Voices from the Sky, Monitoring the ISS

This is a video I took Februray 21, 2008. Eyharts FX0STD a French astronaut aboard the ISS has been in contact with a French school with the help of some ham operators F6KFA. Since I was in southern Germany can not hear the sound of the ISS. I was just using my Yaesu VR500 receiver equipped with a Nagoya NA-636 antenna. Sorry for the bad quality, I took this using my cell phone. Rabbit Mathilda, a Korean artist experimnental includes audio of this videothe theme "Boarding Pass", visit their MySpace www.myspace.com. J'Ai prisons cette video 21/02/2008 him. With the help of amateur radio club F6KFA FX0STD Eyharts, French astronaut aboard the ISS responded to questions from elementary school student. I was in Southern Germany at the time ou J'Ai this video PRIT, CE fait the understanding that in the ISS. The EST receiver using a simple Yaesu VR-500 with an antenna Nagoya NA-636. Sorry for the poor qualityJ'Ai prisons WITH portable video Mon hebdo.kfa.free.fr

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