Audio Test: Sennheiser G3 EW100 wireless mic receiver & Canon 5D MkII

Demonstration of captured file for ouput level adjustment of a Sennheisser G3 EW100 wireless receiver, plugged into the mike input socket of a Canon 5D MkII. Most folks have the set-up the wrong way round. You need to set the transmitter level first. To do that, check the VU meter on the transmitter and adjust the sensitivity to get good audio. Once done, the receiver output can then be adjusted using one of the levels as shown in this video. The original file listened to using high quality cans revealed very significant AGC noise on the Canon 5D at:- -30db and noticeable noise at -24db. My recommendation for normal speech in a modest room is -18db. -12db also works well, but may be a little 'hot'. Microphone used in this demo was the Sennheiser ME-4 Omni-directional (takes sound from everywhere) lavalier, mounted two buttons down from top of collar.

Friends Link - STR-DH800 HT-RC180 Onkyo TX-SR706

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