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line output converter can be defined as a small device that converts signals from speaker-level high voltage signals from the previous level, which is acceptable for an amplifier. If you want to connect to a stereo amplifier car that does not have an entry level speaker, then that means you need a converter line output for a preamp. Thus, you can connect the receiver to an amplifier by converting the receiver of the speaker output signal level after. It consists of a transformer (10 to20 watts), high tensile strength and is connected to an amplifier via RCA cable connection. The amplifier load resistance unit. also has an adjustable gain to obtain.

Most converters have an output line earth wire of the transformer. When the device is "in" the tension in the cables of the speakers, almost half of the DC battery and change quickly when it is "on." Whereas, when the device is "off", the voltage is 0 volts DC. As already mentioned, whichoutputs of the main unit has a strong rapidly increasing voltage when the power is on. The processor is the voltage variations between the two input terminals. Since the voltage increases at a time when the input terminals, then the pace of DC is unrecoverable. There are different types of line output converters on the market, but peripheral Gizmo is still the industry leader of high quality LOC.

There are simple instructions forline output converters to be taken into consideration. Thus, the audio speaker cable connection to the device leads to the car radio. The inverter output line and then cut the required level for all audio "signals between the speakers and output signals to acclimatise before the entrance channel. Scosche makes an adapter for many different applications. Accepts high level outputs Speaker and preamp level outputs converts. It has a balance control function alsowhich means we can connect two amplifier channels or 4 channels of amplification with ease and not lose control of balance.

Adjustable output converter Online help convert the output level of speaker radio entry level RCA subwoofer amplifier. Plants use to convert your speaker level stereo RCA levels, with the help of hi / low adapter that connects to an external stereo amplifier. Hi / Low Converter 2 channel and 4 channels are available with or without adjustments. It is importantNote that the match between your car stereo and amplifiers are the same. Adjustable High / Low Converters allow you to refine the up / down device to correspond to levels in the car and the converters are the most popular adjustable output. There are many converters Adjustable output in 2 channel and 4 channels. For example, SoundGate "LOC A" high performance adjustable high / card features low total isolation, DC and handles 40 watts and Soungate "XR4", it has a dual function, like adding areplacement receiver to an amplifier or factory amplifier to add four channels to a receiver at the factory. This feature can make adjustments on the four channels.

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