Direct about-face receiver - a demonstration

A video for those who haven't heard what a direct conversion receiver sounds like for amateur band reception. This is a tune across 40 metres with a homebrew direct conversion set. SSB and CW signals are audible. The receiver is a high dynamic range design inspired by Rick Campbell's R2. It is not single signal so you will hear the audio image when tuning across a transmission. The antenna was a half wave dipole and the test was done from a noisy suburban location.

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Samson Airline Micro Wireless Headset - Product Review Video

The Samson AirLine Micro uses a small Wireless Earset. The Air Line Micro from Samson utilizes the latest in lithium ion battery technology and small, high-quality audio. It represents a breakthrough that brings freedom and convenience to a new level of performance. The result is not only our smallest wireless system, but also our most comfortable, reliable and versatile system ever. The microphone is highly accurate for speech recognition. It is very good at noise canceling. Just a small step below the Sennheiser ME3 and Samson Airline 77. Unless you have a high background noise environment, you will not notice a difference. We supply the correct cable to connect to a computer. This cable is not normally included. This microphone is meant to be worn off the left side of your head. It can be worn off the right side but the Volume/Mute/Power button will not be easily accessible. We found it easy to bend the microphone boom to place off the corner of our mouth. All in all, we highly recommend this microphone for SR and Audio Presentation. To eliminate continually changing batteries, Samson has designed this UHF wireless system to be fully rechargeable, supplying lithium ion rechargeable batteries and USB DC power inputs for both the AH2 earset transmitter and AR2 receiver. A handy docking station for the receiver also provides a USB DC input and a 3.5mm balanced audio output. Because of these convenient recharging capabilities, the days of constantly changing the batteries ...

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1-CH Wireless Receiver + Color Camera + Audio -1.2GHz

Check it out at 1.2GHZ receiver and color camera wireless set with audio and video transmission and reception for a great low priced option for outdoor orindoor security. This wireless set comes with a high quality 1 Inch CMOS camera with built in IR lights for night surveillance and great angular field of view along with an easy to set up and use receiver withwireless channel tuner for getting the best reception possible.This wholesale security product has constantly been a popular choice withChinavasion customers due to its consistent high quality and low wholesaleprice.

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Top 10 Boss CD DVD Receivers - Best Buy Boss CD DVD Receiver

We make it easy for everyone who need information about Boss CD DVD Receivers here! Choose what best fits to your criteria for Boss CD DVD Receiver, and get FREE Discount Up To 67%! #01. Boss BV9995B In-Dash 7" DVD/MP3/CD #02. Boss BV9999BI Bluetooth-Enabled In-Dash #03. Boss Audio BV9562B CD/DVD Receiver #04. Boss BV9993 In-Dash DVD/MP3/CD AM/FM Receiver #05. Boss BV9982 In-Dash DVD/MP3/CD AM/FM Receiver #06. Boss BV8966B In-Dash 7" DVD/MP3/CD Receiver #07. Boss Audio BV9964B CD/DVD Receiver #08. Boss BV9560B 7-Inch DVD/MP3/CD Widescreen #09. Boss BV9360B Bluetooth-Enabled In - Dash Double #10. Legacy LDN7U 7-Inch Motorized Touch Screen

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Satellite Radio Superstore Current Promotions

Satellite Radio Superstore has current promotions on every SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio receiver! Please check out this video to see how you can save $30 off your purchase of any new receiver. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $50 making this the perfect time to buy your new satellite radio system. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter at:

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Wireless Digital Signage Distribution - CablesToGo Video and Audio The TruLink Wireless Digital Signage Distribution System (WDSDS) enables video with stereo audio to be distributed and synchronized wirelessly across multiple displays. The 802.11a/g wireless capabilities allow easy installation of digital signs in locations where running cables is difficult. For added flexibility, the WDSDS can be used in wired mode that utilizes standard Cat5/6 cables - ideal for situations where you need to place the monitors long distances from the media player. The WDSDS supports up to 32 screens wirelessly or can be used in wired mode to support up to 1000 screens. The high degree of flexibility and ease of setup allow digital signage displays to be placed virtually anywhere. The WDSDS can be used in wireless modes in two ways. It can be used as its own private network for simple plug-and-play setup, or it can be placed on an existing network as its own isolated segment. Because the WDSDS is ethernet-based, users can use their existing network infrastructure* and inexpensive off-the-shelf networking hardware. The Transmitter distributes data only to the network where Receivers are connected via the network interface select feature; this avoids distribution to other networks in order to reduce network traffic. Plug-and-play functionality enables the transmitter and receivers to automatically detect one another, and that makes installation and setup quick and easy!

