Digitaler AUVISIO HD-SAT-receiver m. CI-Slot, USB-Mediaplayer/Recorder

Holen Sie sich und Qualität-HDTV bestechende-Funktion nach Hause Timeshift! Für Sie die Gelegenheit umzusteigen günstigste - Bright Satellitenfernsehen auf Qualität-HDTV bestechender. Immer mehr öffentlich-rechtliche und private pay-TV Ihr Publikum sender belohnen MIT hochauflösendem satellite TV. Alles, was Sie jetzt für die neue Fernsehdimension brauchen, ist dieser komfortable HDMI-SAT-receiver aus dem Hause AUVISIO. Dieser Sie begeistert Bedienkomfort exzellentem MIT cleverePremium Extras und Auflösung bis HDTV 1080i high. Zusätzliche zeichnet er direkt auf Ihren USB TV Sendungen auf Speicher Kapazität beliebig MIT. Sie auch nichts wirklich damit verpassen, bietet der für praktische High receiver die Funktion zeitversetztes Timeshift-Fernsehen. Sie können damit das jederzeit Laufende anhalten Später TV-Programm und der Stelle an weiterschauen Gleichen. Trotz Und wenn nicht die passende 3000 Programmplätzen bad Sendung ist dabei, einfach genießen SieIhre eigene Filme, oder auch MP3-Musik direkt vom USB Stick Photos external USB Festplatte der Oder. Kann doch einfach und ist viel zu Bediener: Neues Ihr HD-ist sofort Multitalent starklar: Die wichtigsten sind vorprogrammiert sender. Oder einfach starten automatische Sendersuche, noch ein paar weniger Possible anpassad Einstellungen an Ihre persönlichen Vorlieben. Sie sind schon der schönen neuen mittendrin in HD Fernsehwelt über satellite. * Alle für HDMI digital SAT-TV-undRadioprogrammer über ...

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Theater Home Buyers Guide

Image :

Having your own home theater is something for the whole family to enjoy, which can be great fun when you buy your home theater system setup. The biggest problem is most people do not understand the terms used and thus the creation of our Guide to Home Theater to the buyer.

Honestly, to say that most people are overwhelmed by the words used in electronic equipment such as AC3, aspect ratio, the bridge and the list goes on. Most of the term within the electronic home are confusing formore and really intended for technical purposes ... So do not get discouraged and give up. You can see our home theater dictionary for an explanation of terms used in home theater electronics.

The two most important in your home theater display is what is the quality you want and what sound you want.
By visiting your local electronics store can get a good idea to see the team about picture quality and sound and most vendors have theaware of any equipment that can transmit in simple terms.

Once you have opted for a practical system, you can buy at electronics store or visit the site where the best deals are made.

The items listed below are what we should be concerned about selecting a home theater system.

Video # 1 Choice of level of importance

1. Choose a TV at least 27 inches, preferably more to better integrate into your home theater area with plenty of spacecomfort and size of screen you do not need to squint to see.
Most larger TVs are cheaper than small TV today ... if you want the first time.

The items listed below are what we should be concerned about selecting a home theater system.

2. Flat screen televisions are the most common for good vision and glare is not LCD (liquid crystal display) and plasma displays are optional, it is a display technology that you can not play unless youtwo side by side.

3. Some TVs are equipped with DVD / VCR and we recommend buying a DVD / VCR as a separate component failure.

4. Rear projection TVs are available in widescreen TVs 42 inches or more, and it is an advantage in viewing quality.

5. DLP (Digital Light Processing) projection to bring more light from lamp to screen. It also offers better color uniformity over time - no burn-in, screen aging or color-shifting possible and it is recommendedDepending on the image clear.

6. HDTV (high definition) are on the way and will be the future of television and is recommended as a necessity.

7. HD Ready (HD Ready) is a compatible TV with high definition signal using a separate decoder.

8. Receivers AVR (see audio) to TVs are more related to audio, but they play an important role in the refresh rate of the screen to the video input for games, other devices and synchronizessound image. type of satellite receivers and others are HDTV.

9. DVD / VCR and / or play, and burn DVDs allows to separate the components, or all units in a unit called combined. Some DVD discs are compatible with Windows media such as CD / CD-RW drive to play music or display photos and music stored.

Sound Selection # 2 on the level of importance.

The sound is not as important to some compared to the basic home theater .... which is the imagesee.
TVs have integrated speakers that will be enough for most of us, but add some good speakers and sound quality.

Your home theater, or region plays an important role in how sound is interpreted relative to the acoustics of the room size, furniture, walls, curtains, carpets that absorb the signal. For example a long rectangle room with carpet will have a better sound from a square room with wooden floors.
I do not expect exact moviethe sound of your existing rooms, a theater that is specially designed for this purpose, unless the proposed construction of a special room. Whatever you decide you have better sound with the right components.

1. AVR control every aspect of your audio and video is the brain that takes the video portion then transmits the signals into sounds. April Receivers come in watts more separate channels to control and balancespeakers.

2. Speakers of all sizes and shapes and are a good investment if you want to optimize audio performance. The sound quality is determined by the power of electricity .. that is, the sound quality will produce more than 100 W of 50W. The potential recipient matches that correspond to the power of the speaker. Of all audio components and speakers are the most important of all the best we can.

3. Subwoofers increase the ability of seriousyour audio system. Not a necessity unless you like the sound of deafening explosions in an action movie.

