose from. If you take the time and effort to choose the best car stereo adapter for iPod, you can then enjoy the rewards in the long term.

You need to know that you connect your iPod to your car is really easy. In fact, connect your iPod to your car is very similar to connect your iPod to your computer system because of the factor that both are equally easy. One of the most wonderfulaspects that modern technology has produced more than ninety percent of new cars sold in America today are not really an option for iPod connectivity. The car adapter iPod stereo is designed to make life easier and better. If this is your first time dealing with iPods and cars, then you can be in your interest to read in some comments. Read reviews to help you be able to acquire an understanding of the negative and differentpositive experiences that others have had. You can shop around to ensure you get the best on the market.

There are many wonderful benefits to be gained by investing in a decent card iPod to your car. You should know that the fundamental objective of an iPod adapter that lets you listen to music in the car much easier. You can use a control adapter that provides better sound quality because the audio connection. 'S batteryYour iPod charges remain longer and safer, because you will not have to deal directly with the iPod while driving. Most you should consider is that different adapters offer various degrees of control. At the end of the day what is really intended is that you must acquire the right combination of both stereo and an adapter at the same time to win. At the end of the day, the car will be a much happier place with the use ofiPod and iPod adapter. Therefore, it can be said in conclusion: "Music is the wine which inspires new generation processes, and I am Bacchus who presses through this glorious wine for mankind and makes them spiritually drunken." - Ludwig van Beethoven

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SCANNER AUDIO - California Highway Patrol chase!

A scanner is a radio receiver that can automatically detect or scan, two or more discrete frequencies, stopping when it finds a signal on one of them, and then continuing scanning when that frequency is silent. Many scanners cover the non-band radio propagation between 30 and 951 MHz with FM, but there are models that cover most of the radio spectrum and use other modulation types. Early explorers were slow, cumbersome and expensive. Today, modern microprocessors have enabled scanners to storethousands of channels and monitor hundreds of channels per second. Newer models can monitor radio systems with shared resources and decode APCO-P25 digital transmissions. The two models of laptop and desktop are available. Scanners are often used to monitor police, fire and emergency medical services. Scanners developed from earlier tunable and fixed frequency radios that received one frequency at a time. The non-distribution systems of radio, such as those used by public safety agencies do not transmit continuously.With a fixed radius on a single frequency, much time could pass between transmissions, while other frequencies can be turned on. A scanning radio monitors multiple channels sequentially programmed, or search the limits defined by the user often. The scanner stops on an active frequency strong enough to break the silence of the radio and the configuration of resume scanning other frequencies when the activity ceases. Scanners are used by hobbyists, fans of trains, off-service staff of emergency servicesJournalists ...

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Why is it necessary to buy a Kenwood Car Audio Manual

Image :

Kenwood car audio manual is necessary to guide a client on how to install, operate and manage various audio Kenwood. A good textbook must be clear and concise. Sometimes the last thing people look at is a manual and this is because some books are too long. Others are written in very little and that was enough to sleep. The manuals are not always structured and is an excellent way for us to know what to do to avoid the problemand textbooks have done their goal. First, textbooks are anywhere there is a Kenwood car audio products. You can get manuals for the section that shows how the product and features that go with it.

Online stores offer their manuals and if you are looking for manuals, resources are immense and will receive. You receive manuals, depending on the product you have. In some places, you must register and become a member and canmanuals receiver via e-mail. Shops near you also offer special textbooks for items and should have no problems for them. Kenwood manuals are usually the product name at the top followed by the features, functions and characteristics and orientations. The most important do's and don'ts. Precautions go a long way to avoid the pitfalls witnessed by many new users. To obtain and read the manuals, it is necessary to givefollows.

You know the type of hand you have. There are textbooks that simply guide you on installing car audio Kenwood. You should know that some manuals are more specific. If you have a manual to guide you through the installation, which comes from a trusted source. While getting to know if the shop is reputable for providing a good textbook. If you are registered and have some experience in business, you probably find manuals tailoredto meet the needs of customers. They must be legible and easy to follow. More importantly, they must have the correct information. Some textbooks are poorly presented in an ambiguous language and complex. It is so easy to find a manual that seems useful, just go through it. If you receive an appropriate manual, it is probably not specified in the Kenwood car audio products that I wanted a manual.

