Demo HD FM radio and FM Bandscan Denvr, Colorado

This is a video of a demonstration of FM radio to high definition as heard in the area Denvr, Colorado. I use a Accurian HD Radio AM / FM is a table that was at one time sold at Radio Shack, but was interrupted. The audio of this video was recorded directly from the headphone output of the radio to the soundcard on my computer to give a more accurate representation of the audio quality of the radio. I used a simple FM dipole antenna inside inch strip on the wall behind the radio in mysecond floor apartment. When I run the audio output of that satellite radio in my Altec-Lansing / PC subwoofer, the sound is better than my home stereo system! I'm not having much success with deciphering the AM stations that broadcast in high definition and I have an AM antenna system sufficient for good reception. An adjustable external antennas for AM loop that can be linked to it perhaps could work quite well. The only station that can decode HD KOA 850 AM. No hourlythat crazy IBOC HD radio on the AM band, because it causes interference to digital broadband on each side of the station and can destroy the station receive lower gap. I'm a fan of classical music, so I'm happy to be able to give to 90.1 programming broadcast on their channel KCFR kvod 88.1 HD-1 which is a season of classical music Denvr region. premium audio course kvod analog signal on frequency 88.1 MHz. How the term "HD Radio" is a registered trademarkbrand ...

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