Quality difference between HDMI Cable Monster Cable HDMI and Generic

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Is there a difference in image quality between expensive HDMI cables in electronics stores retail $ 99.00, and generic brand HDMI cables that you can almost buy with the change stuck between the couch cushions? To find out, all you need do is look at what an HDMI cable. HDMI is a digital signal protocol used to transmit video and audio signals, ie between the HDMI source (cable, satellite receiver, Blu-ray, etc.) and television, there is only onedigital signal.

Digital signals transmitted using binary information. This means that the TV is equipped to answer a question when it receives a signal: Is this a 1 or 0? It's that simple! With digital cables, either get the signal or not. There are "between" - no signal degradation that can come with analog signals. If electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference, it is unlikely that TV will be the error of a 1 by a 0 or 0 to 1. Ifis concerned about EMI and RFI interference, you can get a lower cable AWG. The higher the AWG number is the major portion of the cable. Under AWG cables are ideal for installations where the wall and long cables.

Brand or not, an HDMI cable will give the same results. While the cable complies with the HDMI specification, it is good to go. From now on just go with the cable from the cheaper generic brand to avoid burning your whole wallet!

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