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How to Make Your Sony 7.1 Receiver Support 3D Blu-Ray I have a Sony STR-DH810, and my father owns a Sony STR-DH710. I figured if either of us ever upgraded to 3D Blu-Ray, we'd have to toss the recievers out. Well, not anymore, as Sony has upgraded BOTH of the recievers (and probably a few others as well) to be fully 3D Blu-Ray compliant. But unlike an HDTV, the receiver has no USB or Ethernet connection, and no internal Wi-Fi, so how does the new Firmware get on the Reciever? You have to play a CD through it!

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How to Connect a Mac/PC to a HDTV with Audio

Twitter: (CLICK "SHOW MORE"!) Facebook: This tutorial video will show you how to connect a laptop (Mac or PC) to an HDTV to essentially use it a giant computer monitor. I also show you how to get the computer audio playing through the TV speakers or a stereo system and how to get the best picture resolution on a Mac. With the living room TV setup as a computer display you will be able to watch all you favorite movies, show slideshow of your vacation pictures and more on one massive screen. Enjoy the video and if you liked it please show your support by commenting, giving it a thumb up, and subscribing to my channel! If you decide to do it yourself here are just a few websites of where you can get the parts needed: Stereo Headphone 3.5mm Plug Splitter: HDMI to DVI Cable: DVI to Mini Display Port Adapter: Y-Adapter, Phono Jacks to Stereo 1/8" Plug:

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DigiSender 5.8GHz Video Sender Installation & Troubleshooting Guide

Download the DigiSender 2010 Catalogue An Installation & Troubleshooting Video Guide for all DigiSender models. DigiSender is possibly the worlds largest range of video senders. You can chat with us LIVE at

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crutchfield Nissan Versa In Dash Receiver Installationa

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Sony Ericsson w760a Unboxing + Hand's On

Specs: Product Type Cellular phone With digital camera / digital player / FM radio / GPS receiver Service Provider AT&T Width 1.9 in Depth 0.6 in Height 4.1 in Weight 3.6 oz Body Color Black Cellular Technology WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM Band WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Phone Design Slider Antenna Internal Vibrating Alert Yes Polyphonic Ringer Yes Call Timer Yes Conference Call Capability Yes Voice Recorder Yes Caller ID Yes SpeakerphoneYes Wireless InterfaceBluetooth Additional Features Melody composer Communicator Features User Memory 40 MB Messaging & Data Services Short Messaging Service (SMS) Yes Messaging Services Yahoo! Messenger , AOL Instant Messenger Service (AIM) Mobile Email Yes GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Yes EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates For Global Evolution) Yes Internet Browser Yes WAP Protocol Supported WAP 2.0 Included ServicesVideo Call JAVA applications Yes HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) Yes Messaging / Data Features RSS feeds , Mobile blog , XHTML Browser Multimedia Features Downloadable Content Games , Themes , Ring tones , Wallpapers , Audio files , Video files , Screensavers , Operator logos Digital Camera Camera highlights With a resolution of 3.2 megapixels, this camera phone will give you better pictures than other phones. Sensor Resolution 3.2 megapixels Digital Zoom 2.5 Organizer Alarm Clock Yes Calendar Yes Reminder Yes Calculator Basic Additional Timer Functions Stopwatch , Countdown timer Display Type LCD display Technology ...

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Audio-Technica Pro88W Unboxing

An unboxing of the the Audio-Technica Pro88W VHF wireless microphone system. Note both the receiver and the transmitter require a standard 9 volt battery

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ONKYO HTS-6100\HTR667 receiver HDMI chock-full working

I've been having issues with my receiver that came with my Onkyo HTS-6100 HTIB unit. The receiver is the Onkyo HTR667, similar to the TX-SR606. When switching inputs through HDMI, I get the error, "No input selected". First, it started with only the input where my xbox 360 was connected to. I assumed it was just the Xbox that was having the issue. Then, it started to happen to all of my inputs. Only the CBL\SAT input worked, which had my Motorola DVR. I took my receiver to get serviced on 10/13/09 and picked it up 10/19/09. I was informed that the HDMI card was replaced. According to the the invoice, these are the part numbers for the new HDMI card: "Part # 22242394R3 SII9134CTU Q8401" When I first connected my AVR yesterday, the inputs did not work for the first 30 seconds. I feared that the problem was still present. I power cycled the unit and then it started to work no problem. Today, 10/20/09, I powered on the unit with the input CBL\SAT selected and was able to watch a SD channel. I changed it to HBOHD, again the error, "No input selected". UGH!!! I turned on my PS3(input VCR\DVR), Xbox 360(AUX), and ONKYO DVD player(DVD) and none of them worked! Swapped back to CBL\SAT, and got sound from my Cablebox, but no picture. I am extremely disappointed in this AVR because I read great things about Onkyo. Mind you, every one at AVSForums agreed that their AVR's ran hot, but that was it. More and more, I am seeing that others are having the same issue. Onkyo better get its ...

