Learn more about the music receiver and multi-zone capability

If you have a home entertainment system, which has a home audio receiver is certainly an advantage. You can improve video and audio to listen to others. Typically, home audio receivers are added with a bunch of other amazing features.

The ability to multi-zone is one of its main features. multi-zone refers to the function of being able to transmit the signal from the primary source to another audio system or fixing locatedin a different domain. If someone watching a movie in which a room with amazing surround sound, others can listen to music on a CD in the next room. What makes it amazing is that the DVD and CD are connected and controlled in the same receiver, but as separate entities.

Main features

There are some moments where the sound is only used for the second zone in the area of capacity multi. At the same time, home audio receiveris able to send and receive audio and video home both in the main hall.

any records that are intended for video signals merged. This implies that the components connected to the receiver via analog connections can be connected to new and second third zone. But the biggest Surround can only be experienced in the main hall.

There are links on the receiver that allows you to access the 7.1 channel present in the main room and the speakers that enhance the other two zones. You can even change channels from 7.1 to 5.1 channel areas around the main receiver.


Application of the multi-zone is through the implementation of 5.1 channels in the main hall and at the same time, the use of two channels, which are typically rear speakers and the activation of the second zone .

An aggregate approach involves the use of 7.1 channels in the> Receiver. Access to a full channel mode is possible in the main area and the signals can be transmitted to another component in another room through the connecting line additional earlier. The amplifier used must be purchased separately by the receiver and strategically located in another room so that you can transmit signals to a set of different components. What makes this advantage is that the 7.1 channels can be used in the main hall, while multi-zone capability is used insecond zone and trigger another.

The third and final route can be done using the top home audio line receiver. You can activate a third zone, at the same time as the second. Online Extra preamp outputs are used again so you can activate at a time. This action requires separate amplifiers for both areas. On the other hand, there are receivers with integrated amplifiers connected to fully develop the second and third zones. Built in amplifiersis used by the second zone, while the other amplifier is used for the third. Instead, you can not use the capability of 7.1 channels in the main room with her.

Be capable of transmitting signals theater system to another is incredible comfort will be possible only through your home audio receivers that can accommodate several different domain.

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