SLS Q-Line Home Theater System Gold Compare

More details about the SLS Q-Line Gold 5.1 home theater system, please visit our Web site at: The www.av Gold Line Home Theater Surround Sound System features 4 satellite speakers and center speaker shelf, all using SLS International PRD100 Planar Ribbon Drivers conducted in the United States and woven Kevlar midrange. To meet the demanding needs of low frequencies, SLS has included a visit Subwoofer provides precise, controlledlow. A multi-channel Dolby Digital / DTS surround sound receiver powers the system of 110 watts per channel with an algorithm incorporated into the balance room, component video output with the expansion of the video screen and a universal remote. For configuration-stop shop for every lease we have included an omnidirectional microphone. This microphone can easily calibrate your speaker setup for optimal sound. For a full and rich experience will leaveon the edge of your seat for this home theater system is the choice. The advanced technology of tape driver has a clear sound and the way it was meant to be heard. A complete system includes home theater speaker center channel, 4 satellite speakers, subwoofer and AM / FM. The ribbon driver technology provides a clean and precise with low distortion and multiple surround sound decoders built in. down its Order today for Free Shipping with FedEx Ground. While supplies last! When this system is...

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