Top Performing Video Monitor Review - It's actually a digital wireless surveillance

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The portable digital LW2002W Lorex Color LCD Wireless Surveillance System is as effective as a baby video monitor because it is a surveillance system. The Lorex LW2002W with the latest digital technologies to avoid interference, "frequency hopping spread spectrum" using technology system that ensures privacy and without interference from devices such as cordless phones, wireless routers and microwave ovens.

As a parent you realize the benefits of being able to see and hear Baby is a good investment for a baby video monitor. More Accident wake your baby when you go see if your baby is asleep or awake, as the monitor. From the standpoint of safety, with a single monitor audio, really would not be able to tell if the covers had moved and covered her face with her baby, the benefits of a baby monitor video is priceless.

The quality of the video screen and features:

Excellent > Video, you can see on the 2.4 "LCD screen. The transmission range is 450 feet. The device has the ability to display images in low light or total darkness. The unit comes with a power adapter, rechargeable battery and support. The volume on the screen can be adjusted using the up and down arrow keys. A feature of this video baby monitor is that it can withstand an additional 3 cameras (4 in total) have already been paired with> Receiver. That's fine if you want to order a second child in another room or even the use of another camera in front of your house like a surveillance camera. The disadvantage of adding more cameras is that they are quite expensive, about 80% of the initial purchase cost of the system.

Audio quality:

Crisp, clear sound is what you get from the video baby monitor LW2002W Lorex. It has a sensitive microphone lets you hear all the sounds of their youngbaby if you choose too. If background noise is below a certain level, the sound is off, then when the sound in the room (crying reaches this threshold, the sound comes back. It is designed this way to avoid the white noise (breath sweet), however, seems to be the most unpopular feature of the video baby monitor Lorex many parents prefer the sound to be always on the volume adjustable.

Additional features:

The Lorex PV2002w baby video monitor is very easy to install, it only takes a few minutes. There is an "Out of Range" notification message that alerts you when you get the camera and monitor / receiver too far to connect with a strong signal.

The camera image can be viewed as a split-screen television using picture in picture. This enables you to watch TV and see your baby at the same time. The system also works with a recording device or a DVRVCR.

There are only a few critical comments made on LW2002W Lorex Digital Wireless Monitoring System when used as a video monitor for baby, the principal is unable to keep her constantly, otherwise you can get audio commentary , so do the portable monitor near the camera, however, is the norm for any sound if the receiver is too close to the source. Third, the battery life is a bit poor.

Overallthis is just a slope, video surveillance disguised as a baby affordable surveillance system. Average customer 4 * 5 *.

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