Technics SA-560 Repair and Demonstration

Please read this whole description. No less than four attempts at uploading later, here's the Technics SA-560 stereo receiver. It was also marketed as the SA-956 (different color, same thing). This model appeared in 1985, only about a year after stereo television broadcasting was formally introduced. There are a few things that make this unit unique. Although it is limited to the VHF band, the first is a built in audio only TV tuner that can play back monophonic, MTS stereo or secondary audio program (SAP) broadcasts. Analog TV is obsolete, but an RF modulator with stereo output can still allow you to use the TV tuner, as demonstrated in this video. Although there is a "CATV" band on the tuner, it is limited to tuning channels 2, 3 and 4. I'm not sure how it is really intended to be used. It seems that using it with an outboard cable box would restrict you to monophonic sound as most devices featuring an RF modulator do not put out stereo audio in the RF signal. (There are few exceptions to this.) Television audio appears to be run through a dbx noise reduction process as indicated on the front panel. A special vacuum fluorescent front panel display alternatively indicates power output or activation of the stereo "expander" function. It's really not necessarily but at least it looks "cool". And you wouldn't see anything like it on a modern receiver! With its VCR input (shared with one of the tape monitor inputs) and special audio equalization option, this could be seen as ...

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