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Sheogorath in Tamriel Pilot

Well this is my new video, it's called Sheogorath in Tamriel. Sit back and enjoy. No hating comments, and my specs are: Manufacturer: Acer Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9150e Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~1.8GHz Memory: 3838MB RAM Hard Drive: 984 GB Total Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4350 Monitor: HD-ready Flatscreen TV 66" Sound Card: Digital Output Device (HDMI) (High Definition Audio Device) Speakers/Headphones: Trust Headphones Keyboard: Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Mouse (IntelliPoint) Mouse: Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Keyboard (IntelliType Pro) Running everything (even ingame video settings) on the highest settings, HDR, 1280x1024 or 1024x768, depends on which screen I am using. Running at 20 - 40 FPS, depends on the area. Beauty mods: BTMod + Darnified UI Alive Waters Book Jackets Bravil Sea Domes Brighter Torches Harvest(containers) jauSheepRide Natural Vegetation, Water + Weather with darker nights HDR Oblivion Cats Open Cities Playable Sheogorath Mod Unofficial Oblivion (SI) Patch Female Daedric Helmet mod Ren's Beauty Pack Thank you, Bethesda, Fraps, Oblivion Mod Makers, A-New-Decade(newgrounds) and Hashakgig1106 (deviantart) for helping me making this video. *Part 2 delayed until further notice, because my Sony Vegas screwed up. Can't load my video's anymore. After I get Windows 7, will make it asap*.

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Does the Giver's Personality Affect the Deeksha? (audio)

‎"Humanity will transitation to a high state of consciousness around 2012 and at the Oneness University we will contribute in this Awakening by giving Deeksha." ~ Sri Amma Bhagavan Answer of one of the Oneness University Guides. The full question was: How does the personality of the Oneness Blessing giver affects the Blessing? If the Blessing giver is suffering from some kind of a negative state like fear or depression or whatever, is that going to get carried on in the Oneness Blessing and gets transferred on to the receiver? (The low audio quality is due to the teleconference standard.) More about Oneness at

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Pioneer Stereo Reciever active brace of Sony ss-f5000 and ss-b1000 arena Bass, i Love You

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Newegg TV: Dual Car Audio Newegg isn't just about computer parts -- today we're highlighting our car audio section with an overview of a few car stereo head units from Dual. We sent Javier out to one of Dual's distribution facilities here in Southern California to get some hands-on time with 3 units the XD6150, the XDMA6415, and the iPod-friendly XML8100. Dual XD6150 @ Newegg: Dual XDMA6415 @ Newegg: Dual XML8100 @ Newegg: - Credits - Camera, Editing & Special Effects: Lam Field Reporting: Javier Anchorpersoning: Paul Music by 1Left -

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DigiSender DG180 Installation & Troubleshooting Guide

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Closer Look: Yamaha RX-V367 and RX-V467 5.1-Channel Home Theater Receivers Overview by OneCall

Learn more about this product - Maximize the potential of your home theater with either the Yamaha RX-V367 or RX-V467 5.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver. Each receiver comes complete with four HDMI 1.4 3D-capable inputs (though you may need to download a firmware update from Yamaha's website). Both receivers also have 192 khz and 24-bit digital to analog convertors, which allows for the best sound quality on every channel. The compressed music enhancer on the receivers will take any stored music files from your computer or mp3 player and significantly increase their sound quality. Additionally, there's a mini-jack on the front of both receivers, allowing you to plug in any mobile music device. The Silent Cinema function allows you to plug in headphones to the receiver and watch TV or a movie without disturbing anyone. The 367 comes in at 100 watts per channel, the 467 at 105 watts per channel. On the 467, you'll be able to upgrade your 5.1 up to a 7.1! It all comes down to this: if you want a wonderful home theater experience, you can't go wrong with either the Yamaha RX-V367 or RX-V467 5.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver!

