Vuzix iWear VR920 HMD Head Tracking in Quake 4 VR - Virtual Reality -

Demo of Quake 4 using the VR920 HMD and Wireless Xbox 360 Receiver/Controller. Thanks for your interest! The video I posted shows use of the VR920 HMD for head tracking in Quake 4 on PC. (Not Xbox 360) The HMD is connected and configured with my Alienware Aurora m9700 (laptop). I connect the PC to the TV with a DVI to HDMI cable. (So everyone can watch) I connect the PC audio with a digital audio cable to a surround sound receiver. I use the Wireless Xbox 360 Receiver/Controller (Requires 1 USB port on PC). I sync the Xbox 360 controller to the Receiver and run JoyToKey. I use a keyboard emulator for joysticks called JoyToKey to assign keyboard keys to the any button on the controller I wish. I can also use the analog joysticks to move or look (Use look only to turn around when the HMD cord runs out). I connect and calibrate the HMD with the Vuzix iWear software. (Requires 1 USB port and VGA port on PC) I install Quake 4. I add the files provided by Vuzix required to enable the HMD into the Quake 4 install directory. I add Quake 4 to enabled titles list with the iWear monitor. I configure my primary display to the VR920 and clone to the TV. I start Quake 4. (requires one time configure of game controls to JoyToKey profile) Enable VR headtracking or 3D. (I found with 3D enabled video fps is lower) VR AT IT'S BEST SO FAR!!! I also was able to get the same setup to work with Doom 3 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X!!! Experience the New Virtual Reality with the VR920 Video ...

Thanks To - Onkyo TX-SR606 Receiver

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