4. Surround Sound provide theater-quality sound in your home theater, but it is an essential component.

Mini home theater system ("In A Box")

With a mini you need is the TV and installation is much easier to use separate components that may require hiring a professional. You can get a mini game with any item you want to includeDVD / DVR / VCR / AVR / CD, speakers, subwoofers, surround sound, etc. .. Systems are much cheaper in the cost of purchasing the components separately and disadvantages are that it may be limited in what you can do if you want to go further on how to add video games, etc. The mini speakers home theater extra, essentially, to run the components included in the kit and if you want to add may not be able to. Another drawback is that it may be sacrificing superior video and sound qualitya lower price. Like anything else is not good drama mini-houses and other senior ... It would be better if you go this route.

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Double Din Car Radio - Your car full multimedia experience

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Most cars sold audio system brand names are also producing double din car radio. All din car audio system has two non-regular in the dashboard that has all the features you can imagine.

Most brands that manufacture components and car audio receivers also have two din car audio as Alpine, JVC, Kenwood and Panasonic. Consider investing in digital technology built into your car stereo system in-dash DVD player, iPodiPhone and compatibility and Bluetooth hands-free connections.

If you want to buy free quotes for car audio, you can use to search Google or Amazon to find the options under the trusted brand for most car audio systems. If you can not find the system car stereo that you want, you can give your car stereo manufacturer preferred features you need.

double din car was more CD / DVD, AM / FM, USBslots that can read the USB device to connect and even built-in hard drive support allows you to play music from their usual source of pain without having to burn music to CD or DVD.

It is surprising to see double-DIN car systems are the touch screen. Most loans are full digital control and digital wireless remote control, Bluetooth and iPod, and it is surprising to see some systems Doul din car is the touchscreen. Most are ready for all DigitalRemote control features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and support for iPod and iPhone. This allows you to have your GPS receiver board own or just watch movies on your control system of double din car.

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Sander and video podcast episode of receptor-4 Tonstudio / Gesangsaufnahmen!

Anlässlich unserer EP wiring Cubeaudio die bei Göttingen und aufnehmen MIT Markus Gumball Co. yesterday einen kleinen haben Podcast wiring, oder auch eine Dokumentation von den Aufnahmen von Gesang-Sander, Marc von der 2 Tage lang begleitet wurde mit der Videokamera. Viel Spaß!

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Denon FACE-German

FACE by Denon. Perfektion 360 °. Der neue Blu-ray/DVD-Surround-Receiver upscale. PIERRE Hintergrundmusik die stammt von der Aufnahme von Ola Gjeilo North Country Rose. Besuchen Sie für Weitere Informationen view the entries.

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Security MobiWee (Phone-Lock/Wipe Search Data-Certificate-Encryption/Decryption phone)

This feature allows you to remotely identify the location of your mobile device in real time. The process is very simple: 1. Log in to your account 2. Select the phone number to your device. 3. Click on the icon to locate my camera. 4. The map indicates the last known position 5. Click now to find my device to identify the new location of your mobile device 6. If the device is outside the scope of GPS coverage, the customer places the MobiWee device once it is within the scope andas shown on the map. The device must have a GPS receiver, and the client MobiWee must be installed and run on the device to any request to succeed. MobiWee is a set of free public services available to Mindows Mobile, Android and iPhone platforms with thousands of other works such as Blackberry and Symbian. Contact Manager: This service allows you to add, delete, save or restore contact on your device from any browser. This service is simply a convenient way to view allcontacts at a time and is especially useful if you lost your phone or upgrade and do not want to go through the trouble of saving each contact in the SIM card. File Manager: This service lets you see all your files and folders on your phone so you can upload or download to your computer or device. This service supports ring tones, music, video, photos, text documents, in fact anything you can imagine. SMS service: it lets you copy, paste, send and receive SMS messages...

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ICOM IC-RX7 scanner

ICOM IC-RX7 Receiver second video to show why you should not buy one of these scanners, a question on the first video made the problems are in the band or all bands and the width seems to be that I tried different settings without WFM joy, this video shows both VHF and UHF, right next to him and how he whistles rx poor and the poor design of the audio amplifier and having to have his right to ULL, among others, the car can not be used as road noise drowns out, do not buy an iICOM challenge to see that I am wrong and replace it with a good bet that you can not

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The distribution of high definition audio and video multi-room home

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The advent of video and audio, high definition has produced new challenges for the custom installer. Traditional methods of the chamber and the multichannel audio video based on analog technology - the dissemination of component video audio to multiple rooms, allowing a good sign too, and flexibility. With the advent of HDMI, driven mainly by the owners of copyright, it became more difficult. Now digital devices to exchange keysdesigned to ensure that the content is featured on the screen, not recorders. This resulted in the custom installation market a little headache, the night sky fell connections component of the definition receivers high and customers are still expected to distribute and blue ray around their houses.

The good news is that many systems have been created to allow this to happen. Crestron just released their digital media solution that takes any number of analog and digitalinputs and is available in high definition to a maximum of 16 rooms. HDMI standard allows implementations to two "jumps" that your DVD player can simply move your home theater receiver to your LCD or plasma. In the world of custom installation can have a DVD player to go to several rooms in a house at the same time and over long distances. This allocation should be transparent for the owner and no loss of quality. The Crestron system thus regenerate keyeach item to ensure you are ready and waiting when the devices you need - saving tedious waiting as handshaking devices has become a common practice worldwide HDMI. Crestron took the issue of distribution as HDMI and beyond - a central matrix accepts all its inputs (analog and digital) and distributes video and audio over Cat5e / 6 or fiber to the receiver room. These receptors allow high-definition video and up to 7.1 surround soundmust be presented and even allow USB to be returned to the central area - ideal for games consoles or PC! As if that was not enough room controllers also contain RS232 to control display devices and closed contacts for monitoring plasma lifts and other devices.

