A New Cartridge for the Sony PS-LX520

I put a new cartridge in the Sony PS-LX520 after not coming up with any place to get a new TM14 stylus from Ortofon. For now I have set the Ortofon cartridge aside in case I should find a replacement stylus to go with it. The replacement is an Audio-Technica AT90C found on eBay for $20. (Audio-Technica will sell the same thing for $60, so it pays to shop around.) The difference in quality is profound. I guess the Ortofon stylus was a lot more worn out than I thought it was! My camera does not support a direct line in connection for the audio, or I would have set it up that way. There's a little bonus at the end--a good, long examination of how this turntable plays. (As this is presented for historical interest and educational purposes to demonstrate a mechanically and electrically restored stereo turntable, this is believed to be fair use. Should you be interested in a copy of the songs played in this video, please do the right thing and obtain them legally.) Also discussed in this video are two methods of cleaning records that seem to be highly recommended. I had good results with both. In the case of the distilled water method, it has the added advantage of being very cheap. Equipment used in this video includes the Insignia NS-R2000 stereo receiver, Sony PS-LX520 linear tracking turntable, two record albums, and two Sony SS-B1000 speakers.

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