Epik High-Girl * English subs * audio

Last Revised: November 1 '08. Epik High is deep, even a love song. I think this is the first time I was able to capture some of Fine Mitra. * Translation and Submarines: Notes TheAsianMission Translation: Tablo: 1:05 - literally, "love that could not fill our hearts, * table uses the same word means" from the "mouth" and "be filled in spirit "In reality, can be appreciated in its original Korean strange if translated literally. 01:15 - Anotherpun, tablo use a word that means "to cling to a person or thing" and "block" Mitra: 2:11 - "receiver" than 2:15 to a telephone receiver or handset - a metaphor: a something like "you're always running into someone / something else (not me)" (my interpretation) * more questions or confusion? Feel free to ask *

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