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Top Performing Video Monitor Review - It's actually a digital wireless surveillance

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The portable digital LW2002W Lorex Color LCD Wireless Surveillance System is as effective as a baby video monitor because it is a surveillance system. The Lorex LW2002W with the latest digital technologies to avoid interference, "frequency hopping spread spectrum" using technology system that ensures privacy and without interference from devices such as cordless phones, wireless routers and microwave ovens.

As a parent you realize the benefits of being able to see and hear Baby is a good investment for a baby video monitor. More Accident wake your baby when you go see if your baby is asleep or awake, as the monitor. From the standpoint of safety, with a single monitor audio, really would not be able to tell if the covers had moved and covered her face with her baby, the benefits of a baby monitor video is priceless.

The quality of the video screen and features:

Excellent > Video, you can see on the 2.4 "LCD screen. The transmission range is 450 feet. The device has the ability to display images in low light or total darkness. The unit comes with a power adapter, rechargeable battery and support. The volume on the screen can be adjusted using the up and down arrow keys. A feature of this video baby monitor is that it can withstand an additional 3 cameras (4 in total) have already been paired with> Receiver. That's fine if you want to order a second child in another room or even the use of another camera in front of your house like a surveillance camera. The disadvantage of adding more cameras is that they are quite expensive, about 80% of the initial purchase cost of the system.

Audio quality:

Crisp, clear sound is what you get from the video baby monitor LW2002W Lorex. It has a sensitive microphone lets you hear all the sounds of their youngbaby if you choose too. If background noise is below a certain level, the sound is off, then when the sound in the room (crying reaches this threshold, the sound comes back. It is designed this way to avoid the white noise (breath sweet), however, seems to be the most unpopular feature of the video baby monitor Lorex many parents prefer the sound to be always on the volume adjustable.

Additional features:

The Lorex PV2002w baby video monitor is very easy to install, it only takes a few minutes. There is an "Out of Range" notification message that alerts you when you get the camera and monitor / receiver too far to connect with a strong signal.

The camera image can be viewed as a split-screen television using picture in picture. This enables you to watch TV and see your baby at the same time. The system also works with a recording device or a DVRVCR.

There are only a few critical comments made on LW2002W Lorex Digital Wireless Monitoring System when used as a video monitor for baby, the principal is unable to keep her constantly, otherwise you can get audio commentary , so do the portable monitor near the camera, however, is the norm for any sound if the receiver is too close to the source. Third, the battery life is a bit poor.

Overallthis is just a slope, video surveillance disguised as a baby affordable surveillance system. Average customer 4 * 5 *.

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Universal Remote

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Universal Remote are replacing the remote control units are branded with electronic gadgets such as DVD, VCD, VCR's, televisions, stereo components and cables. It is designed and coded to carry many electronic devices.

These remotes are handy with various electronic devices with various remote controls. You can keep these separate settings remotely and just use a universal remote for all your gadgetsfunctions.

Although all wireless systems is in line with a universal remote control device manufacturers usually provide a catalog of models and brands that can be encoded. Knowing the cataloging and control codes are implemented by the responsible person, a universal remote that can copy and perform the functions of the controller initially issued.

Different brands and manufacturers of electronic devices to use different control codes. There are IR remoteare pre-programmed codes for more than an order of the brand that allows them to perform several types of electronic units of manufacturers or brands. For example, if your home entertainment system features characteristics of three different brands or manufacturers, you can choose to use three different remotes to operate the system or you can just use a universal remote. You can also put additional functions to a universal remote, but you must know the command codes forelectronic system to run. Usually get these codes in the manuals of the hotel.
What are macros?

Macro is a chain of command should come one after another by the push of a button. In general, macro functions and activity control. It can be systematized so that the user presses a button to expose all sequentially.

There are remote controls that provide pre-programmed activities and other commands allow the unloading of macrosNet

What a control learning?
Distance Learning receives and stores the codes sent by another remote. It then sends the codes to manipulate the electronic device recognizes. For example, you have a receiver with pre-programmed remote, and you have a new TV with a universal remote learning. This includes learning remote and the receiver picks up signals from a distance, in memory of those transmission of the remote can control the learningreceiver also. Control codes should not be presented as distance learning and maintains traffic lights recalls another forward distance.

Some universal remotes high technology can connect to the USB port of your computer. With this, download graphic icons or command codes and the installation of software is possible. Although there are remote controls with the most technologically advanced approaches to enter commands, a large number of remote controls againuse the system to press the buttons. There are also remote controls that operate using a touch screen LCD and a joystick to control voice and direction.

Remotes are scaling functions, tools and equipment can be controlled. Several systems universal remotes designed for entertaining at home can execute fires Wifi-treated, and with a touch of a button, it will start a movie for you and at the same time, turn the thin light. Younow run their home entertainment systems, alarms and lighting with a single receiver. One of these days, you only need a remote that will cover all electronic devices in your home and work.

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HDTV popularity - How to buy the right HDTV

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This year alone, sales of HDTVs should reach 20 million. In fact, sales of HDTV is on the increase of all time, especially during major sporting events, and the fans want to enjoy the great game in all its glory HD! HDTV is available in various sizes and prices. Whether it is DLP, LCD or plasma, the choice can be overwhelming. Consumers are often confused about what to buy, because of their lack of familiarity with technology.

