Samsung 3D TV and Blu-ray player and AV receiver review (UE55C8705, BD-C6900, HW-C560) 2.1 Part

In this video are reviewed three Samsung products and enter the details of my unfortunate ordeal with them. At 29:26, I show the common problem I have with the AV receiver to HW-560. It is the second I had. I still have the same problem with the first. The problem is that often loses the HDMI signal from my Sony Blu-ray and sometimes my PS3 and Samsung Blu-ray 3D. But mostly my Sony Blu-ray as the receiver has problems. I came tothe conclusion that any disagreement. But there is clearly something wrong with the receiver, because they sometimes have problems with other devices. The strange thing is that it has exactly the same problems as the first recipient was. same model, same problems. When connecting devices directly to the television, there is never a problem. Obviously I will never buy Samsung again. Video Surveillance Part 2:

Visit - VSX-03TXH

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    1. I'm not enthusiast of Samsung Home Entertainment system as its entirety.
    2. Did you request for refund? I believe you have the rights as a customer.
    3. It wasn't your bad luck. It's the device(s). Send them back and request for refund.
    4. Try Sony HX929 55", Sony 3D Blu Ray player and Denon or Onkyo Receivers.
    5. Samsung Service Support will just give you bull shit promises.

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