A brief history of car audio

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The car audio system has been influenced by the last two hundred years. As technology has changed, amended to reform, the car audio system has transformed.

The first influence on the car audio system has been the radio. Invented in 1900 (around the same time cars became popular), but did not get the commercial status until 1920, when the first commercial boom has taken place. In 1922, a historic day for the car> Sound System, George Frost was the first to experiment with the car radio with his own car from Ford. Then in 1925, shared first place in a car, which was followed in 1927 with the first mass produced car, the TH-1 transitons.

In 1930, two brothers famous American producer, Paul and Joseph Galvin made the 5T71, which was to be the brand name "Motorola". Worldwide, Blaupunkt in Germany has installed its first car radio commercialCrossley in 1932 and the United Kingdom have begun to adjust from 1933.

To 1950 AM radio in the car was common. In 1952 he introduced the FM radio, the first car from Blaupunkt. FM popular music was not fully available or at least until a decade later. The 1950 was a time of great change for the car audio system, as the search button has been presented - a button is always available in the car audio systems today.

Players saw the band reach the 1960the car audio scene. Coil tape was the first arrival, however, its volume is such that they would not be popular. In 1964, Phillips invented the compact cassette and Lear invented the 8-track cartridge, in competition with it. The 8-track tape made its way in 1965, Ford cars, but not until 1970 that the compact cassette elbowed their way into the car.

The 1970 and 80 FM radio stations have become extremely popular, however, AMresponded by offering more radio talk shows and sports channels to its listeners. the car radio has finally expanded to give their listeners more freedom of choice. In 1982 - a very important event occurred - the compact disc or CD Sony and Phillips was invented, it would be added to the car audio systems in 1984 for the first time. Following this, audio CD changers appeared in the vehicle systems.

The years that followed, I replace the CD tape, DVD and MP3 whichintroduced on the market for cars. In recent years we have used Bluetooth technology to connect our cell phones (smart phones) to our car, which is useful for not only entertainment but also for practical reasons.

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