AM receiver

This is a "house" of the AM receiver. Is able to receive medium wave radio stations in a limited frequency range. There is an audio amplifier circuit board that lets you listen to the radio with headphones, but is vulnerable to high enogh an enclosure that can be used to listenning radio properly. The receiver is very sensitive, but it is difficult to properly adjust the "feedback" because if it is consistent with the weakness that only strongerstations and if there are two strong stations on a frequency close to hear them. By adjusting the feedback on the strengths of the radio starts to swing and you just hear the stations with a "buzz", so it is difficult to adjust the ratings because the score changes if you change the frequency reception. In the video that quallity Compromisso acceptable reception and hospitality "banda Wiedemann." This unit covers only the upper middle-wave band. It is also capable ofcover the lower band, but the 5-90pF capacitor that I use for the setting is low (When I tested the circuit to connect another capacitor parallel to the 5-90pF capacitor was receiver capable of receiving the frequencies lower.) Circuit Diagram:

Tags - Onkyo TX-NR807 AV Receiver

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