LEGO relaxation Wave Machine

LEGO relaxing bath is a very simple building that was built just for fun. Powered by a motor PF and PF equipped with an infrared receiver. The idea is based on the Coliseum "Wall of Nations," the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (*). The LEGO Relaxing Wave Machine is far less sophisticated and much less complex and of course much less attractive, but works well as a reduction tool rest and stress. (*) The United Nations Wall is a wall sculpture in steel tubedesigned by Santiago Calatrava. It moves in a wave motion, creating a pleasing effect of light and shadow on the central column and the movement of United Nations Plaza. The United Nations wall serves as a giant video screen. [See 1:44]. (**) Audio: Tune into the included video editing software iMovie (iLife software for Mac OS). The name of the song is "Sanskrit" and the artist-as shown in iLife is Apple Inc. '

Tags - Sherwood RX-4105 Stereo VSX-517-K

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