Scosche BlueLife defined: Digital transmission via Bluetooth

Scosche Industries, a leader in electronics accessories mobile market, presents its award-winning BlueLife - bringing you a new line of Bluetooth accessories that allows wireless control of your iPod/MP3 player. Kas Alves, vice president of marketing and sales, Scosche Industries, explains the basics behind the revolutionary products Scosche BlueLife. The Scosche Bluetooth transmitter connects directly to the headphone output connector of the iPod/MP3 unit and transmits to a Bluetooth devicereceiver connected to the auxiliary input of the head unit of a vehicle or a home audio system. Unlike other FM transmitters or RF remotes cable, wireless technology transmits digital audio Scosche continues with a streaming CD-quality sound to your car or home audio system. BlueLife can connect to automotive aftermarket or units of the head of OEM. BlueLife includes features hands-free mobile phones with Bluetooth capabilities allow users to listen to your music and answer cell phone callsfree hand in their cars. The speaker microphone is included with the phone kit Scosche BlueLife. Kas explains the simple installation of a point of unity and BlueLife shows outside of the box solution. Scosche Bluetooth Wireless Interface at home will allow anyone to listen on an iPod or MP3 player with CD quality sound through a digital audio system. The transmitter can connect an unlimited number of recipients. Scosche receiver is powered by an included 110ACpower ...

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Unboxing Pioneer VSX-820-K

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THX Ltd. (George Lucas Co.) apocryphal statement was contrary to absorb in this video! WTF!

MP3 ► SamTunes.NET ► ► ► Twitter website http ► Subscribe THX http ► Claim FALSE - unfairly blocked the video by saying that the use of audio, and "his" THX ... which are not and never has been a part of this video. This is an excellent example of the theme of the video. We resent THX for their ignorance, their threats and lack of professional care. Is not the first media company to abuse of the DMCA and disturb the users in order,Sat particularly long YouTube partner! Disclaimer: All the words in this text are the Webmaster Sam Harris Sam Harris and, as the Webmaster had to deal with them unfit for months without resolution. He took a final demand to see the video we are in danger. Moments later, he saw the abuse of power they thought they had. THX has never apologized or offered anything in return, in response to their actions ignorant. This video wasPosted on February 1, 2008. Almost eight months later, THX Ltd. decided to simply choose the video to the collision, as their property, and action to make a strike against our YouTube account as a violation of copyright. THX a statement it had used its contents. It is obvious that even saw the video. We would also like to add that there are hundreds of videos on YouTube for "dramatic lemur" only with the THX audio, as an example. And, of course, they are all stillactive. So ...

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Yamaha RX-V365 receiver and the apostle of review activity


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Sony stereo system Technics double

This is a stereo system in 1976, containing a Sony receiver, tape deck Technics 1977 and a pair of two speakers.

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Technics SA-1010 Stereo Receiver

It's a beast. 125 watts per channel into eight ohms. Power to ensure that everyone on the block to know where the party is. ;-) I do not know how many have survived until today, how many did or what they deserve. I saw a couple up for auction - including a unit on black - all the time this video was downloaded. This dates from about 1983. I bought this on eBay, we thought it was less than ideal conditions and worked to fix from time to time. Even intheir state of degradation, that sounds good and has no problems running things in great imprudence. Fixing it will take some time, is quite complex, as in any of the wiring circuit preserves circuit. And there was damage in transit process and - at some point the expansion of the adjustment rule space and a slide came loose. The seller offered to do the right thing. I said "forget." There is hope, yes, mostly the work, so why reallyangry? More seriously, it has a digital tuner, high quality computer training unit redesigned with discrete output transistors, a large number of connections to your computer and a "Space Expander" look stylish stereo expander circuit that processes the sound to sound like the speakers are further apart than they really are.

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Onkyo HT-S5300 7.1-channel home theater

Foundation Product Description Ideal for immersion Onkyo Home Entertainment has built a reputation for advanced features and performance more affordable for tight budgets, the fans of home entertainment. Take as a typical example, the HT-S5300 package receiver and speaker. At the heart of this 7.1-channel system has an A / V sports four HDMI 1.4 inputs in the past - enough for all your HD sources. HDMI 1.4 offers compatibility with the 3-D videoan audio channel and back. With the HT-S5300 can also adjust the setting up of a hand superimposed on the screen. The receiver offers a wide range of connectivity options, such as a front entrance for portable devices and a universal port for connecting a cable from the included dock for iPhone / iPod. High quality Burr-Brown DAC to ensure the original analog conversion of all digital audio sources, including HD audio formats from Dolby and DTS. IIz and Dolby Pro Logic gives you the opportunitya new height of the package, including the configuration of channels 7.1 channel speakers. HDMI 1.4 Support for 3-D video and Audio Return Channel Four HDMI 1.4 inputs on the HT-S5300 A / V receiver at the same time allow you to connect HD sources like Blu-ray player, game console, and. Cable / satellite receiver at the beginning and then send a signal connected to your pristine high-resolution display. As the latest version of this connector, HDMI 1.4 adds the exciting possibilities of 3-D...