Studies show that nearly 60% of HDTV buyers arenot sure of the difference between LCD, Plasma and Micro-display. Many HDTV buyers take the time to research, but still need advice on the product that suits your needs and your budget. A guide for HDTV buyers can facilitate the task.

Cable companies have increased the demand for HDTV, as there are 17 channels that offer HD programming. In addition, HDTV prices have dropped considerably over the last year and the cost of sets low as $ 1,500.

Comcast announced that itsclient list agents HDTV has soared to 1100 and meet the requests and orders from customers. The company has also deployed technical HDTV in 1100 to assist in the creation of products in homes.

Terms of HDTV

HDTV - A new type of TV that combines the functionality of an HD-ready tuner and a HD screen. Almost all high-definition televisions "sold today use the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. HDTV tuner can receive analog and digitalin the air.

HD Ready TV - These sets of high-resolution screen one. They can accept digital transmissions if hooked to a separate HDTV tuner. HDTV-compatible format can be 16:9 or 4:3 aspect square.


One recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association shows that 71% of consumers polled plan to buy an HDTV shortly and planning and saving. However, the realitythe consumer market today is that shops have the exact number of qualified vendors who have a good understanding of the new technology.

Most are more concerned with making a quick sale instead of making it easier for consumers to understand what is happening. Translate words or explaining the complicated technology is never an easy task. This is where the purchase of specialized guides to high definition [] can be very useful and save you hundreds in buying the wrongtype!

This is a specialized guide to HDTV and potentially help save hundreds of dollars on purchasing the correct settings. It is difficult enough to explain the difference between HDTV and analog TV and is even more difficult to clearly distinguish the difference between EDTV and HDTV.

Setting up HDTV

When you decide to go HDTV you have time to become familiar with technology. HDTV settings usually consists of the following, ready for HDTV, receiver,the antenna and the HDTV service. HDTV Today, many already have a tuner, which eliminates the need to buy a separate box.


The DIRECTV HR10-250 high definition satellite TV receiver is ideal for those who want to enjoy HDTV broadcasts crystal clear viewing. The HR10-250 can receive and decode digital signals from DIRECTV transmits high resolution. The satellite receiver is also built in hardDigital Video Recorder player.

images of high definition programming feature rich in detail and fourth surround sound alive and vibrant. HR10-250 HD satellite receiver can connect to an HDTV-ready and the audio system.

If you're in the market to buy an HDTV, then I suggest you research as much as possible. HDTV Buyers Guide [] may be useful to give a more detailed explanation on what to watch and what to avoid!

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A comprehensive look at the Sony ES receivers

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Recognized for its expertise in developing, manufacturing and introduction of new electronic devices in the commercial world, Sony is proud of the film staff and exceptional home offers world-class. One of the newest additions to the company for its range of products is Sony ES receiver. This characteristic of the equipment and technologies that make it popular in the electronics industry.

Description and special features of Sony SM> Receivers

For those who want to improve the capacity of its audio-visual systems, home theater, you can still include Sony ES receiver systems. The sound system is very suitable for various electronic gadgets electronics company is developing first-rate. To improve the sound effects and graphics that consumers play on your PlayStation Portable from Sony or Sony PlayStation 3, you can connect gaming peripherals for the receivers. Anotherelectronic devices that are compatible with Sony ES Receivers iPod and portable DVD. In addition, the receivers are easy to configure, and use an interface that is similar to the PlayStation 3.

Sony ES Receivers

Sony ES receiver has three utility models interest, namely, the STR-DA3300ES, STR DA4300ES, DA5300ES and STR. To provide a good resolution, Sony STR-DA3300ES uses a video processor developed effectiveknown Faroudja Directional Correlation Deinterlacing or DCDi. In addition, the production of superb graphics, the model has several high definition multimedia inputs.

Another interesting and attractive model of Sony STR-DA4300ES ES receiver. This model uses the Advanced Audio and Video on STR-DA3300ES. In the presence of these technologies, the STR-DA4300ES is capable of supporting various audio formats such as Digital Theater System Top Audio and Dolby True HD Master Definition.

Finally, for those in search of receptors that is useful and appropriate for large areas, they can test the reliability and effectiveness Sony STR-DA5300ES. Consumers can connect multiple components in the receiver to have six tickets for high definition multimedia systems. In addition, the receiver is compatible with audio electronics such as MP3 players. It also has a digital cameraAudio watch the video -> Systems XM Radio.

Sony Receivers Advantage SM

Sony ES receivers have several advantages over the receivers developed and manufactured by companies other electronic devices. First, even without using the manual, people can set up receivers in the home theater system because it has a screen system that is similar to the video interface of popular games. Second, these receptors are consistent withaudio - video technologies such as satellite, cable and even Blu-ray. Finally, these products are easy to buy, because they are available from many electronics retailers worldwide.

For those who want to improve their home theater systems, you can always try the different models of Sony ES receivers, namely, STR-DA3300ES, STR-DA4300ES and STR DA5300ES. For more about the special characteristics of receptors, whichcan connect to the Internet, many Web sites offer information on these products. In addition, beneficiaries are reasonably priced and can be purchased online. With modern technology featured in these receptors, consumers will surely find these products useful and reliable.

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Home Cinema - budget saving ideas

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A home theater system, it can cost between $ 1,000 to $ 30,000 based on the quality of the equipment and the size of your home theater design. The tough economy that we know the majority of households have to make difficult decisions about what they want and what you can reasonably afford. Building a home theater is to put the family in the background in many homes until additional revenue is available for extras. " But a home theater do not break the bank. Thereresources and means to keep the cost of a quality system at a reasonable level.

