First Layout Ride Along Behind Lionel RS-11

I was doing some laps with my track cleaner car and thought, what better time for the very First Layout Ride Along ??? My trusty RS-11 leads the consist followed by the tracker cleaner, camera car and some assorted mixed freight. The video is a little rough, but consider, this is the K-Line RF video car, running on my garage layout. Not too bad of a color picture, but alas, no audio( that's why I used a YouTube canned muzak)... Only real down side of the car... It is die cast and very heavy, so are the pickup & helicopter, which is nice. Second consideration is, I'm on the other side of my house in my train/computer room with the RF receiver hooked up to my PC for the video capture and running the train with my MTH DCS. That just amazes me, don't know about you... Well, I hope you all enjoyed the ride and I'll work on some more of these... PLEASE Rate, Comment & Subscribe !!! Thanks for Watching... And a Special Thanks to all my Train Buds, Especially Rob & Heath for their support. Hope Everyone's Well...

Tags - TX-SR876 Onkyo HT-RC160

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