You will find that there is a special or manualguide for each product, for example, there are manuals for Kenwood car audio amplifiers, receivers, subwoofers, stereos and more. If you find that you do not understand what it means a manual, it is probably wise to ask your local radio assistant shop. In some people, a manual before leaving a store and make sure they have held consultations on all the difficult stages and conditions. When you are finished with the manuals you are tempted to throw it away untilyou need to refer. Like any other document shall keep all safety manuals in a file because the relevant information will always be useful. With these general advice on Kenwood audio books, have fun while learning to handle and install the Kenwood.

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Car Radio Installation Guide - Fiat Radio Removal (models AD)

Image :

Before explaining the method of extraction Fiat radios listed below I recommend you check with your local Fiat to launch its radio for you because they knew the key radio and if you release for free. You have a Fiat car, right? So you should not charge for 2 minutes work.

But if you are happy to try it yourself, go. Removing one of the following radio Fiat may literally be 2 minutes or one hour if you do not use the FiatRadio removal keys. Some out very easily, but some can be really difficult and you may need someone to assist you while doing this. However, all use the same version mechanism.

Fiat radios with this mechanism:

H-182 AD

AD-182 H2

AD-182 H3


If you look at the radio, there are 2 clips on each side of the radio, a total of 4. Top 2 clips are about an inch from the top of the radio to the base and the clips areabout an inch and a half and some of the lower side of the radio. The clips can be accessed by sliding a thin solid border between the radio and the dashboard. A key Kenwood radio, saw blade or something similar should work fine.

I recommend the release of one side of the radio at the time. To do this, keep your fingers inside the radio-cassette to avoid falling into the locators. The clips above are the easiest to release, but the clips below can be veryawkward.

To release the clips, slide the removal tool toward the top of the radio on one side and then slide the tool down. You feel the force of the clamp, hold this position while releasing the clip bottom

Now drag a second tool in the bottom of the radio on the side and pushing it upward until you feel the force of the gripper background. Try to push the clip back while lifting slightly if the clip will not fire. That awkwardlittle, coming to raise high enough to fully put your pager.

Repeat for the other side and remove the radio.

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My audio accessories (New Technical amplifier SU-V9)

This is my audio equipment, the equipment looks very clean and it is so damn strong, but not connected, so I made the video to show what I have. Equipment: Technics SU-V9 Integrated Stereo Amp (120W RMS into 8 ohms) no.143.92541600 Fisher model receiver equalizer ADC SS-315x RCA RT-2280 home theater receiver Fisher DAC-914A CD changer 5 disc DVD Recorder Magnavox MSR 90D6 (not shown), Sony PS3 80GB (not shown) Speakers: Speakers Kenwood JL-703-3 channels (2) (subs) MTX Blue Thunder mediums 6-1/2inDriver (1) (middle lane) JP500 Jensen (2) (Right-Left Front) Cube Speaker KLH (n: number of them-model) (2) (rear right-left)

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High quality car accessories parts for your car

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Believe it or not, but if you find the right car accessories parts dealing with audio and sound, you can turn the sound system of a vehicle on your radio to a small beach under the machine stimulate music fantastic with a sound so great when you can hear pin drop. Today there are many audio accessories from a variety of brands including Pioneer car accessories, iPod accessories and more cars that can turn this into a reality. Today, you do not need to rely on a few CDs in theircar in the glove box and do not stick to the music on your local radio station playing well.

The iPod has developed a versatile digital audio system since its creation in 2001 by Apple. This audio system has gone through several incarnations, the Mini with the Shuffle model. The BMW was the first car of the company include accessories for the iPod of cars and technology in their vehicles. In 2005, Apple announced an expansion to other car brands, such asVolkswagen, Honda, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and others. Today, almost any car can be equipped with adapters and interfaces to integrate the use of an iPod.

Factory Radio Interface for iPod can be purchased through many online sites of auto parts and accessories stores that let you use your radio controls and controls on the iPod iPod by connecting some accessories vehicles, thousands of songs can be downloaded and accessed via your own car. interface qualityPanasonic, JVC, Sony and Pioneer all can be bought new or after market.

Another useful accessory iPod part cupholders vehicle are mounted iPod. This gadget fits easily in a standard cup holder and allows you to connect your iPod in a position that is easily accessible, preventing it from sliding across your dashboard or passenger seat while driving.

If you are looking for an easier connection from your iPod to your car, there are few options foryou. The most economical is a wireless FM transmitter. The transmitter supplied by the headphone jack of your iPod and the music played in an FM band on the inside of your car. The mutability of this section may be brought from one vehicle to another regardless of ability on the radio. The only requirement is that the radio can pick up an FM signal.

