A receiver that adorn the valve outlet 12 volt HT - Part 1

What happens if you use 12-volt high tension as a homebrew receiver tap? The answer is that you lose the need for food, which eliminates the problems of tinnitus and can products around inside without being bitten. Construction is also much faster. This video describes the beneficiary of a regeneration valve uses a 12AX7 network. The filaments are connected in series and the whole batch is run from a battery of 12 volt gel. Are songs on 470 - 1900 kHz, which allows reception of signals from both sides ofthe AM band. Finally I'll add more coils to cover the IC. The complex is built in a day on the track of the Thames and Kosmos Radio As refined by: cool386.tripod.com not need to change the component values as time worked first. But I did it (i) the addition of LM386 audio amplifier (22k plate resistor replaces the transformer primary) to provide reception of the speaker and (ii) the wind the coil on a stick ferrite with a coil antenna (about 70 turns with tap water10 revolutions around the earth). If you do not want LM386 stage, only one cable impedance 2k helmet instead of the main transformer (satisfactory reception of local stations) or as the original and the use of a power transformer to provide low impedance phones . Regarding valves, I agree that the 12AU7 always easiest way to regeneration. A 12AT7 was less active, but could still be made to oscillate over the entire band. A 12AX7 also worked, but only went in the top half of the bandwith ...

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