Traxis DBS 3500 FTA Satellite Receiver

I just got the new Traxis 3500 Blind Scan Receiver, is the last (CD) release of Traxis! This unit has everything! And the features that I've never seen before, the interface is very modern and easy to navigate! Even the screen icons are clear and look amazing (screenshots coming soon), for example, has a zoom feature where you can be seen close to the screen, there is also a pause button. We have split screen / multi-function is impressive. (As the DVB function in the worldPCB) has USALS, DiSEqC 1.2 Change the name and add satellites, has SPDIF and digital audio outputs with standard RCA composite or called in the United Kingdom. The property is prettier on the plate pointing to the screen, press 1 and the receiver emits a tone that can be used to orient its antenna, measuring signal quality is very stable and is more a tool for meter. Here's the kicker! Displays the signal quality in front of the receiver to the LED screen! So, in reality, can be used as a satellitemeters from the tone or watch a television screen or front of the receiver. All you have to do is to enter a PT together. and go to a satellite signal meter screen and you have a cable long enough (or a pair of diplexers) could use the receiver in the flat on flat Hit information at any time and signal quality of the channel shown the front of the green LED on the receiver. Its rapid relief Blind scan! And it seems that others find channels...

Thanks To - Pioneer VSX-819H-K Receiver Onkyo HT-RC180 AV Receiver

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