Basics of car audio subwoofer

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Typical car audio speakers are small systems with limited ability to reproduce low frequency sounds. Audio car subwoofers can add more depth to an audio reproducing frequencies below 150 Hz can add a subwoofer bass powerful and strong for car audio.

Car Audio subwoofers most are installed in the trunk, due to limitations of space in the cab of the vehicle. Subwoofers are usually 10 inches or 12 inches in diameter, althoughcan be as large as 34 inches and as small as 4 inches.

Great subwoofers allow more efficient air travel that is essential for low frequencies.

The audio amplifier for subwoofers car can be built into the cabinet or installed as a separate unit. The amplifier must have an electronic filter high frequency filter before the signal is transmitted to the subwoofer.

Although car audio subwoofers are usually round, recentlymanufactures have been the introduction of new forms of subwoofers. subwoofers Plaza have been released by Stillwater Designs and other companies have introduced subwoofers triangular and hexagonal. These innovative designs may be easier to install in vehicles with limited space, but there is no advantage to nonround acoustic forms.

The type of enclosure for car audio subwoofers affects the type of product.

There are five basic types of subwoofer boxes-

* Insulated,

* Adapted

* Bandwidth

* Passive Radiator

* The transmission system line.

For car use, most practical of the box is sealed box, because it requires minimal space and meet the audio needs of a typical car interior.

There are many prefabricated enclosures for subwoofers car audio market. Alternatively, you can have a measure or build one yourself. When you buy a subwoofer,usually receive a fact sheet that provides guidelines for enclosure requirements. Also check the datasheets energy needs and the linear response - a true flat response is heard.

Many people are tempted to turn his car when they installed audio subwoofers. Although it sounds good, be careful - prolonged exposure to loud noise can permanently affect your hearing.

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