Vinyl AM ((Stereo))

Here are the results of playing excerpts from several albums of music on a stereo AM transmitter designed by fortyfiveplayer YouTube user and receive a Denon TU-680NAB AM stereo tuner. Although the audio is not dead calm and I made no audio processing before being fed into the transmitter, the result is an impressive demonstration of an AM radio can sound good in stereo. This video was requested by the user through the YouTube madness832Once built as AM stereo transmitter kit. All recordings were played on a Sony PS-LX520 turntable through a phono preamp built Insignia (Sherwood) NS-R2000 stereo receiver. Stereo receiver audio output via the output tape, which ate away at the transmitter. Audio levels on the transmitter created something conservative. At the receiving end of things, the audio is taken directly from the Denon TU-680NAB tuner and is introduced into the input lineMacbook laptop. My maternal grandmother has won a contest in a supermarket where they were giving away record stereo RCA Victor has played in the first demonstration of this video, many RCA Victor recordings and stereo radio and stereo record player punch cards in the console. Despite the console itself is in the family, almost all files are still there. As for the rest of the records of the time, they were: Switched On Bach Needless Rhymin Simon "- Paul...

Tags - VSX-03TXH Onkyo TX-NR807 AV Receiver

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