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UnBoxing Apple TV

Apple TV connects to your broadband router or network and earns its name by working with your lounge television, acting as a conduit to allow you to enjoy music and video from the internet. Updated, January 16 2009. Let's get one issue straight from the outset: the Apple TV does not play TV. Or at least, not your usual programmes from Freeview or cable and satellite stations. See also: Original Apple TV review See also: Apple TV Take Two review Apple TV connects to your broadband router or network and earns its name by working with your lounge television, acting as a conduit to allow you to enjoy music and video from the internet. Content can even be streamed from YouTube, and an onboard hard drive (40GB or 160GB) means video can be stored locally too. You set up the Apple TV by wiring to your television through HDMI or component video. Content comes to the device over either ethernet, or wirelessly by 802.11n. Beware though that the video output is tuned to 16:9 widescreen TVs. If you choose a 16:10 ratio 1920x1200 monitor, for example, the image will be slightly skewed. It works seamlessly with audio and video stored in your iTunes library on a nearby Mac or Windows PC. A wide selection of films and TV programmes can now be enjoyed in the UK, using the iTunes Music Store. You can also surf Flickr photo libraries. Video material can be either bought outright, rented for a 48 hour period; or both, depending on the film or TV programme in question. Much of the film content ...

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Simple VHF/FM receiver

Updated March 2010: to find the schematic Using one NPN transistor, one resistor, a handful of capacitors, and snippets of wire, you too can build this radio! It can tune around the US FM broadcast band, the aircraft band, and the lower VHF TV channels (audio only, of course!). It is basically a regenerative receiver, with a very weak audio output, hence the necessity of amplification. The parasitic capacitance of the transistor apparently plays a large role here, though I do not understand it well. Care should taken towards the placement of the parts and lengths of the wires used, as this will change the tuned frequency! Credit for the design is given to this video:

Recommend - Sony STR-DH500 AV Receiver

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Rocketfish - Wireless Audio Sender and Receiver Units

Rocketfish Wireless Sender/Receiver Enjoy your music wirelessly, with the Rocketfish RF-RBAUX Rocket Boost Sender/Receiver. This Rocket Boost Sender/Receiver acts as a wireless transmitter or receiver, so you can send and receive audio from powered speakers, audio players and home cinema systems. The Rocketfish RF-RBAUX Rocket Boost Sender/Receiver can transmit audio up to 45ft away, and supports most audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It even features a 42W x 2 high power amplifier, so your audio is given an extra boost during transmission. What's in the box * Rocketfish RF-RBAUX Rocket boost Sender Receiver * 6' 3.5mm auxiliary cable * 6' 3.5mm-to-stereo RCA audio adapter * Remote * Power supply * Manufacturer's Manual ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rocketfish Wireless Amplified Audio Receiver The Rocketfish RF-RBREC Wireless Amplified Receiver picks up wireless audio from the Rocketfish RF-RBAUX, RF-RBWS02 or RF-KIT, connecting to most speakers with stereo L/R analogue audio inputs for a wireless setup. The Rocketfish RF-RBREC Wireless Amplified Receiver can receive HD audio from up to 45ft away, and supports most audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. What's in the box * Rocketfish™ Wireless Amplified Audio Receiver * Two 3' speaker cables * Remote * AC power cord * Manufacturer's Manual

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Technics SA-560 Repair and Demonstration

Please read this whole description. No less than four attempts at uploading later, here's the Technics SA-560 stereo receiver. It was also marketed as the SA-956 (different color, same thing). This model appeared in 1985, only about a year after stereo television broadcasting was formally introduced. There are a few things that make this unit unique. Although it is limited to the VHF band, the first is a built in audio only TV tuner that can play back monophonic, MTS stereo or secondary audio program (SAP) broadcasts. Analog TV is obsolete, but an RF modulator with stereo output can still allow you to use the TV tuner, as demonstrated in this video. Although there is a "CATV" band on the tuner, it is limited to tuning channels 2, 3 and 4. I'm not sure how it is really intended to be used. It seems that using it with an outboard cable box would restrict you to monophonic sound as most devices featuring an RF modulator do not put out stereo audio in the RF signal. (There are few exceptions to this.) Television audio appears to be run through a dbx noise reduction process as indicated on the front panel. A special vacuum fluorescent front panel display alternatively indicates power output or activation of the stereo "expander" function. It's really not necessarily but at least it looks "cool". And you wouldn't see anything like it on a modern receiver! With its VCR input (shared with one of the tape monitor inputs) and special audio equalization option, this could be seen as ...

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Audio Advisor Review - Marantz M-CR603 Network CD Receiver

Audio Advisor takes a detailed look at the features, specifications, and performance of the Marantz M-CR603 Network CD Receiver with Jim Ludiviconi, from Marantz. Take a look at the Marantz M-CR603 Network CD Receiver here:

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