Why buy a Clarion car audio system?

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A car audio system is a very important attribute for any car enthusiast. This is probably the best option for entertainment in your vehicle. Most radio systems are different features and designs in respect of the mark.

Clarion car stereo systems are well known around their navigation systems and digital audio. It's really one of the new car audios that have emerged successfully in the market these days.Clarion audio system with CD player, MP3 and other players became popular, regardless of possession of the car audio business.

For a number of customers who bought this system could say that its technology without a doubt hit anyone with its incredible overall performance, as well as having a very affordable price.

Clarion now offers a variety of products worldwide. All products and supplies the entire stereo systemdifferent feature sets. As the model shows CZ509 slightly curved design with a high overall performance. They also incorporate the technology in some models of car audio as the integration of Bluetooth hands-free system, as well as streaming audio, WMA, iTunes MP3, and many other useful tools.

audio systems "Clarion car wide range of products shows a variety of features and high quality. Accordingmany opinions, this type of sound systems are remarkable, whatever model is mentioned in a particular study. Few people are aware of the brand as customers tend to increase in recent issues. its fantastic car system A and at great expense is the easiest way to describe Clarion car stereo systems.

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  • For me as a car audio enthusiast, Clarion has disappeared into obscurity/mediocrity. The DRZ and HX head units were and still are among the best head units. However, they are no longer in production, and now Clarion only sale cheap plasticy head units, I see being only average sounding.

    Shame, because the RZ and HX really were at the top of their game, back in the day.

    The amps are at the lower end of the car audio scale, but seem to offer OK dynamics and performance. I know having owned a few.

    As for the speakers, Are you telling me that Clarion can take on the likes of Morel, Hybrid Audio Technologies, CDT, Focal, DLS, JL Audio, Alpine to name a few? Me thinks not!

    As for the subwoofers, the same again. Can they take on the likes of Sundown Audio, Digital Designs, Hybrid Audio (again), DLS, etc, etc? I think not.

    I've yet to see any SQ or SPL competitions won, using Clarion products.

    As for the low end, non-enthusiast market, they seem to be a good choice for those who want to upgrade the sound in their VW's or for the 'Sunday is for washing the car' crowd. Those wanting to "upgrade" but who are astonished that thy're going to have to pay $49.99 for a pair of speakers.

    For the most part, this article at least gave me a good laugh, as I assume it was meant as some form of joke!

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