My audio accessories (New Technical amplifier SU-V9)

This is my audio equipment, the equipment looks very clean and it is so damn strong, but not connected, so I made the video to show what I have. Equipment: Technics SU-V9 Integrated Stereo Amp (120W RMS into 8 ohms) no.143.92541600 Fisher model receiver equalizer ADC SS-315x RCA RT-2280 home theater receiver Fisher DAC-914A CD changer 5 disc DVD Recorder Magnavox MSR 90D6 (not shown), Sony PS3 80GB (not shown) Speakers: Speakers Kenwood JL-703-3 channels (2) (subs) MTX Blue Thunder mediums 6-1/2inDriver (1) (middle lane) JP500 Jensen (2) (Right-Left Front) Cube Speaker KLH (n: number of them-model) (2) (rear right-left)

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