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Pioneer Workshop # 132: iPod audio receivers in the MVH

Learning to control and access the audio from your iPod / iPhone via line MVH Pioneer receivers on the board.

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Junos Pulse: SSL VPN on the iPhone

Layer 3 SSL VPN for iPhone iOS4. Currently in beta, to be published in the IVE 7.0R1 this summer. Compatible with any IP-based application, including Citrix Receiver (Xen), PocketCloud (VMware VDI) EZDesktop (RDP) client Acrobits SIP, and more! Despite the choppiness, the video was all one take (third attempt too!) And the sound was made later (also one to take) for those interested. ps. If anyone knows how to get better video quality (the original is very high quality) from YouTube and iMovie PressMe Up!

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Nexus - rozpakowanie Pudelko, unboxing, testing, analysis -

The specifications of the Nexus One Android phone equipped with 2.1 and mobile platforms with the following specifications. For the location of most of the features of this table, see patterns and phone accessories. Physical Dimensions Height: 119 mm Width: 59.8mm Depth: 11.5 mm Weight: 130 g with battery, 100 grams without battery Qualcomm 8250 processor at 1 GHz QSD storage flash memory: 512 MB RAM: 512 MB microSD card 4 GB microSD card included (expandable to 32 GB) Display 3.7-inch (diagonal) WVGAAMOLED touchscreen 800 x 480 pixels Contrast Ratio 100000:1 typical 1 ms typical response of the power and speed of the battery is charging at 480mA 1400mAh removable battery via USB, from time to 980mA charger supplied 2G Talk: Up to 10 hours of talk time on 3G networks up to 7 hours Standby time on 2G: Up to 290 hours standby on 3G networks up to 250 hours of Internet use on 3G networks up to 5 hours of Internet use over Wi-Fi up to 6.5 hours Video playback: Up to 7 hours Audio playback: Up20 hours UMTS band cellular and wireless 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900) 2Mbps HSUPA 7.2 Mbps HSDPA GSM / EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) Wi-Fi (802.11b / g) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Bluetooth A2DP stereo external volume buttons and controls physical physical power button up / down Tricolor click wheel is smooth four illuminated buttons (Back, Start Menu, Search) haptic feedback connectors, sensors, indicators and Audio 3-pin Dock , 5 mm, 4 - pilot headphones SIM card slot for microSD card slot Micro...

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Marantz SR7005 Home Theater

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Kenwood DNX7140 (DNX 7140) Double DIN Receiver with Garmin Navigation and Bluetooth

Get yours! Kenwood still does. In addition to its range of new navigation units on the map is the DNX-7140. Is the new 2009 model of the DNX7120 and has incredible features. Garmin fans will be pleased to know that comes with Garmin dnx7140 integrated unit. It also has Bluetooth Parrot. The control is simple and easy to use, like other navigation units Kenwood. The screen is bright and clear. With iPodcable, the iPod control is very fast and displays all the information you could want. This is one of the navigation unit double-DIN best we've seen come to our office! Home:

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A brief history of car audio

Image :

The car audio system has been influenced by the last two hundred years. As technology has changed, amended to reform, the car audio system has transformed.

The first influence on the car audio system has been the radio. Invented in 1900 (around the same time cars became popular), but did not get the commercial status until 1920, when the first commercial boom has taken place. In 1922, a historic day for the car> Sound System, George Frost was the first to experiment with the car radio with his own car from Ford. Then in 1925, shared first place in a car, which was followed in 1927 with the first mass produced car, the TH-1 transitons.

In 1930, two brothers famous American producer, Paul and Joseph Galvin made the 5T71, which was to be the brand name "Motorola". Worldwide, Blaupunkt in Germany has installed its first car radio commercialCrossley in 1932 and the United Kingdom have begun to adjust from 1933.

To 1950 AM radio in the car was common. In 1952 he introduced the FM radio, the first car from Blaupunkt. FM popular music was not fully available or at least until a decade later. The 1950 was a time of great change for the car audio system, as the search button has been presented - a button is always available in the car audio systems today.

Players saw the band reach the 1960the car audio scene. Coil tape was the first arrival, however, its volume is such that they would not be popular. In 1964, Phillips invented the compact cassette and Lear invented the 8-track cartridge, in competition with it. The 8-track tape made its way in 1965, Ford cars, but not until 1970 that the compact cassette elbowed their way into the car.

