Product Review: Samsung 19 "LCD TV (22" model agnatic, LCD, LED backlight)

We reviewed the 19 "LCD TV (LCD backlit LED), Samsung, which also comes in a 22" flavor. One thing not covered (because it is not technology) is the ease of assembling the stand. wing nut provided the media itself is attached to the arm, which slides on the TV. The image quality of 1366x768 screen is very good, with accurate color reproduction (once you set the picture controls accordingly), and half of its decent for a small TV does not claim be anything other thankitchen or small bedroom TV. Audio can be adjusted in many ways, and it seems squench, or cause difficulties for television there. The Super-thin screen that allows enough light, and consumes only 40 watts of power. Being a Samsung, and have a TV from them before, I thought that the reception is very strong, but I was a little disappointed because it was harder to collect smaller than other TVs, and especially against Polaroid 15 "model it replaces. You will notice the constantbattle trying to get the TV working correctly, showing that the stations will be a small challenge to get to work, and those who are halfway decent (40 to 50% of the population) will drop some, that few. Is it not good to know that someone = NO THAT IS NOT AFRAID to see a good product performance? Most reviwers would ensure that there is a strong signal is sent to a TV, but I chose this path because the reception is right at the "Digital Cliff", where a decent tuner will be the case, and the lowest, soyou see ...

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