SCANNER AUDIO - California Highway Patrol chase!

A scanner is a radio receiver that can automatically detect or scan, two or more discrete frequencies, stopping when it finds a signal on one of them, and then continuing scanning when that frequency is silent. Many scanners cover the non-band radio propagation between 30 and 951 MHz with FM, but there are models that cover most of the radio spectrum and use other modulation types. Early explorers were slow, cumbersome and expensive. Today, modern microprocessors have enabled scanners to storethousands of channels and monitor hundreds of channels per second. Newer models can monitor radio systems with shared resources and decode APCO-P25 digital transmissions. The two models of laptop and desktop are available. Scanners are often used to monitor police, fire and emergency medical services. Scanners developed from earlier tunable and fixed frequency radios that received one frequency at a time. The non-distribution systems of radio, such as those used by public safety agencies do not transmit continuously.With a fixed radius on a single frequency, much time could pass between transmissions, while other frequencies can be turned on. A scanning radio monitors multiple channels sequentially programmed, or search the limits defined by the user often. The scanner stops on an active frequency strong enough to break the silence of the radio and the configuration of resume scanning other frequencies when the activity ceases. Scanners are used by hobbyists, fans of trains, off-service staff of emergency servicesJournalists ...

Thanks To - Pioneer VSX-01TXH Receiver Onkyo TX-SR307 Receiver

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