Scosche BlueLife defined: Digital transmission via Bluetooth

Scosche Industries, a leader in electronics accessories mobile market, presents its award-winning BlueLife - bringing you a new line of Bluetooth accessories that allows wireless control of your iPod/MP3 player. Kas Alves, vice president of marketing and sales, Scosche Industries, explains the basics behind the revolutionary products Scosche BlueLife. The Scosche Bluetooth transmitter connects directly to the headphone output connector of the iPod/MP3 unit and transmits to a Bluetooth devicereceiver connected to the auxiliary input of the head unit of a vehicle or a home audio system. Unlike other FM transmitters or RF remotes cable, wireless technology transmits digital audio Scosche continues with a streaming CD-quality sound to your car or home audio system. BlueLife can connect to automotive aftermarket or units of the head of OEM. BlueLife includes features hands-free mobile phones with Bluetooth capabilities allow users to listen to your music and answer cell phone callsfree hand in their cars. The speaker microphone is included with the phone kit Scosche BlueLife. Kas explains the simple installation of a point of unity and BlueLife shows outside of the box solution. Scosche Bluetooth Wireless Interface at home will allow anyone to listen on an iPod or MP3 player with CD quality sound through a digital audio system. The transmitter can connect an unlimited number of recipients. Scosche receiver is powered by an included 110ACpower ...

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