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audio receiver that is capable of receiving and processing the audio and visual data regularly used for audio / visual and stereo audio visual systems, PA systems, recording music, studies, etc. as audio / Visual is become more complicated if the receivers were used in the accounts is difficult to find the right choice. audio receivers are one day apartpossible to have multiple input signals, if the input signals are audio, visual, or a combination of both. Like any market, there are good and bad marks. Anyway, after much searching, I found the best brands of home audio, in association with the receptor, it is really safe if you stick to these brands.


This brand is known for being one of the largest in the world of audio products. Yamaha compared to othermarks is probably one of the best in the low-end and midrange markets. You can not go wrong with your receiver because it has a very clean, lots of energy, excellent sound quality and easy to use. The RX-Z11 performance sets a new standard in home theater experience. Also RX-V3800 and RX-V596 has excellent sound quality. In general, it is a trusted brand respectable.


The three models STR-DA5300ES, 4300th, 3300th and are compatible and each model hasDigital Media ports accommodate a client PC Wi-Fi, Bluetooth receivers and a docking station for additional audio. So if you're not sure of A / V receiver market, you need to buy Sony because receptors they come from a trusted brand, and really loud.


Denon is regarded as one of high quality brands on the market. The AVR-5308C1 and 4308C1 models have Wi-Fi and, therefore, when you payDenon you pay for quality. The DHT-FS3 is a compact and easy home theater surround sound designed to complement any TV monitor, through a montage below the display area for proper sound distribution.

Carver HR-895:

With their brand of media and handles imposing appearance, you know, when you see Carver HR-895 is a serious A / V receiver model provides a large number of DSP modes, but instead added more rooms and the ability supply, you can listen to aCD, for example, in the room while the radio is on in the main room. There are separate entrances for AM, FM and cable TV and CD player, VCR, laser disc, which should be sufficient to accommodate a fully equipped home theater.


Onkyo is one of the most respected names in audio at home. Generally cost more than Yamaha, but often the price difference is worth it. Onkyo is also ready for the future, its new line of all beneficiaries include Dolby Pro Logic 2giving back atmosphere from any source, including mono sources. The Onkyo's receivers sound different from other receivers. Onkyo is a name you can trust, but simply do not put trash in the market.

Well, there are many brands to follow, but the brands mentioned here are among the best in the world can find the audio receiver. I did not do so on its reputation, I do not rely on realquality of their products. There are many receivers price range or even cheaper, but the suggested audio receivers has a good reputation and not very similar. For more information on other options down there not miss the best audio-receivers -. Com.

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