Here are some tips for saving money on a new entertainment system.

1. Search the Web. There are several online sites that compare systems and costs. Some also offer unbiased reviews of products at different prices. Use them to help you decide which brands are to your budget.

2. Install the film itself. Custom installation is neededsome drawings for the theater, but many can easily make you careful planning. All wiring, cables and connections can be relatively easy to find if you follow the instructions.

3. Buy a floor model. A floor model is a piece of equipment that has been presented in the exhibition of electronic banking, but otherwise in perfect condition. This is a great way to get a quality product at a lower price. Talk to your sales representative models may be lookingget rid of to make room for newer versions.

4. Consider second-hand systems. Many audio / video enthusiasts to replace their home theater components every year or two to sell their new systems of relatively low cost. Consumers should be diligent in the performance of their product search, if you buy second-hand, as is usually no guarantee that he remains in these regions.

5. Take your time. You can save money by buying your hometheater components in a period of time. To wait and buy your TV and speakers and receivers that you have money and how potential deals or lower prices can save you 10-15%.

6. Consider a small television. It is hard to resist buying the biggest TV in the showroom. However, you can save lots of money buy buying a smaller screen. Even a few inches smaller can save hundreds of dollars. Remember, big TVs do not workevery room of the family anyway.

7. Buy fewer speakers. Two high quality speakers on the front of your TV will cost less than five or more speakers, and quality speakers even worse and a subwoofer can be more expensive. The speakers are easy to add to your system as funds permit.

8. Consider an extended warranty. For example, a major purchase usually helpful to have a solid warranty that covers you for 1-2 years, so you can be assured that your investment will last and thatthe vendor or manufacturer support. In case of problems, it can really save you money.

~ Ben Anton, 2008

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Add video to your car

Image :

The establishment of a mobile video system in a car is no longer exclusively for car enthusiasts, high rollers and rappers. Today, you're bound to see suburbanites and families with video systems integrated into their vehicles. They are a great way to keep children and adults entertained on the road, especially on long trips. It is sometimes difficult to find a radio station or music that everybody loves. It's a bit easier to find a great movie that is good for the whole family.Mobile is an affordable companion to any vehicle and instantly ups the entertainment value.

There are minivans and SUVs that come with built in video systems. For those who are not, it is easy to install in the car, truck or van. There are several reasons to have a video system installed in your car or buy a vehicle that has already installed one. We will discuss some of the reasons below.

The first reason is simply aentertainment value. The second reason is to brag a little, and the third reason is that video not only shows the video system, but can also serve as GPS navigation systems.

A video showing films can instantly make long trips more bearable. This is especially true if you have young children who grow restless and bored pretty easy. Instead of fighting each other for entertainment, they can watch a movie. This gives you a little peace andquiet for mom and dad. People can see all kinds of films and can respond to that in the car. That can mean everything cartoons, films and kiddy even those of a more adult variety. Another option is to use the video system for playing video games. This can keep busy and teenagers occupied for hours.

Having a video system installed in your vehicle can also help you show a little. Car and receivers in the car seat arevery impressive and you get a lot of positive traits.

For people who drive a lot or lost often and / or easily, video systems can also act as GPS systems. They can tell you exactly how to get to a certain place. You will not be lost and will not be a waste of time driving around, wasting gas. With gas prices being very expensive, methods that can improve energy efficiency are a big deal.

When setting up a video system, you will needthree main things. They include something for the audio. This could include wireless headphones, if you do not want to force everyone into the car to hear the film. You'll also need a monitor and give you a sort of media player. This may be a VCR or DVD. You can buy kits that have all these components, or they can simply give them the rights to a repair shop that you can select a video system and then install it.

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Why Upgrade your car speakers system?

Image :

In the 21st century, some people are not aware of the need to find the latest update of a personal computer. However, some people still lack the recognition that computers are everywhere. Any car owner who has a system speaker car has a computer inside the system.

As computer programs that control a personal computer, the programs within a control system car speaker of the device. These programs are in the unit. Often, an upgrade to the car speakersystem allows the owner of the car with driver at high frequency. This is one reason why you need to update a system of loudspeakers car.

Full recognition of the importance of updating a system speaker car comes easily to anyone who understands the role of the transducer. The sensor, ie a car audio speaker system car, performs the conversion of energy. The transducer converts electrical energy into the system cables sound energyThe passengers of the car wants to hear.

Converting electrical energy into another form of energy requires the use of magnets. When the sensor of a car with strong magnets, the speaker system will drive a car powerful speaker. Powerful magnets easily capture all the electrical signals and convert them into a strong and sound. When a team owner upgrades speakers car, the vehicle owner may apply magnets stronger in the transducer system.

Nowreview the role of speakers. The transducer converts electrical energy into sound energy. Using the cone speaker, car speaker that sends sound energy in the air. In other words, it produces the sound. Given the importance of the speaker system car, the vehicle owner may be reluctant to question the need for regular updating of the system of car speakers.

For the same reason the vehicle owner must promote rapid improvement and speakers disorderlysystem. The speakers should be linked to either a receiver or amplifier. Therefore, the person performing the upgrade must ensure that any new speakers have a power that corresponds to the receiver or amplifier.

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Need a motion simulator for home theater system

Image :

So you have money can buy the best film. He has a giant screen. It has Dolby Digital surround sound. What might you need to make a better movie experience and become more involved in the action. The answer is, you need a motion simulator that is synchronized with the onscreen action.