The 1970 and 80 FM radio stations have become extremely popular, however, AMresponded by offering more radio talk shows and sports channels to its listeners. the car radio has finally expanded to give their listeners more freedom of choice. In 1982 - a very important event occurred - the compact disc or CD Sony and Phillips was invented, it would be added to the car audio systems in 1984 for the first time. Following this, audio CD changers appeared in the vehicle systems.

The years that followed, I replace the CD tape, DVD and MP3 whichintroduced on the market for cars. In recent years we have used Bluetooth technology to connect our cell phones (smart phones) to our car, which is useful for not only entertainment but also for practical reasons.

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Details: Sony receiver STR DN1010

Check the receiver Sony STR DN1010 If you want the latest HDTV immersive experience, look no further than the Samsung HDTV Series D-7900. This 1080 progressive and active 2D 3D display using shutter glasses, all in 3D and is capable of converting 2D to achieve exceptional image quality. The thin frame give the viewer a picture with almost the bottom. In addition, this TV is only 1.2 inches deep. In addition, Samsung TVs allow you to search TV programs and movies smartsurf the Internet, explore the applications of Samsung and chat with friends. Finally, this HDTV comes with integrated WiFi and remote with a full keyboard.

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Best AV Receiver Yamaha

Yamaha RX-V471BL AV receiver (Black) Yamaha RX-V371BL 5.1 receiver channel audio / video (Black) Yamaha YHT-695BL full home theater 5.1 channel system www. Yamaha YHT-595BL complete 5.1 channel home theater Yamaha RX-V671BL AV Receiver (Black)

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Rocketfish - Wireless Audio Transmitter and Receiver Units

Enjoy Rocketfish wireless transmitter / receiver to your music wirelessly with the rocket Rocketfish RF-transmitter RBAUX up / receiver. This acts rocket up the sender / receiver as a wireless transmitter or receiver, so you can send and receive audio speakers, audio and home theater systems. The rocket RBAUX Rocketfish RF-up the transmitter / receiver can transmit audio up to 45 meters, and supports audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It even features a 42W x 2 speakerspower amplifier, so the sound is given a new impetus during transmission. Box Contents * Rocketfish RF-rocket receiver pulser RBAUX * 6 '3 .5 mm auxiliary cable * 6 'RCA audio 3.5 mm stereo adapter * Remote * Power Supply * User's Manual Manufacturer --- ------- --------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------ ----------- amplified Rocketfish Rocketfish RF Wireless Audio Receiver RBREC wireless audio receiver is amplified over the RocketfishRF-RBAUX, radio frequency or RF-KIT-RBWS02, which connects most of the stereo speakers with L / R analog audio inputs for a wireless setup. Rocketfish RF-RBREC The amplified wireless receiver can receive high-definition audio up to 45 meters, and supports audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Box Contents * Rocketfish ™ Wireless Audio Receiver * Two wire cables amplified 3 'remote speaker * Power * manufacturer's manual

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The Best Car Audio System

Image :

Choose the best car audio system that works for your car and your style can be difficult. You must plan ahead before you buy because they do not spend a single dollar to the trial and error. Start by just imagining the look you want and try to research the audio output and audio quality you want for your car. To help, here are some tips on how to choose the best sound system.

Check your receiver on the map.We always see how much space you have and how big should your car stereo system should be. Buying a system that is too large can cause a big headache on your part any purchase of a car audio system that is too small will cause many problems like this. Always act and ask questions about the best audio equipment for your car.

Look for good amplifiers. The amplifiers are the ultimate tool to make your sound system to work together and work together. They contribute toclear sound and audio and to eliminate unnecessary noise and distortions that have audio. The most important is that a more powerful amplifier, and more control you have to modify and improve the sound. Make sure you get the best amplifiers available from your amplifier can directly influence the speakers. Amp bad quality can damage the speakers sound. Try to find a good location for your amplifier, but must be in a cool, dry place with sufficientventilation and air circulation. Make sure the power cord, ground cable, RCA and tools like a drill and a bone folder if you are installing.

The unit head is the aesthetic aspect of your sound system on the dashboard. Today, it is best to stay away from old cassette players and start looking for the head units that play the CD, MP3, DVD and later the provision of media platforms. Once you see a unit that is versatile and aestheticthen you can go ahead and buy it as part of the dashboard and is compatible with other components of your sound system. There are many features available in the latest head unit, all designed to keep the driver focused on the road and make adjustments to their systems as less complex as possible. head units can be programmed to automatically adjust the volume of the car speeds up or slows down.

Touch screen panels are availablebig buttons and big screens so you do not have to look at the adjustment.

Other factors in choosing the best car audio system so that there are speakers, tweeters, subwoofer and a remote system. Help improve its sound quality and increase the treble and very little added. Look for the latest models and ask questions about the double cones form two or three lanes. Tweeters are a great way to further improve the noise up a notch. Using separate tweetersmay still increase. The subwoofers are also an excellent way to improve overall sound quality. They can take care of the sound quality of background music. Recommended if the music you choose to have a variety of instruments and range.

