DISH Network Receiver Guide

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DISH Network receivers have come a long way since the days when all he did was change the channels on satellite TV. Now you can pause and play live TV, record your favorite programs, and transmit their programs in HD (high definition). Here's a guide to the different receivers DISH Network and what they can do.

Standard DISH Network receivers

Besides changing the channels, networks, entry-level satellite dish has a program on the screen phone so you can see what is on television via satellite. It also has an interactive television that allows you to access news, sports, weather, games and customer service DISH Network. And it includes parental control locks which restrict the programs their children watch TV,

standard receivers are finally free DIRECTV satellite TV.

DISH Network's HD receivers

HD receivers have all the features of the standard> More receivers, you can watch your programs in high definition for more clarity, more realistic images available, and listen to digital audio programs like theater.

HD receivers are finally free DIRECTV satellite TV. You must have an HDTV to view HD programs.

DISH Network DVR Receivers

DVR receivers have all the features of standard receivers, plus you can play and pause live TV. You can alsostore up to 350 hours of your favorite shows on DVR hard disk and can record two programs while watching a recorded program

HD DVR receivers allow you to record your programs in high definition for a realistic picture and sound quality of the film.

DVR and HD DVR receivers are free at last from the DIRECTV satellite television. However, you must purchase the DVR service to record TV programs via satellite.


If you do notHDTV and do not want to record TV programs via satellite, the standard receiver is all it takes. If you want the highest image quality available and have an HDTV, then you have the HD receiver.

If you want to record your favorite shows, and the ability to pause live TV to answer the phone or get a snack, then continue watching when you're ready, you'll need a DVR receiver. And if you want the best of both worlds - a clear imagethe ability to record up to 350 hours of programming - then the HD DVR DIRECTV receiver is what the doctor ordered.

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