In both people and the movies have existed have tried to develop ingenious methods to overcome the barrier between the screen and the audience is everything. The sound was the first innovation. Ofthen we designed, but never implemented these strange ideas like "smellovision" or water jets or air blowing gusts of an audience to add a "look and feel of standard quality films.

If you've ever been to a theme park is known that the final effect of adding movies is movement. popular games such as Space Shuttle simulator synchronized movement combined with images of a space shuttle flight. The feeling is that you are actually on the ship and experience allgut wrenching forces g. It's as if you were there.

Well, this sentiment is now possible in the comfort of your own home. home theater systems are generally used in agitators to create an impression of movement for the viewer. In the low low notes of the subwoofer to shake or rattle the impression of being involved in the action. This worked to some extent, but it has evolved from theaters to home earlier.

Now, there are devices that collect in low tones and controlactuators that can move from one seat to the noise. These types of devices range from simple devices that you can place behind your sofa to lift or move the couch in terms of noise, higher reality simulators that you customized servomotors in your favorite chair or sofa seat.

More sophisticated systems are literally hundreds of different movements. In some cases the movements specific to a particular film. The creators of the motion simulator to see the moviethen a movement program based on the action and sound. Create a new motion control software every month for the latest DVD offerings can be sent to you or download.

These movements are car chases, plane crashes and other action sequences come to life. It feels like you are a passenger sitting in the back seat.

As you can imagine some of these technologies can be very expensive, but if you want the best movie experience you want to make a motionsimulator at any time.

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Mobile Multimedia - a new record in the Alpine car stereo

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We all know that brands matter when purchasing car audio hardware. There are brands that are certainly more respectable than others. When you're in the store and offer choice after choice after choice, suddenly you feel overwhelmed on what has actually buy. But you can be sure of one thing, if you offer an Alpine car stereo you can not go wrong with it.

Alpine car stereo and electronics, founded in 1978, is a global leader in the industry of high performance mobileelectronics. They specialize in mobile multimedia, an integrated system approach incorporating digital entertainment, security and navigation for mobile entertainment.

Alpine car stereos are a new class of units to the convergence of high-performance audio, video, navigation and telematics in the form of mobile multimedia. Navigation systems act as a resource

ALPINE stereo programming mobile multimedia center. IntelligentTransportation Systems (ITS), DVD players, Dolby Digital Systems, the satellite digital audio radio, mobile data and wireless communication

through telematics devices will be fused with navigation systems to create a product platform. Mobile Multimedia integrates Alpine innovative audio, video, security and navigation, and

its new GUI for Drivers, human interface and information technology and communications.

To understand what the Alpine carMobile multimedia stereo, take a look at the IVA-D901 Alpine car stereo Mobile Multimedia Station / CD / DVD Receiver Ai-NET / controller. The IVA-D901 has 400% more pixels than a conventional screen in vehicles, which means it has 1.15 million pixel elements. It has 50W x 4 built-in power and 3 preamp outputs (4 volts), Satellite Radio Ready, a hard disk drive (HDD), and Alpine car stereo Navigation. Among its features:

- 7 "fully motorized widescreen

- 18W x 4 MOSFETAmplifier

- Built-in Dolby Digital / DTS

- Bass Engine ® Plus

- Subwoofer Level Control

- Center Frequency Control Bass

- Adjustment Bass Band Width

- Frequency Control Treble Center

- Subwoofer Phase Selector

Type - Under Control

- Fixed time digital 4-Ch

- 3 Position 12 dB Crossover October /

- MediaXpander (TM)

- SAT Radio Ready

- MP3 Text Information Display

- Quick Search Function

- CD / CD-RReproduction

- CD text, display text, scroll text


- SQ Tuner MaxTune

- 3 Auxiliary A / V inputs with remote entry

- Navigation specific entry

- Dedicated Camera Input

- 2 Auxiliary Monitor Output A / V

Navigation Audio Mix -

- 3 preamp outputs (4 volts)

- MM Driver (Hard Drive) Ready

- Ready MobileHub

- Driver Control Center DVD/CD/MP3 Changer Ai-NET

- "Art Digital Spectrum Analyzer"Show

- RUE-4190 Universal Remote Control Wireless Remote Included

If these all seems too much for you, Alpine car stereos also have more conventional head units to offer. The CDA-9835 Stereo Alpine Car CD player / player Ai-Changer Controller lets you fully customize both

lighting and sound, with a range of 512 colors and super versatile low engine functions like digital time correction and parametric EQ. You can download audio settings and connect andcontrol up to eight amplifiers. BioLite screen, the knob on the Menu button and make the operation very easy.

Like most Alpine car stereo units, it is also SAT Radio Ready, allowing you to listen to a lot more options than usual local AM / FM. You can choose from a wide range of musical genres, news, sports and talk programs with digital quality anywhere.

