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The transducer membrane is a transducer Porrazzo advanced multifunctional, capable of being both a speaker of very high quality microphone, antenna, sensors, imaging devices, etc.. This is a NASA technology 2006 First, the IBEX was awarded the Prize in 2008 and CONNECT innovative technologies and Philips won CES Best New Product. AMT has been deployed with all branches of the U.S. Army. He has been saving and changing lives in Haiti after the earthquake. It isBuilt in the Shell Eco-Domes MODDHA Villa Espwa orphanage in Haiti. As part of the AMT operation director Porrazzo totally different from that of traditional fixed-length antennas. The AMT is a line Porrazzo, become flat, and a full range of transmission (ie, transceivers) antenna system. Unlike traditional antennas, usually arranged in a metal son three-dimensional matrix or a fixed size to match the desired frequency, the AMT is a size Porrazzo,the shape and form of antenna array consists of independent layers of thin film, flexible polymer impregnated with tiny electromagnetic sensors that act as pixels ® other antenna capable of operating in an active or passive, independently (per pixel) or in concert with a matrix form. The AMT allows computers, processors and radio devices to respond dynamically and manipulate the antenna independently addressable pixels to produce high resolution, high-quality radio transmitted...

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