Choosing a cell leader Car Audio

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There are head units for many different available today to make an informed decision about what to buy is a long process. I heard that almost 99% of people have the same goals:

1. Get a unit with all the best features.

2. Save money on this drive.

You're in luck, because that is what this guide is everything!

A quick note on HYPE:

There are many retailers and parties on the Internet who want to believe certain things aboutvehicle's audio. It is simply that these people really want to sell something and take some of your $ $ $ with them. When deciding on the stereo, the best advice is to have neutral parties rather than the retailers and merchants. Do not fall into the trap of information on pollution!

OK, then.

When you buy a head unit, looking at the bottom of a control system complete with stereo sound. You must be sure that whatever you buy the device can handle alltasks you want your unit to handle. Some things to think about:

What I want a CD changer?

Do I connect my iPod (or MP3 player or other)?

Should I use satellite radio?

What I like all types of mobile video?

Do I need EQ / DSP / correction functions of time?

You do not want to focus on sound quality or SPL?

Do I want to be able to play MP3 or other digital music files?

Do I want to connect an amp? If yes, how?

What part of a hi-fiI build the system on this device to your head?

There are probably other things that you would think, but these are just some ideas for your head goes.

Once you have decided on all these things, you can begin to reduce its list of the main unit. The next thing you want to do is look at all the specifications and see which unit is the best option. To preview a list of specifications of the central apparatus, see my article entitled Head UnitSpecifications, and how they affect you.

A quick note on specifications: Some people really obsessed with finding a unit that has magically improved specifications. What I mean is that people are looking for units not only have the highest S / N, but less total harmonic distortion, the main features, the highest bit DAC, etc., etc. NOW! I must say that most units from the best manufacturers are good enough to form the basis of a high end stereo. The truth is that many of theseThe specifications are measured by a computer, humans can not perceive much difference between 03% and .05% THD. So do not worry! If you find a unit that has all the features you need and acceptable performance, just buy it! As many have said before me: "Do not sweat the small stuff." Engaging in a bit tender will not make your music sound bad.

Therefore, you are probably very close to deciding on the best head unit of itsvehicle. Now you must consider a number of things:

Budget - How much can you afford?

The construction quality - How well made is the drive?

- Warranty The unit comes with a guarantee of good?

Clearly, some of these considerations mean more to some people than others. That's good! This is your main drive, and ultimately the goal is to get the best unit to meet your needs.

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