Technics SA-1010 Stereo Receiver

It's a beast. 125 watts per channel into eight ohms. Power to ensure that everyone on the block to know where the party is. ;-) I do not know how many have survived until today, how many did or what they deserve. I saw a couple up for auction - including a unit on black - all the time this video was downloaded. This dates from about 1983. I bought this on eBay, we thought it was less than ideal conditions and worked to fix from time to time. Even intheir state of degradation, that sounds good and has no problems running things in great imprudence. Fixing it will take some time, is quite complex, as in any of the wiring circuit preserves circuit. And there was damage in transit process and - at some point the expansion of the adjustment rule space and a slide came loose. The seller offered to do the right thing. I said "forget." There is hope, yes, mostly the work, so why reallyangry? More seriously, it has a digital tuner, high quality computer training unit redesigned with discrete output transistors, a large number of connections to your computer and a "Space Expander" look stylish stereo expander circuit that processes the sound to sound like the speakers are further apart than they really are.

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  • Hello,
    My receiver used to play fine. Then it started shutting off (display would go out and just the “signal” light would blink). I could turn off and back on and it would work. Over a few weeks, the time between shut down and power up to work was taking longer and longer. Then I had to hit the unit to come back on. Now, nothing. No display and just the “signal” light on. Any idea what it is and how to fix it?
    Thank you.

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