Classic Game Room - ASTRO A40 gaming angle review

Classic Game Room reviews the ASTRO A40 gaming headset for PC gaming, PS3 and Xbox 360 (when used with Mixamp from The Astro A40 headset is stylish and well designed with the ability to place the microphone on the left or right side of the headset. Comes with mini plug for standard audio gear, laptops and handheld systems like Nintendo DS, 3DS and Sony PSP as well as 1/4" adapter for headphone amplifiers and high end stereo receivers. The A40 works with a mic and headphone adapter as well for voice chat when playing games and can be used with Astro Mixamp. Headset gives simulated 7.1 channel sound and features deep, solid bass as well as an enveloping sound field full of gunfire, cars, explosions and dialog. This CGR video review of the Astro A40 features the green Astro A40 being used with iRacing (hooked up to a stereo receiver via 1/4" adapter) and Astro A40 used with Neo-Geo Pocket using mini adapter plug.

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