LCD TV Wall Mount - 5 things to consider for your LCD TV Wall Mount

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The flat screen televisions with liquid crystal have been flying off shelves in recent months. If you were one of the lucky ones who bought a new TV or plan to buy a new flat screen in the near future, certainly given its flat screen wall mount. A flat screen TV mounted properly will not only provide an optimal view of your new TV, but also help organize the decor of your room.

When considering an LCD TV wall mount to take matters in these 5consideration.

1. Size of TV - When you purchase a wall mount, one of the first things you see, is that there are different wall mounts for TVs of different sizes. There is a difference in size and weight of 22-inch LCD compared to a model of 50 inches. Mounting hardware will provide more support for televisions and connecting to multiple studs instead of one. Brackets for fixing the TV, obviously different from a large to a small television.

2. TypeWall - Flat screens can be mounted on various types of wall. The most common type of wall is a stud. You will need a stud finder to locate the center poles rising TV A. Another common option is to mount mounting the TV on a wall of solid concrete or block wall concrete. To install these walls must use concrete anchors for a secure connection. Most wall mounts include appropriate fasteners.

3. TypeWall Mount for LCD TV - There are many types of wall mounts to choose from.

o A wall fixing set no bells and whistles of other types. Once the TV is mounted it will not be able to move everyone to take particular care to ensure that the TV is exactly where he wants to go.

or a tilt mount provides additional flexibility by allowing you to tilt the TV up or down to ensure the correct angle. In general, an assembly angle is around 5 degreesand below 15 degrees. This is a good choice for the display of many large flat-screens are often found in a home theater or family room.

o Another option is a mounting arm. These are the most common for small LCD screens in front of giant screens. These will allow your TV is flat against the wall or left swinging a foot or more of the wall to see from a variety of locations and angles. Many arm mounts can also turn and tilt the TV well andsometimes called arm mounts.

o For the ultimate in wall brackets can be considered a motorized wall mount. They provide a virtual silent operation lets you turn your TV for optimal viewing angle, at the touch of a button on the remote. This certainly can provide a "wow" factor to your home theater.

4. Cable management - You want to ensure that the plan on how your TV will be in contact with other components of home theater. Some peopleinstall molding to hide the son, but most people will install a wall plate that allows the connectors to run through the wall to ensure a clean clutter free look. Be aware of regulations and appropriate electrical consult an electrician if necessary. The power cords should not be run through walls and most of the time a container is installed behind the TV to provide power to the TV. HDMI cables have simplified things for both audio and HD videosignals through a cable, but be sure to consider the addition of components and composite connections, it is much easier to do now rather than add later. Many LCD TV wall mounts will have options for managing cables embedded in them for comfort.

5. If you mount your flat screen LCD - Finally, you need to know where to mount the TV. The location depends on their environment that some people choose to roll over things in the roomlike a chimney. It is generally accepted that for an optimal viewing experience, which should raise the center of the TV slightly above eye level from your vantage point. Also remember to leave enough room for the center speaker and front speakers of your sound system.

A new installation of high-quality LCD Wall Mount will be a great addition to your home and a good way to show that the new LCD flat screen.

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