However, if you are looking for something a little more stable for your car that also have a very clear andgreat sound, look no further than Pioneer. This supplier has several options when it comes to car audio accessories. ID100II-model Pioneer CD provides a connector between your iPod and the Pioneer audio system that has invested in. The connector also functions as a charger for an iPod model. If you add some accessories select Pioneer car, such as TS-CX7 Stereo Surround Sound System, a high-end SPL subwoofer, plus a CD radio with Bluetooth handsfreewith iPod controls, then you'll be the envy of all the sound systems of cars.

I see no reason to go to regular systems of music and action that comes standard with your car when you pick up at the dealership. In the current market offers a wide range of options, all with a great noise when car accessories. Providers such as Pioneer, iPod and other audio systems have for your car at all price ranges. With a decent audio system installed in a vehicleyou can finally have the audio experience you deserve and if you're a music lover, I would say it is a requirement for it.

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Dolby Digital AC3 and DTS with SPDIF on VISTA

It is a short tutorial, a possible configuration, which makes the detection of AC3 and DTS audio receiver. We recommend you install it before: the codec DivX and Xvid codec, even if they are present in the community of cargo. This configuration is possible and has worked with my Realtek HD Audio (ALC888 Audio Codec)

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My Audio Epuipment Part 1

The first part to my tour of all of my audio equipment.

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Home Theater Tips

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Building a home theater can be a challenge, here are a few tips that may make things simpler.

Keep it simple

You don't need to start out with the best of everything, start out simple and then build on what you have. The cost of everything electronic is dropping every day so you can save money by waiting until you really need that motorized screen or those expensive speakers.

Use a flat white wall for a screen and add curtains later for a nice effect. If you purchase a screen, you may find that you are locked into a fixed format or screen width. With a wall you are only limited by the walls on the side of the theater.

Plan ahead

If you are placing anything behind walls, be sure to use the highest quality, so that you are not tearing out walls to replace inferior cables. Install DVI or HDMI cables of the best quality to be sure that you are compatible with current and future products.

Locate the controls at a convenient location. A control console next to where you are seated is nice, or if you are planning on using a remote, be sure that the receiver is in front of you so that you are not turning around to change channels or the volume.

Think about the seating and how many people you want in your theater at any one time. you want everyone to have a perfect seat. avoid placing seats too far to the sides or behind one another. You will need at least twelve feet of width to accommodate four comfortable chairs.

If you planning a large theater with more than a few rows consider stadium style seating to ensure that everyone has a clear view. A sunken floor would be best, where you enter from the rear and walk down to the front row. If you have a basement with 10 or 12 foot high ceilings, build up the floor leading to the theater and then ramp down to the screen area. Be sure to keep the crawl space well ventilated and dry. This would also solve the problem of routing cables and power.

Avoid a room with windows or block them completely. Provide control lighting for the walk area that does not shine onto the screen. Rope lighting is great or even night lights evenly spaced.

Projector or large screen display?

I like a projector best for cost savings and better overall viewing. 1080p projectors under $5,000 became available in 2006. Some even ship with a spare lamp which will be the largest expense to maintain your theater. HDMI inputs are a must for any new equipment you install.
With a projector and a dark room you can create almost any size viewing screen you like, just don't sit so close to a large screen that you have to keep turning your head to catch everything.

Plasma TV screens have wider viewing angles than LCD flat-panel televisions. That means you can sit at more of an angle and still get the best picture. With most TV technologies, including plasma TV, the picture stays the same from virtually any angle. With LCD TVs', however, sitting too far to one side will result in a loss of brightness. 50 inch screens are about limit for Plasma TV screens at the present and the heavy weight should be considered when mounting to a wall.

In the near we will have Organic LED displays (OLED) which should be light, emit light like the Plasma and come in just about any size. These screens are just now showing up in small hand held devices and laptops. SONY has announced a 27-inch Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) capable of Full HD (1080p) performance in what SONY calls a "razor-thin" form factor.

A final nice touch would be a central control panel for all of those remotes. Try mounting all the remotes in a box with the front open for the IR light and clamp it to the side of your favorite chair. Use foam to cut out recesses for the controls so that the buttons are flush with the top of the box.

Try to keep your theater flexible and don't lock yourself into a small screen or older analog equipment.

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Pure Digital Evoke Flow DAB Radio: First Look review

Pure Digital Evoke Flow DAB Internet Radio, is this the answer to all you radio needs...

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