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Demo of Alpine CDA-9853 CD/MP3/WMA car w / motorized face receptor

Just a demo to see the menu screen, and the motorization of the population at eBay

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DISH Network Receiver Guide

Image :

DISH Network receivers have come a long way since the days when all he did was change the channels on satellite TV. Now you can pause and play live TV, record your favorite programs, and transmit their programs in HD (high definition). Here's a guide to the different receivers DISH Network and what they can do.

Standard DISH Network receivers

Besides changing the channels, networks, entry-level satellite dish has a program on the screen phone so you can see what is on television via satellite. It also has an interactive television that allows you to access news, sports, weather, games and customer service DISH Network. And it includes parental control locks which restrict the programs their children watch TV,

standard receivers are finally free DIRECTV satellite TV.

DISH Network's HD receivers

HD receivers have all the features of the standard> More receivers, you can watch your programs in high definition for more clarity, more realistic images available, and listen to digital audio programs like theater.

HD receivers are finally free DIRECTV satellite TV. You must have an HDTV to view HD programs.

DISH Network DVR Receivers

DVR receivers have all the features of standard receivers, plus you can play and pause live TV. You can alsostore up to 350 hours of your favorite shows on DVR hard disk and can record two programs while watching a recorded program

HD DVR receivers allow you to record your programs in high definition for a realistic picture and sound quality of the film.

DVR and HD DVR receivers are free at last from the DIRECTV satellite television. However, you must purchase the DVR service to record TV programs via satellite.


If you do notHDTV and do not want to record TV programs via satellite, the standard receiver is all it takes. If you want the highest image quality available and have an HDTV, then you have the HD receiver.

If you want to record your favorite shows, and the ability to pause live TV to answer the phone or get a snack, then continue watching when you're ready, you'll need a DVR receiver. And if you want the best of both worlds - a clear imagethe ability to record up to 350 hours of programming - then the HD DVR DIRECTV receiver is what the doctor ordered.

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Loud Car Stereo

Image :

stereo car radios are top producing very loud music, usually 140 decibels or more. Although top radios are a rage among the younger generations, are potentially harmful. Prolonged listening to music over 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss induced by noise. Loud music in cars can also make you aware of your environment and cause serious accidents.

Car stereo has been improved with the help of loudspeakers, subwoofers and amplifiers are available in anumber of popular models. Most recognized companies in the manufacture of car audio equipment and selling cars, loud noise of different frequency ranges and intensity parameters. Their advertising and promotion tactics have resulted in a number of young men opting for strong systems of car stereo. Loud car stereo became popular among the young generation of today.

renowned companies such as Blaupunkt, Sony, Kenwood car stereo amplifiers manufacturing various channels. These aredesigned to raise the car stereo system to new levels of intensity with minimal distortion. They can lead a subwoofer or a simple system for even greater volume. Loud car stereo can be very costly, with stereos costing up to $ 8,000.

The madness of loud stereos in cars has led to the sport of drag racing crude, which is gaining popularity. Here the participants compete head to head for a few seconds two or three at once to establish that the sound system is stronger.

In loudnessprescribed limits of quality music sound performance. Beyond that, the music becomes distorted. When installing devices to increase your car stereo, it is important to check the laws regarding loud music in cars in your state. There are many states in the U.S. that have strict rules about loud music in cars. Given the dangers of distracted driving, there are provisions for the imposition of heavy fines as well.

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Wireless Audio / Video Sender Review

That's my opinion for a One For All Audio Wiress sender / video I received from Amazon for $ 40 ... Good product works very well with satellite TV and high quality .... It does exactly what it says on the box .... Show me the video

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GPYES - Balada Rock

Check "Directions Musical receiver audio output new Sony video-dash navigation system with audio quality, better video quality in its class and a TomTom navigation system More info: ..

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Squeezebox Receiver Review

A review of the Logitech Squeezebox. Instead of buying the $ 400 Squeezebox Duet kit with "necessary" from Logitech remote, you can use the Net-UDAP receptor activation ( to activate the receptor independent of $ 150, Remote then use what you want - iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia N800 or N810, laptop, etc.

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Using an Audio Technica wireless microphone with a Canon HV 30

This video, presented by Gregg Technology Center at Eastern Illinois University, describes how to set up an Audio Technica wireless microphone to work with a Canon HV30 camcorder.

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Ethereal HDMWL1 1080p Full HD wireless transmitter

Get yours! video transmission up to 1080p with HDMWL1 Ethereal. This handy device has 4 different audio / video inputs on the transmitter and a single HDMI output on the receiver. It can transmit the signal up to 35 feet, making it ideal for any room in the house. Lose the strings and wireless technology! Home: Knowledge Base Blog Forums Sonic Sonic

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