Amateur Radio PSK-31 (reception) demonstration by KI7F in Denver, Colorado

I downloaded this amateur radio related software called TrueTTY which offers several amateur radio digital modes including RTTY, Packet Radio and other media, including PSK-31 from the axis of a phase modulation using a speed of 31.25 and a bandwidth of transmission is only 31 Hz in HF. The audio receiver is fed to the computer sound card through a microphone or line input. (N TNC or modem required.) PSK-31 works well in crowded conditions and the group works quite well even in lower production of RFlevels of power (50 watts or less under the conditions of the band) and the single dipole antenna still works. I live in an apartment and can not install external antennas, therefore, limited the use of wire receiving antennas cover to listen to the radio amateur HF bands. I do not currently possess the ability to transmit RF equipment, except a receiver Grundig Satellit 800 of the communication (circuit design as well as the most abandoned RL Drake SW8 receiving general coverage, but repackaged Grundigthe receiver.) and currently use an indoor 16-foot long wire antenna in my apartment connected to the Grundig radio. I run locally using 2 meter FM repeater systems in Denver and the simple operation and a 2 packet radio using a meter cover 1 / 2 wave antenna constructed from J 300 ohms for dual flat cable. You can read more about the PSK-31 digital on these sites. Or just type "PSK31" in the Google search engine to find more related web site...

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