Equalizers - What You Need To Know

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Equalizers are signal processors that help you in finalizing your audio setup. Equalizers are used to fine tune a sytem's sound not to fix major setup mistakes. It is something you should set once to help you overcome acoustic problems in your car. Avoid the funny habit of adjusting the equalizer after each tune.

But that's another issue. Let's get an understanding of equalizers so you will be in a position to make more informed choices. After all, there won't be any equalizer to tweak endlessly if you don't have one.

There are graphic equalizers and parametric equalizers. A graphic equalizer has fixed frequencies that you can fine tune. But a parametric equalizer has adjustable frequencies. You dial in on the frequency you want to fine tune and then start fine-tuning.

If you're not experienced in audio processing, you're better off with a graphic equalizer. This is because it already has pre-Fixed frequencies (and this frequencies are usually the most important given the number of bands it has). This makes it a lot easier for you to start the fine-tuning process.

The parametric EQ gives a lot more control but is also a lot nore complicated.

There are also mono and stereo equalizers...

A stereo equalizer has two inputs and two outputs while a mono equalizer has just one input and one output.

This means that a stereo equalizer can be used for both channels of your audio setup. But this point has to be stressed...

You cannot set different controls for each of the channels if you're using a stereo equalizer. You can do that, though, with mono equalizers. However, you'll need two.

A mono equalizer (If you use two in your setup) also gives you a lot of room to compensate for a few things like delays and certain problems caused by poor speaker placement.

It is quite more expensive buying two mono EQs. So this is not an option for the fiscally challenged. The setup process is also more involving. If you're less technically inclined, you may as well go for the less complicated stereo equalizer. At least, you know what you shouldn't expect.

Lastly, there is the issue of whether you should go for a high level or low level output equalizer. I'm not going into how these work here. What I'll say, however, is that low level output equalizers are far better but are also a lot more expensive.

So if price is a big issue, go for what you can afford? Not really! Most audio specialists will recommend you do WITHOUT an equalizer in your setup if you are not ready to get a good low level equalizer.

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