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If you're about to set the sound system at home, so now is the time to study on son you can select from that offer the most optimal performance on your system. The fact is that although there are several different types of audio cables are available for use, there are some that are selected more often than others.

A type commonly used for digital audio cables digital optical cable. Although digital coaxial cables nowintegrate the son of copper to transmit its signal and data of an electrical component to another, which is often less costly and more effective remedy for the transmission of high quality, the fact is that digital coaxial cables have certain inherent limitations building in the lack Digital optical cables.

This means that the only digital optical cable, the best option to choose the transmission cables if your audio system is logistically applicable. The central differencebetween digital optical cables and coaxial is that while the coaxial cables to transmit this through electrical impulses, digital optical cables to transmit data with light pulses.

The main advantage is that digital optical cables because they do not transmit electricity that are insensitive to electrical interference that will lead to signal degradation or weakening. This means that a signal is transmitted into an optical signal coming in its purest form at reception, alwaysresults much better sound reproduction.

However, the two main drawbacks of digital optical cables is that they are about 50% more expensive to buy and there can be problems with the transmission signal, if they fold or bend. Another point to consider is that the digital optical cables do not work with RCA-style connectors, but use what is commonly known as Toslink connectors.

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