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The brain of a surround sound system is the receiver that offers a surround sound system, amplifiers and the ability to change. The receiver is an important component of a surround sound system, because there are many devices that connect to it, and all types of audio equipment like speakers, VCR, CD player, TV, DVD, light disco and much more.

The beneficiaries also tend to lose the key elements of audio are no longer being usedby people who are "old" now that monitors the tape and phono. I would say that Sony is one of the most popular brands here and other quality brands, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer, JVC, Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon and RCA. I do not know if they noticed that all models are different decoder. Most people are more impressed by those recipients with a perfect combination and system that eliminates most all comments and all the noise going onthrough your surround sound system.

Here are some tips on how to find the receiver to your home entertainment system. If you buy today almost every receiver must have DTS (Digital True Surround) and should be able to manage a surround sound system, what it means is that the sound from your surround sound system will be its closest you the option mono.

With multichannel outputs you have the chance to broaden their soundvarious stakeholders in you entertainment in the room and set their volumes each at a different level. In doing so, you get what you called DTS (Digital Surround sea) you can literally hear every sound coming from all stakeholders, angles and directions.

As for mono only one indicator can be extended to all the different channels consistently. Before you buy a receiver to search the first to know if the receiveryou want to buy is compatible with your surround sound system, what it means is that you should check if your DSTV, TV, CD, DVD and MP3 player can be plugged into the receiver and should provide a sound, which otherwise you have a problem.

By making your receiver has acquired the main brain of your surround sound system which can manage between all the different audio / video that does not helpdistance for all components of a single and simply press a button to select them.

There is a wide variety of receivers to buy online, you should look for one that you like and do what you want it to do. If you purchased one of the recipients of the best brands should be able to use his new receiver for all of its various components in your house and send signals from anywhere in your house without interruption.

These receptors are large, they canthe use of several components simultaneously so that you can be watching a DVD and your kids can watch cartoons on TV in the house and can not play a song in one of the other parts does not great. Just one last tip before you buy the receiver, be sure to ask about the recipients of the only guaranteed to be saved from something that happens because the receiver.

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