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The www.cablestogo.com TruLink Wireless Digital Signage Distribution System (WDSDS) offers a video with stereo audio distribution and wireless synchronization between multiple screens. The 802.11a / g wireless capabilities allow easy installation of digital signals in places where laying cables is difficult. For greater flexibility, can be used WDSDS mode uses standard CAT5 / 6 cables - ideal for situations where you should place monitors at great distances from the mediaplayer. The WDSDS supports up to 32 screens can be wireless or wired mode used to support up to 1,000 screens. The high degree of flexibility and ease of installation allows displays digital signage to be placed almost anywhere. The WDSDS be used in wireless mode in two ways. Can be used as their own private network to install "simple plug and play, or can be placed in an existing network as its own isolated segment. Because WDSDS is based on Ethernet, users can use their* Network infrastructure and network equipment at low prices available on the market. The transmitter only distributes data over the network where the receivers are connected via the selection function of network interface, avoiding other distribution networks to reduce network traffic. Plug & Play allows the transmitter and receiver to automatically detect each other and that makes installation and configuration quick and easy! www.cablestogo.com

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