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Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM / FM Shortwave World Band Receiver with Single Side Band Home

The Sony ICF-dupla é um SW7600GR conversión Compact, microprocessor-controlled Books, synthesized frequency coverage portable receiver geral. Direct access tuning is provided with a multifunction digital display LCD for maximum accuracy and comfort (1 KHz in the wave of long wave, medium wave and short). direct access é O shield supplied with adjustment UN Set To insuperável Digital LCD multifunction modern facilities and Precisão (1 kHz setting passo em longa, media and wavesCurt). Just press the buttons to match the frequency you want to hear. sufficient pressure for the digital keyboard ouvir com a frequency match it claims. Manual adjustment and automatic memory scanning exploration is provided. Varredura manual and automatic e Memoria varredura BUT Lent. 100 memories are available for your favorite stations. 100 Memoirs São paragraph stands out as suas Estações favorite. These reports are not volatile and therefore not lost during thereplacement battery. Memórias e não são voláteis CES, portanto, não sera lost one of Mudanças pilas Duran. The melodies SW7600GR ICF-150-29.999 kHz for solid coverage of the wave of long wave, medium wave and short. ICF-O music SW7600GR 150 kHz 29,999 longa two by a strong media coverage curtas and waves. Smooth single sideband (SSB) and Morse code reception is available via a separate switch with USB and LSB positions, in addition to the fine adjustment knob. Softsingle sideband (SSB) eo ...

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Sennheiser Wireless G2 series change

Damon Faulk talks on Sennheiser wireless

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Look closer: Onkyo TX-SR608 7.2 channel receiver OneCall Overall

The Onkyo TX-SR608 7.2-channel home theater receiver is the absolute ultimate receiver for your home. The device has received the THX Select 2 Plus certification, and for good reason: with 7.2 channel surround sound for 0.2-channel and a subwoofer, the receiver is equipped to provide the best sound performance to the market. There are six HDMI 1.4 and the device is ready 3DTV. The Onkyo TX-SR608 7.2 channel home theater receiver also has an input of a PC monitor, allowingconnect your PC to your TV. The video film processor DCDI all rates upscaling standard definition to HD 1080p. One of the best features is the function dynamic volume, which eliminates loud TV commercials, while dialogue easy to hear. You can not go wrong with the home theater receiver Onkyo TX-SR608 7.2 channel! Take a look:

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Transmit Clean Digital Audio with Digital Coaxial Cable

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In the world of digital audio, there are two types of cable to use with optical cables which use light to transmit signal and digital coaxial cable. These audio cables will enable your home theater system to transmit digital data between components. This will provide a superior sound quality over typical RCA audio cables.

How digital coaxial cable Works

digital coaxial cables using the same principles as other coaxial cables. Interiorconductive layer is surrounded by an outer conductor and the outer layer of rubber insulated cable. The digital signal is transmitted by the central driver that moves between components. During transmission, the signal is in regular contact with the outer conductor. The outer conductive layer is created with materials that act as a reflector of the signal, which bounce off its surface. The signal reflectsconfines of inner conductor until it reaches the receiver element.

Dedicated to digital audio

Digital coaxial cable has only one purpose, to deliver digital audio between components. It is in complete contrast to RF coaxial cable that transmits video and audio on the same track. As you can imagine, the dedicated bandwidth of the cable to send digital audio has ramifications for home theater sound from your excellentquality. This practice leads to greater signal fidelity between the transmitting device and receiving the component. increased signal fidelity means that the sound you hear from the home theater speakers are more faithful to the way they recorded the original sound.

Benefits of digital coaxial cable

Digital coaxial cable also has another benefit related to its dedication to digital audio. In the way the signal is usually the digital signalsource, a DVD, for example, is sent to a digital-analog converter (DAC). The signal is converted to analog and sent over the wire as an alternative to the place where the sensing element reaches the other side. This component uses an analog-digital converter (ADC) to reconstruct the digital signal to the extent possible. During this process, errors and variations can be introduced to the signal resulting from noise and distortion artifacts that reduce home theater soundquality.

Unlike other audio cables, digital coaxial cable can transmit digital signals along its entire length, without the need to convert to analog. digital coaxial cable can go through this process and provides a clearer signal from your home theater receiver.

Applications of digital coaxial

Digital coaxial cable terminals can be found in all kinds of DVD players to home theater receivers. If you use digital audiothen it is likely that there is a manufacturer that has made the digital component of coaxial cable in mind.

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DDX514 Kenwood DVD Receiver

Kenwood DVD receiver offers high performance audio and DDX514 friendly touch screen control.

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Do all wireless apostle abundant JBL!

Have you ever wanted to have high performance sound anywhere in your house, but could not get the speaker cables at this location? With the plug JBL WEM-1 wireless, high sound quality can be almost anywhere you want wireless speakers are long in your audio system. Come see how easy it is to high-performance solution is to integrate into your audio system. • Music around the house • Log in to almost any speaker system and surround speakers • Add tohome theater system without the hassle and expense of speaker cables running across the room • Connecting to your PC and enjoy your music collection anywhere in your home • Enjoy your music iPod or other portable music and transmitter • amplifier / receiver can be mounted horizontal, vertical or vertical wall • Wire management included for the receiver / amplifier • wall mount not included for the transmitter and receiver module

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Denon AVR-1709 receiver main auditorium + HDMI switching - AVR1709

Welcome to Dakmart.COM. You're looking at the Denon AVR-1709 Home Theater Receiver HDMI switching + - AVR1709 AVR-1709 features a powerful amplifier section seven channels that can be easily configured for a channel of 7.1 surround sound system speakers, or to make a surround sound system 5.1 in the main room, while at the same time able to drive a pair of stereo speakers in another room. It has video signal handling flexibility, the latest April-1709 has threespecification v1.3a HDMI digital video inputs and an HDMI output that handles HD signals at 1080p the highest resolution. This unit includes an onboard video up conversion, with three HD component video inputs for additional video signal handling flexibility. Two remotes are supplied to a main hall, and a second easy to use remote control for second zone audio. Details: - 80 watts x 7 into 8 ohms (20Hz to 20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD - Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES, Pro LogicIIx and DTS Neo: 6 - Laboratories Audyssey MultEQ "automatic configuration of six points and room calibration system (microphone included) - SIRIUS satellite radio capable (requires SIRIUS subscription optional SiriusConnect Home Kit) - integration with iPod (requires Denon ASD-11R, ASD-3N and ASD-3W) - Compressed Audio Restorer for better sound with compressed music sources like MP3 files - Audyssey Dynamic Volume mode to keep listening levels steady dual-room / dual-audio source -(With ...

