THX Ltd. (George Lucas Co.) apocryphal statement was contrary to absorb in this video! WTF!

MP3 ► SamTunes.NET ► ► ► Twitter website http ► Subscribe THX http ► Claim FALSE - unfairly blocked the video by saying that the use of audio, and "his" THX ... which are not and never has been a part of this video. This is an excellent example of the theme of the video. We resent THX for their ignorance, their threats and lack of professional care. Is not the first media company to abuse of the DMCA and disturb the users in order,Sat particularly long YouTube partner! Disclaimer: All the words in this text are the Webmaster Sam Harris Sam Harris and, as the Webmaster had to deal with them unfit for months without resolution. He took a final demand to see the video we are in danger. Moments later, he saw the abuse of power they thought they had. THX has never apologized or offered anything in return, in response to their actions ignorant. This video wasPosted on February 1, 2008. Almost eight months later, THX Ltd. decided to simply choose the video to the collision, as their property, and action to make a strike against our YouTube account as a violation of copyright. THX a statement it had used its contents. It is obvious that even saw the video. We would also like to add that there are hundreds of videos on YouTube for "dramatic lemur" only with the THX audio, as an example. And, of course, they are all stillactive. So ...

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