ONKYO HTS-6100\HTR667 receiver HDMI chock-full working

I've been having issues with my receiver that came with my Onkyo HTS-6100 HTIB unit. The receiver is the Onkyo HTR667, similar to the TX-SR606. When switching inputs through HDMI, I get the error, "No input selected". First, it started with only the input where my xbox 360 was connected to. I assumed it was just the Xbox that was having the issue. Then, it started to happen to all of my inputs. Only the CBL\SAT input worked, which had my Motorola DVR. I took my receiver to get serviced on 10/13/09 and picked it up 10/19/09. I was informed that the HDMI card was replaced. According to the the invoice, these are the part numbers for the new HDMI card: "Part # 22242394R3 SII9134CTU Q8401" When I first connected my AVR yesterday, the inputs did not work for the first 30 seconds. I feared that the problem was still present. I power cycled the unit and then it started to work no problem. Today, 10/20/09, I powered on the unit with the input CBL\SAT selected and was able to watch a SD channel. I changed it to HBOHD, again the error, "No input selected". UGH!!! I turned on my PS3(input VCR\DVR), Xbox 360(AUX), and ONKYO DVD player(DVD) and none of them worked! Swapped back to CBL\SAT, and got sound from my Cablebox, but no picture. I am extremely disappointed in this AVR because I read great things about Onkyo. Mind you, every one at AVSForums agreed that their AVR's ran hot, but that was it. More and more, I am seeing that others are having the same issue. Onkyo better get its ...

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