Samson Airline Micro Wireless Headset - Product Review Video

The Samson AirLine Micro uses a small Wireless Earset. The Air Line Micro from Samson utilizes the latest in lithium ion battery technology and small, high-quality audio. It represents a breakthrough that brings freedom and convenience to a new level of performance. The result is not only our smallest wireless system, but also our most comfortable, reliable and versatile system ever. The microphone is highly accurate for speech recognition. It is very good at noise canceling. Just a small step below the Sennheiser ME3 and Samson Airline 77. Unless you have a high background noise environment, you will not notice a difference. We supply the correct cable to connect to a computer. This cable is not normally included. This microphone is meant to be worn off the left side of your head. It can be worn off the right side but the Volume/Mute/Power button will not be easily accessible. We found it easy to bend the microphone boom to place off the corner of our mouth. All in all, we highly recommend this microphone for SR and Audio Presentation. To eliminate continually changing batteries, Samson has designed this UHF wireless system to be fully rechargeable, supplying lithium ion rechargeable batteries and USB DC power inputs for both the AH2 earset transmitter and AR2 receiver. A handy docking station for the receiver also provides a USB DC input and a 3.5mm balanced audio output. Because of these convenient recharging capabilities, the days of constantly changing the batteries ...

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