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Hello all, I worked for several months on a device that would give a true partner Novation Launchpad for my APC40. My goal for this unit was the creation of eight scenes access functionality by the user 2 mode ... Each scene is mulitlayered use buttons Scene Start and select buttons on the bank ... Shuffl3r - An alternative buffer Max4Lives completely controllable Mix audio to organize on the fly, kick or cut the slices into 1/8th ... Eff3cts - Think of arepetition that can beat repeat quantified in 64 avos, 32s, 16th, 8th and bars 1/4rs half since he was able to call any meeting of the last bar so you can make deception, lack etc. added to the stage a set of tempo synchronized Gater's / filters and effects Bit Crush. And finally, 4-speed Turnat different stops and reverses ... Loop3r - With control of the 8 subjects in the reading area of any videos or Launchpad Akai APC40 can get a visual indication of clipsplay and are able to establish a bar, 2 bars, 4 bars, or a loop of 8 bar. Once configured (works on existing loops as well) can halve or double the length of the loop, choosing to move to either the end or the beginning of the loop. You can also change the pulling backward or forward by a bar once or loop length of his ... S3nd / R3turn - With network play videos and Select buttons bank may choose to take control of a shipment in 8 runs and 8 sends a runway or...

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