HDMI vs. Component - Which is better?

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Most people choose HDMI on the component without question. HDMI is both digital audio and video and is capable of 1080p resolution in devices from many sources. Component analog video without sound and at the same time is capable of 1080p, most source devices that do not support 1080p via component. However, deciding who made the video standard is actually better, you might want to read more.

Cable SpecificationsOverrated?

For HD sources as superior of the Xbox 360, cable box or DVD player to conversion, we recommend you try both son and see which looks best. The reason is that some devices only support early versions of HDMI that transmit the signal in a lower bandwidth. In some cases, component video is actually a clear winner over the HDMI on most audiovisual equipment.

If you use HDMI cable or satellite box, I recommend trying bothcables. Why not? HD television is still broadcasting in 720p and 1080i. So when it comes to more AV receivers, DVD players, cable / satellite boxes to treat the two cables and the judge on which looks better.

Now and future

For devices of more recent origin, HDMI is the way forward. HDMI specification that is capable of resolutions, including 1080p over! The only problem is that TVs and other devices do not catch the source of capacity. HDMI also has DolbyNetwork and DTS digital audio. Has no audio component and a separate cable is required to run the audio from the source to the screen.


HDMI is the clear winner when it comes to new audiovisual equipment. However, I recommend trying the two largest source devices and displays.

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