Car Radio Installation Guide - Fiat Radio Removal (models AD)

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Before explaining the method of extraction Fiat radios listed below I recommend you check with your local Fiat to launch its radio for you because they knew the key radio and if you release for free. You have a Fiat car, right? So you should not charge for 2 minutes work.

But if you are happy to try it yourself, go. Removing one of the following radio Fiat may literally be 2 minutes or one hour if you do not use the FiatRadio removal keys. Some out very easily, but some can be really difficult and you may need someone to assist you while doing this. However, all use the same version mechanism.

Fiat radios with this mechanism:

H-182 AD

AD-182 H2

AD-182 H3


If you look at the radio, there are 2 clips on each side of the radio, a total of 4. Top 2 clips are about an inch from the top of the radio to the base and the clips areabout an inch and a half and some of the lower side of the radio. The clips can be accessed by sliding a thin solid border between the radio and the dashboard. A key Kenwood radio, saw blade or something similar should work fine.

I recommend the release of one side of the radio at the time. To do this, keep your fingers inside the radio-cassette to avoid falling into the locators. The clips above are the easiest to release, but the clips below can be veryawkward.

To release the clips, slide the removal tool toward the top of the radio on one side and then slide the tool down. You feel the force of the clamp, hold this position while releasing the clip bottom

Now drag a second tool in the bottom of the radio on the side and pushing it upward until you feel the force of the gripper background. Try to push the clip back while lifting slightly if the clip will not fire. That awkwardlittle, coming to raise high enough to fully put your pager.

Repeat for the other side and remove the radio.

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