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Equalizers Home Audio

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For your stereo or home theater system for its large can be frustrating, but it is a component that can really help your music and movie sound ... magic audio equalizer. An equalizer allows you to control different parts of spectrum. Being able to adapt certain "bands" or groups of frequencies to adjust the sound in relation to the system that plays in the room or played in.

An equalizer is liketone control in a home or car stereo. In fact, the tone control and EQ. Low adjusts the low frequency half adjusts the mid frequency and treble all the high frequencies. In this case, the tone controls do a 3-band equalizer ... low, medium and high.

Most have separate audio equalizer 7-band, 15 bands or 31 bands of equalization. The bands, the more control you have on the sound. In most cases, 7 to 10 bandsenough for a stereo equalizer. Note, an audio equalizer is generally separate controls for the left channel and right audio channel. Thus, a stereo 15-band equalizer is composed of 15 bands for the left channel and 15 bands for the right channel. Like most music and movie audio is already mixed and mastered, the adjustments you make in the equalizer must be made for both channels to maintain adequateimage.

The room from your stereo or home theater is in your system and how it shapes what will determine the best equalizer to your system and what is the best equalizer settings. A well-designed room and speaker placement good sometimes eliminate the need for an equalizer at all. But most stereo systems and home theater will require equalization.

Sometimes, the fourth its too "boomy". In this case, is reduced at low frequenciesmaking thud. Try to take some 250 Hz or 400 Hz and see how it sounds. The frequency bands are indicated on the equalizer. Each regulator will have a number that is the cursor of the frequency band is adjusted. After only a little time spent listening and adapting, you will be able to identify a frequency problem and an appropriate adjustment in the equalizer. Do the voices sound a bit weird? Try a drop of 2.5 kHz to soften the voice and get rid of this "horn", sometimeslisten to the voice frequency range.

Of course, the sound will change with every song and every movie seems a little different, but the addition of a home audio equalizer can "tune" the system to compensate for problems of acoustics and room to shape the sound of components to help others keep the sound as natural as possible, which should be your main objective to create a sound system.

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Home Theater Surround Sound and to what extent

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Buying a home theater has become commonplace in today's economy of conspicuous consumption. Car DVD players and automotive audio systems are also very popular. Improved technology has blown open the options in this industry. Now there is a knock-off for all budgets. A home theater these days usually consists of a high-definition television and high (HDTV), a surround sound speaker system, and some comfortable chairs.

The surround sound really makes the home theater feel like a movie theater. Surround sound fundamentals comprise at least two speakers in front of the audience and at least two on the side or back of the audience. The audio channel on the split function display formats modern audio channels designed to channel the different sounds around different loudspeakers based on the screen good home.

A receptor subtype amplifier receives all the sounds of several components and plays on loan. A> Receiver is equipped with video and audio pre-amplifier, surround sound decoder, the power amplifiers for each speaker and outputs for TV and speakers. The receiver takes the signal from the device (TV, a DVD player, CD player, etc..) You choose which signal component that wants to eat. The receiver then distributes the signal to the selected device.

There are several types of surround sound - analog, digital,Dolby and DTS are the most common. Dolby has several different options in home theater packages - most having to do with speaker size and placement. In fact, all differences between the home theater surround sound options to do with speaker size and placement.

Televisions with cathode ray tube televisions are considered direct vision, and have been the norm in the industry for some time. The advent of flat screen televisions with LCD (liquid crystal display) andplasma technologies are surpassing CRT popularity. An LCD screen is very similar to the screen of a laptop. Flat screen televisions are also light and thin, and you do not need lights or tubes in them.

projection technologies have enabled a whole generation of large screens. rear projection screens can use a variety of technologies, including cathode ray tube (CRT), digital light processing ("DLP), liquid crystal display (LCD) or liquid crystal on silicon(LCOS). Size, resolution and screen quality are the criteria to judge projection televisions. front projection technology to work more or less the same rear-projection units of work, except in front projection, the projector is not part of the business of television.

In addition to deciding what format you want a surround sound that best suits the TV technology of space, we also have to choose between digital television and HDTV. Soon all TV signals will be digital television, but only specializedHDTV and access for specific components for the additional resolution offered by HDTV.

There are many things to consider when establishing your own home theater surround sound system. Complete kits can be found for as little as $ 250 or even thousands of dollars.

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JVC KW-NX7000 review

A video I put together for on the navigation receiver new JVC KW-NX7000. I was very impressed by the kwnx7000 when you use it and thought I could show some of the characteristics.

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Nearly 212% Increase audio in 50 tests - with music from the PC

Onkyo TX-SR607EB, 7x140 watt, 7.2 channel 5xHDMI, black AV receiver. Specifications, audio increases Valla 212: Max Power 600 watts Frequency response 29 25.000hz Impedance: 4 ohms Drivers: 2 * 12 ", 2 * 6,5, Horn H * W * D - 119 * 34 * 40 cm Available colors: black cherry, Calvados - Everything is x2 because I have two speakers.

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